UPDATE: 10/11/2021; 11:16:49 AM People when will you open your eyes and ears?  We have been telling you the vaccine is the MARK of the Beast.  Don’t listen to those lying preachers who tell you it is not true.  They work for the Government not GOD.  Listen to those who KNOW GOD and LOVE YOU.  … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: NEW YORK, PROTESTS, THOUSANDS, NO MEDIA COVERAGE, MEDICAL PERSONNEL, DOCTORS, NURSES, EMERGENCY SERVICES  Healthcare Workers, National Guard, Authority, Mandated Vax, Body Bags, Walmart, Flu Season, Death by Vax,  No Longer Human,  No Longer Redeemable Once again, the first responders and medical professionals are taking a stand against the illegal mandates.  Keep them in your … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  Calendars, Gregorian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Mesopotamian, Hebrew, French, God’s Calendar, Calendar Restored, TRUMPETS, TABERNACLES, Yom Kippur, the Rapture, The Second Coming, The Zodiac, Signs in the Heavens, Solarium, Astronomy, Astrology, TIME, Seasons, Appointed Feasts, Jesus Christ, Resurrection, Judgement, Babylon, Israel, New Moon, Elohim, Planetary Systems, Stars, 12 Tribes, God’s Light, God’s Forgiveness, Repentance, Enoch, … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: European Union, Macron, Rosh Hashana, Feast of Trumpets, Name of GOD, Jerusalem,  Eastern Gate, Temple Mount, Luciferase, Graphene, Roman Empire, POPE, AntiChrist, Everlasting Covenant, Patriarchs, Sheepfold, Warning, Judgement, Sid Roth, Technocrats, Jupiter In our modern, “sophisticated”,  technological world,  ALL THE THINGS OF GOD are considered foolishness!  How preposterous!   Humanity’s pride and conceit is it’s … Click Here to Read More

Dead Loved One? Ancestral Spirit? AI Will Hook You Up!

People used to go to mediums to contact the dead.  Usually a comically spooky experience, very sketchy, clearly a deviation from God’s will.   Then they started calling them on the phone, easier to be fooled and more gray area to mask the lies.  Then they went to visiting with Mediums on Television, which somehow for … Click Here to Read More

What happens if you pray in the wrong Name?

  Very early on in my walk with the Holy Spirit, I discovered these seven compound names for JEHOVAH.  I began to pray them every day, desiring to know him in their depth.  I was doing pretty well until I came to Jehovah-Nissi.  Not having a clue what that meant…Jehovah my Banner.  I yelled at … Click Here to Read More