You Got me Going In Circles – OHHHH Round and Round I go.

UPDATE: Added 12/13/22 Like Circle in a Spiral; Like a Wheel within a Wheel; Never Ending or Beginning on an Ever Spinning Reel. There is a phenomenon occurring across the Earth, you may have heard about it.   I nearly shrugged it off, but upon research discovered it is deserving of recognition.  I decided to post … Click Here to Read More

Gluons, Quarks and other Accelerator Updates

They are firing up the earth shakers!   CERN and friends are back online!  FASTER, STRONGER, FIERCER. Get ready for losts of peculiar happenings worldwide.  There is no telling what they are really up to, all we can go by is what they tell us.  Bear in mind that these people ALL LIVE BY FUNDING.  They … Click Here to Read More


I have been laboring to share the truth with people most of my life.  Many years ago God showed me what was coming.  NO ONE WANTED TO LISTEN.  Those who did listen were not able to believe.  NOW, it is HERE.  All the things that GOD warned about, is happening NOW. STILL, people are just … Click Here to Read More

Waves, Rays and Energy Beams what are they really Up To?

If all the craziness around you is starting to sound too much like Star Trek it is not by mistake.  The ruling elite have been working their plan for hundreds, no thousands of years.  In their mind, it does not matter if it is fulfilled in their lifetime, they are focused on the end result.  … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 2/23/22 TAGS: CERN’s accelerators and experiments, Cloud Computing, Run 3 of the LHC, Nebula, Hybrid Clouds,  Shiva, God Particle, Maxwell Demon, Ziggs Zombies, Hive Mind, DMT Dimension, Dark Matter, Simulations, Playing God, Rome, stangelets, Physics, Mathematics, Portals, Entities While the Elite have everyone focused on the lie that is their CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA, the … Click Here to Read More


Well, I was looking to find the date in May when CERN would be back online.  To my surprise, the date was changed again.  A lot like the WEF Reset Announcement/Davos Summit.  The dates seem to be working along the same lines.  Surprise, surprise.   CERN is still expected to come back online this year.  At … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit: BitChute You may or may not be familiar with CERN – The Large Hedron Collider in Switzerland.  If you are, I hope that the information below will add something to what you already know.  Even if you are familiar with CERN, you may or may not know about all the other Colliders/Accelerators currently … Click Here to Read More

Temple of BAAL – BERN Switzerland – Part 1 – The Event and the Town

RESTORED: 5/20/22 I apologize that it took me this long to get something out about this latest TEMPLE OF BAAL event.    I have been very busy and was not even aware they were taking it to Switzerland.   You know I would have been on it, if I could.   BUT GOD, had other things on … Click Here to Read More

USA Events Happening NOW. – JUNE 2019

Well, it is another new month and I needed to open another new article because I ran out of space.  So much is happening at an ever-increasing rate.  Being that today is D-DAY, I wanted to get this article out to be seen.  I hope you will share it with your friends and family.  It … Click Here to Read More

Don’t believe in Global Warming… but THIS REALLY RAISES MY BLOOD PRESSURE! Updates are added at the end The insect apocalypse | DW Documentary DW Documentary Published on Apr 17, 2019 The world’s insect population has declined by three quarters in the last 30 years and many species have become extinct. And it’s all man’s fault. This documentary looks at the dramatic consequences of this hitherto … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 2/26/22 It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that playing around with DNA is a HUGE RISK even under the very best of circumstances and with strict oversight. The very fact that “Science” has decided to release this technology to the world is insane.  The fact that the world at large seems … Click Here to Read More

The BEGINNING OF THE END – Part 1 – Ours is but to do or DIE

Original post: 8/11/18; Update 3/9/19; Update 8/31/22 THE EVENTS THAT BROUGHT THE WORLD TOGETHER TO FORM THE ENDTIME WORLD ORDER. I am convinced that the part of our society that is made up of the children of evil, those who worship the dark entities, was heavily active and instrumental in bringing about the beginning of … Click Here to Read More


Updated and Restored: 4/8/22 Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 3/25/19; 2020-05-27; 8/7/21 Tags:  CERN, ALICE, ATLAS, PORTALS, Demonic Entities, Antimatter, World Destruction, Human Sacrifice, Shiva, Kahli Strange Stuff Happens Around CERN EERIE Video Captures STRANGE Event In Skies Over Large Hadron Collider Posted on January 7, 2016 by Sean There’s been much debate over the actual effects … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe In Magick? Part 20 – CERN EXPERIMENTS continued

CERN EXPERIMENTS continued Updated: 2/5/19 ICARUS The ICARUS program concerns the usage of Liquid Argon (LAr) detector for studies of neutrinos from CNGS beam.    Follow the fantastic voyage of the ICARUS neutrino detector June 6, 2017 Into the heart of ICARUS LHCb   The LHCb experiment will shed light on why we live in a … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe In Magick? Part 19 – CERN EXPERIMENTS

CERN EXPERIMENTS What kind of Magick are they working in Switzerland? Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 12/15/18 Experiments (information taken from the CERN website; videos and photos found online) A range of experiments at CERN investigate physics from cosmic rays to supersymmetry LHC experiments Seven experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) use detectors to analyse the myriad of … Click Here to Read More