spacer Edward Snowden,  Carl Sanders and many other whistleblowers have shared how they finally came to speak out about the horrendous things that are being done in secret.  They both told us they knew what they were involved in was wrong, but the money was good, they were comfortable, and afraid of what would happen … Click Here to Read More

Where are we headed?

All of these topics are ones I have addressed in my posts.  Things are rapidly advancing and totally out of control.  It is important to revisit these topics and bring them to light.  To update those who are already aware and to bring awareness to those who are lagging behind. It is encouraging to see … Click Here to Read More


I am not sure why they released the video/videos in recent days, or why they have been posted at this time, or why God had me come across them… 9-11 was an act that was perpetrated on Americans with the knowledge and support if not fully designed and executed by out own Government.  If you … Click Here to Read More