I have been laboring to share the truth with people most of my life.  Many years ago God showed me what was coming.  NO ONE WANTED TO LISTEN.  Those who did listen were not able to believe.  NOW, it is HERE.  All the things that GOD warned about, is happening NOW. STILL, people are just … Click Here to Read More

They Don’t Even Know They Are Disconnected

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Let me start by saying that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people on that boat were there for a reason!  Each one of them was a necessary part of the evil magick the elite are working.  They were sacrificed.  I have absolutely no doubt that this was a very deliberate and very strategic act.  That … Click Here to Read More

Update 7/31/19 – USA Events Happening NOW – July

It cannot be disputed.  At ONE TIME this Nation was the GREATEST NATION in the WORLD.   The American public has in the past been the most honorable, hard-working, GOD-FEARING, generous, inspiring people in the WORLD!  I am not talking about our Government.  I am talking about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Individuals who are the backbone of … Click Here to Read More

The Fallen in The Net – Part 2

In my research, I came across this very excellent and fascinating article.  It is in two parts, I decided to post them both as written.   I hope that you will take the time to read them.  The information is priceless. I have been told repeatedly that people don’t read.  That they only spend at tops … Click Here to Read More

How smart are you to have a SMART Home?

You know I am old.  I grew up in a time before “Technology” ruled.  I don’t like technology.  I am not near as strongly against it as my father was, he didn’t even like to talk on the phone.   But, I don’t want my laptop, or my car to talk to me.  I don’t want … Click Here to Read More