The EVIL ELITE and the root of the CULT of BLOOD

Through the years that I have been posting, I have focused a great deal of my efforts on revealing to you the various entities that the elite worship/serve.  Many of you likely slough it off thinking this is meaningless.  Far from it my friends.  This is the bottom line of all that is evil and … Click Here to Read More

Ray and Friends – CLUES that cannot be denied!

Additions: 12/9/22 Ok, this is a topic that obviously is touching on a lot of other areas that GOD wants to shine a light on.  That is why he had me working on the last two articles.  The Epstein Story is far from over.  It is a spring board that is causing so many rats … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED 12/18/22 I have to admit I have been so busy lately, I actually had not seen this crazy development.  I learned about it from my daughter in law.  Perhaps you also missed the hubbub.  Truth is coming to light, no matter how hard the world fights against it.  Just another sign that … Click Here to Read More