It’s About TIME – Part 7 – 10,000 Year Clock

Tags: TIME, Clocks, Perception, Space, Magick, Philanthropy, Wealthy, WEF, Bells, Deserts, Mountains, Megalomaniacs, Millennium, End of the Age, Maritime, Ancestors Symbols, Signs and Sigils these are the language of the Elite/Magicians/Illumined.  These are employed not only as a means of communicaiton but as instruments of Magick meant to conjure demonic assistance for the completion of … Click Here to Read More

Dead Loved One? Ancestral Spirit? AI Will Hook You Up!

People used to go to mediums to contact the dead.  Usually a comically spooky experience, very sketchy, clearly a deviation from God’s will.   Then they started calling them on the phone, easier to be fooled and more gray area to mask the lies.  Then they went to visiting with Mediums on Television, which somehow for … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 08/12/2021; 10:43:19 AM​ “Disappearing Heroes… two iconic and otherworldly music figures who passed away” in 2016. “David Bowie and Prince… both musicians have long been praised as mythical, idiosyncratic luminaries who were too great and out-there to truly be from Earth” Source I am posting the following Blog in FULL.   It is a more … Click Here to Read More

Dia de los Muertos? REALLY??

Hail Satan? puts the fun in Satanic fundamentalism RESTORED 2/22/22 SATAN HAS MANAGED TO TURN OUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. WOW…  Our nation has been completely invaded by foreigners who hate America, who have forced their way in and want to change it to their liking.  We are not only welcoming them and providing them with … Click Here to Read More