A Message in the Events of Today

I would find it hard to believe that there is anyone on the earth today that can look around at what is happening and not be concerned.  Many are wondering just what exactly is going on?  I know they want to blame everything on humans polluting the environment, but seriously folks, what we see today … Click Here to Read More

Millions Could Be Washed Away

TAGS: La Palma, volcanic activity, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Tsunami Travel Times, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Fault Lines, Flooding, Canary Islands, US East Coast, US West Coast, New Madrid Fault Line, Fracking, NOAA, NAFTA, Super Highway, Nuclear Power Plants, Dams, Geo-Magnetic Storms, CME, Electro-Magnetic Waves, Frequencies, Sound Waves, Geo Engineering, Weather Manipulation, Glaciers, Global Warming, MAPS, Edgar … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 10/11/2021; RESTORED 3/24/22 TAGS:  Concentration Camp, Constitution, Executive Orders, Federal Emergency, Financial Crisis, General Stuff, Boxcars w/Shackles,  FEMA Purchase of Guillotines, Guillotine Executions, ICD E 978 ICD-10-CM E 978, World Health Organization, TERROR,  Obama and Biden This post is about the Guillotines.  They are here.  Not just here in the USA but across the ENTIRE Earth.  In this … Click Here to Read More