We Are NOT Pigs! – Part 3 – DID GOD Change his mind?

08-06-2016, 02:54 PM DID GOD CHANGE  HIS MIND? Oh, I can already hear the outcry. All those voices call out to condemn me as a heretic for preaching the law. I can only say to you, please, for the sake of your eternal soul, open your ears, your heart and your mind. Let go of … Click Here to Read More

We Are NOT Pigs! – Part 1 – Scientists Say

08-06-2016, 10:27 AM —— WE ARE NOT PIGS! ———————– SCIENTISTS SAY: “Pigs really ARE almost identical to humans” A LIE RIGHT OUT OF THE PIT OF HELL!! Recently there has been a flood of articles comparing PIGS to Human Beings. There have been numerous claims that on a cellular basis the pig is the animal … Click Here to Read More