Magic Sword of the Elite

More and more information, more and more revelation, more and more understanding is being poured out on God’s people everyday.  Things are happening very fast and we need this information.  We are walking in the GREAT DECEPTION.  Only those who harken to the voice of God will avoid falling under the spell of the Fallen.   … Click Here to Read More

Space The Final Frontier

UPDATED: 10/15/21 TAGS: Mark Bezos, William Shatner, New Shepherd, launch, landing in Texas desert, SPACE, Captain Kirk, Exploring Deep Space, Going Where No Man Has Gone Mission NS-18 – New Shepherd Rocket to Space – Star Wars Captain Kirk – William Shatner JEFF BEZOS Launched “NEW SHEPHERD” rocket into “space”  10/13/21   Well, who is the … Click Here to Read More