I was compelled to dive deeper into this issue. Even if you do not have any children or your children are all grown, you could still benefit greatly from viewing this entire post.  There is some very interesting information within. What follows is what I found. spacer First, let’s look at the name of the … Click Here to Read More

The CRAFT OF PHARMACEA – No Matter how you slice it!

BeWARE!!   Especially NOW!  If there is any good thing that has come out of the PLANDEMIC it is the EYEOPENING REVELATION that we CANNOT TRUST our institutions.  Especially our Government, education system, media and MEDICAL INDUSTRY.   Though there are some ethical nurses, physicians and emergency response personnel who have morals and compassion, they are in … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 10/11/2021; 11:16:49 AM People when will you open your eyes and ears?  We have been telling you the vaccine is the MARK of the Beast.  Don’t listen to those lying preachers who tell you it is not true.  They work for the Government not GOD.  Listen to those who KNOW GOD and LOVE YOU.  … Click Here to Read More

Cellular Vehicle to Everything Technology – C-V2X

Cellular Vehicle to EVERYTHING Technology… WOW, that sounds pretty scary to me!  Do we really need our vehicles to be wired to EVERYTHING… and EXACTLY WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?   This first article is obviously a very intense programming release, intended to make you anxious to get this 5G technology on your car before CHINA gets … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED This series of articles deals with the “science” and technology known as Genetic Manipulation.  The first video is very informative.  It was presented at an Open Mind Conference, on January 10, 1983. It was hosted by a gentleman named Richard Heffner and is comprised of his interview with a gentleman named Lewis Thomas, Chancellor … Click Here to Read More