COVID 19 – Wuhan CoronaVirus – Biological Attack on Humanity?

**** MOST of the VIDEOS and Documents that were available when this news first hit have been CENSORED!!!  Even those who are very computer savvy and had found ways to get around the censors have been blocked, deleted and removed.  People have gone to jail, been threatened, assaulted, tortured and/or KILLED for letting the information … Click Here to Read More

Update 10/11/19 – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

We are ever so close now my friends.  The signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see.  I don’t know how anyone can miss them or even deny they are so evident.  Prophecy is being fulfilled minute by minute now.  The birth pains are rapidly increasing.  The final details are falling into place.   WE … Click Here to Read More