The fall in the garden cost much more than banishment from Eden, even more than death coming into our bodies and the earth.  The fall in the garden moved us from God’s kingdom to Satan’s kingdom, which opened us up to the onslaught of demonic influences.  It put us in submission to Satan rather that … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe in Magic? Part 5 – Magic, Sorcery and Symbols

Magic, Sorcery & Symbols These are some of the tools that Satan’s servants use to cast their spells and work their magic. Originally Posted 1/3/16; Updated 8/31/18; Restored 8/17/21 PUBLIC EVENTS SYMBOLISM ACTIVITIES GESTURES (Demonic Ritual 2012 Olympics) ​ Why do all of the WORLD’s SPACE PROGRAMS Share the same VECTOR SYMBOL? NASA – Vector Symbol (4 the … Click Here to Read More