Gifts from the Fallen – Part 8 – BANKING SYSTEM and SO MUCH MORE

  UPDATED 3/23/22 THE DARK HISTORY OF THE TEMPLARS Mystic teachings like the Cabala are not the only things the Knights Templars borrowed from Judaism. Although not sanctioned by the true faith, vices like amassing wealth and usury, practiced by some unobservant Jews have been adopted likewise by the Templars. In the Qur’an, God speaks … Click Here to Read More

Are You Having a Mari-Time? – Part 5 – The Law

Some of you may already be aware of this truth.  Some of you may not.  It is a very important part of this entire issue.  Though you may know about Roman/Maritime Law, there are still some things in this article that you need to see.  So, please stay with me.   Maritime Law and You Maritime … Click Here to Read More