What will you do when…

Here we go folks.  Another long post.  Once again, I apologize but do believe it is necessary.  The impact of see facts laid out right before your eyes, in black and white is powerful. For years truthers have been working to bring these truths to the public.  It is one thing to view a few … Click Here to Read More

The MEAT of the MATTER!

Folks this is very serious.  Much worse than our worst nightmares.  The New World Order is HERE, and it is much more sinister than we thought.  Through the new technology (which really isn’t new) the coming World Ruler (Antichrist) will have COMPLETE CONTROL of every aspect of your life and every function of your body… … Click Here to Read More

Great Reset – Can You Feel It Yet?

You may have missed the announcement that the GREAT RESET has already begun.  There was no call for a vote, there was no opportunity for a vote.  IT JUST WAS CALLED!  By the World Economic Forum, a group of wealthy, disassociated, narcissist’s who have appointed themselves the only ones worthy to make decisions regarding how … Click Here to Read More