Allah’s Creation or YaHovah’s?

There is clear evidence that the ruling elite have taken it upon themselves to promote the Muslim/Islamic Religion.  Through the propaganda and the use of forced migration the world seems to be falling into Muslim hands. This is a disservice not only to all the other people on earth but to the Muslims as well.  … Click Here to Read More

Apes and Elephants

Tags:  Tower of Babel, Sasquatch, Elephant Intelligence, Pagan Worship, Links to the Past, Land of Shinar, UN Agenda, Animal Rights Have I got a TALE for you!!   You will most likely find this post to fantastic to believe.   There is shocking evidence of the truth of these reports.  You will have to shake off the … Click Here to Read More

Satan’s Latest Weapon in the Battle for Your Mind – Part 3 – Neuralink

Ok Folks, it looks like there is no way to stop this from happening now.  The world has been primed for this and the young generation has already been convinced that this is a good thing.  God Help THEM!  You had better realize that once you become a part of this Satan will have not … Click Here to Read More