Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Them Out On This Stuff???

 Are we just going to swallow their BS hook line and sinker? This is not Climate Change caused by eating meat and cows farting!  This is the MANIAC ELITE controlling the weather.  This is a WEATHER WAR and we are the causalities! With everything that we know about their ability to manipulate weather, we know … Click Here to Read More

Satan’s Latest Weapon in the Battle for Your Mind – Part 3 – Neuralink

  Ok Folks, it looks like there is no way to stop this from happening now.  The world has been primed for this and the young generation has already been convinced that this is a good thing.  God Help THEM!  You had better realize that once you become a part of this Satan will have … Click Here to Read More

Do You Want the Truth About Global Warming and OUR Dying Oceans? Part 2- Trash

I am so sick of hearing how the average people on the street are responsible for all the evils in the world, but especially what is happening to our environment, the oceans and the wildlife.  The average person has nothing to do with what gets manufactured, what gets sold to the public or how the … Click Here to Read More

UPDATED 3/23/20 – FAKE NEWS – Who do you Believe?

It is no wonder that the Corporate Establishment hates the Truther Community.  They are losing their grip on the masses because of intelligent, honest researchers who are exposing their lies.  They love to use the magic words “Conspiracy Theorists” to discredit those who are earnestly seeking the truth.  But, the people are waking up, though … Click Here to Read More