UPDATE: 10/11/2021; 11:16:49 AM People when will you open your eyes and ears?  We have been telling you the vaccine is the MARK of the Beast.  Don’t listen to those lying preachers who tell you it is not true.  They work for the Government not GOD.  Listen to those who KNOW GOD and LOVE YOU.  … Click Here to Read More

Whose LAW? What LAW? Which LAW?

I am asking a lot of you with this article, I understand. Hopefully, you will stay with me to the end.  There is a lot of ground to cover, and lots of history about which you may have some knowledge.  This article takes us through the development of Laws and Governments finally arriving at what … Click Here to Read More

EDUCATION?? – Part 1 – What is happening on Campus?

Today’s society, the “We Choose LOVE” society, constantly declaring that they are “inclusive of all” and “mindful of everyone’s feelings not wanting to offend” is  THE MOST INTOLERANT, MOST EASILY OFFENDED and MOST VIOLENTLY REACTIVE bunch of CODDLED, DEMANDING, WHINEY BABIES ever seen.  ANYONE who does not agree with THEIR opinion or their demands is … Click Here to Read More