Will You Stand to SAVE THE CHILDREN?? – 6 yr olds taught to Masterbate, 4 yr olds asked to touch each other IN SCHOOL!

WOW!!  The escalation rate of this onslaught against our children, is mind blowing!  If anyone does not recognize that our children are under attack they are blind!  We are commanded by GOD to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  WILL YOU STAND!   There are groups organizing to stand together.  Please find one … Click Here to Read More

Peter Pan & The Lost Generation – Part 3 – Pan Around the World

Video Credit: The Haunted Walk  I saw a post regarding an item related to one of these statues, which lead me down another rabbit hole.  I was surprised to learn how many Peter Pan Statues have been erected around the world.  In my research I have seen enough to lead me to the conclusion that … Click Here to Read More