UPDATE: 10/11/2021; 11:16:49 AM People when will you open your eyes and ears?  We have been telling you the vaccine is the MARK of the Beast.  Don’t listen to those lying preachers who tell you it is not true.  They work for the Government not GOD.  Listen to those who KNOW GOD and LOVE YOU.  … Click Here to Read More

When 5G is Fully Unleashed

I don’t know about you, but I was under the mistaken assumption that 5G was already active across the USA.  Not so, it seems.  There are pockets across the county that have some level of 5G available but the major role out has not happened yet.  GOD HELP US WHEN IT DOES. What we DON’T … Click Here to Read More

We kill babies, Now we will kill the Mentally Handicapped… who is next?

WOW…. here you go… we are rapidly moving toward Euthanasia!  First babies after they have been born, now the Mentally Ill,  next will be all the handicapped and the elderly.  Everything is escalating so fast.  Gay Agenda, Gun confiscation, Pedophilia, legalized drug abuse, elimination of Parental Rights, Robots to replace every job, the destruction of … Click Here to Read More