Scientific Breakthrough for Animal Lovers!

HOLY COW!  This is the ultimate.  If this does not demonstrate the stupidity level of our current society, I don’t know what does.  Brainwashed and mindless they follow the trends and buy the lie.  This guy says that “WE” have created a false concept that meat means animals.  Really? I mean Really?  How foolish of … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 3 of 11 – What is a Chimera?

What is a Chimera? Updated 7/28/19; Updated 6/26/19;Updated 2/27/19; Original Post: 7/10/16 Once I had heard the story of the woman with the heart transplant I began to research, as I said. I found that there is actually a term for this phenomena. It is called a chimera. Chimera “A genetic chimerism or chimera (also … Click Here to Read More