Update 4-22-19 – Notre Dame – Part 4 – Accident or Sacrifice – You Decide

RESTORED: 09/14/2021 I am not a believer in coincidences or accidents.  EVERYTHING that happens originates in the SPIRITUAL.  Forces are working in our lives, both of evil and good.  Our choices determine which forces dominate at any given time.  In the past I have researched disasters and found that almost without exception they occurred on … Click Here to Read More

NOTRE DAME – Part 1 – Notre Dame Aflame

I was shocked as most were, to see and hear the news that the Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire.  There are probably very few buildings that are as famous as that one.   We are all very familiar with the ICON, or at least have all heard of it.  Many have a very deep attachment … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit THE PARADISE FIRE OCCURRED ON 11/8/2018 There is very clear, convincing, documented evidence that this fire was perpetrated on the people of California as a way to clear the area for the purposes of Agenda 21/2030.  It seems that they want Americans out of their cars and private homes, living in government designed … Click Here to Read More

The TRUTH ABOUT SAMSON – So Much More Than You Think

THE TRUTH about Samson Originally Posted 12/27/16; updated 8/18 While I was a children’s pastor, the curriculum the church was using came to the story of Samson. When I read the teaching for that session, I had a talk with God. I was convinced that what was written and preached about Samson could not be the … Click Here to Read More