I am constantly appalled at the number of US Citizens who have taken to HINDU/BUDDIST practices so completely they are light incense to the idols of the gods and goddesses of those religions in their own homes.  Sometimes in theiir own bedrooms.  FOOLS and idiots!  They have no idea what they are doing.  They used … Click Here to Read More

THE PLAN – We should have listened!

IMPORTANT UPDATES: 2021-07-27; 12:55:11 Tags:  COMMUNIST DC, WEF GREAT RESET, 5G, Transhumanism, COVID,  Global Government, KAMALA, Obama, Indian Variant, Avatar, Photon Belt, Alcyone When you know the truth about the Global Government, 5G, Transhumanism, and COVID you will understand that by complying with this evil agenda you are contributing to and aligning yourself (giving allegiance) … Click Here to Read More