RU 486 – DIY Abortion

As the world loses its mind and spiritual darkness is exploding all around us, we are seeing the price that evil demands of those who enjoy the pleasures of this world in exchange for their soul. Those who love sin, love death.  Their are Temples to death all over our world.  Some are dedicated to … Click Here to Read More


Repaired and Restored 12/8/22 I have to say that what really breaks my heart about the whole Jeffrey Epstein Case is that the worst crimes were never really addressed.  Don’t get me wrong, what was done to those young ladies who testified was horrendous and their suffering is not to be minimized.  However, the trafficking … Click Here to Read More

It’s That Time Again…

OK FOLKS, we are in the MOST EVIL TIME OF THE YEAR.  I am flabbergasted that we still have to convince believers that they should not celebrate Halloween.  Really? Seriously?  In this time when evil is no longer hidden and the darkness is flaunted openly, are you still not able to discern right from wrong, … Click Here to Read More

April – May 2020 – A VERY DEADLY TIME!

What you don’t know can seriously hurt you.   There are very powerful spiritual forces at work.  You cannot afford to remain ignorant.  WAKE UP!  THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU!  If you fail to learn about these forces they will not only destroy your physical life in this time, but your eternal soul will live forever … Click Here to Read More