Scientists have Redefined Planets and Asteroids

Meteor Shower Captured While Asleep  – Jul 15, 2019 –   Caters Clips There has been quite an uptick lately, in sightings of falling stars, shooting stars, comets, asteroids, and various other lights in the sky.  We see almost regularly now, orbs in the skies, day or night. spacer Here is a cool video of meteors/falling … Click Here to Read More

Hidden TRUTHS of GOD in the Calendar

Don’t miss the revelations God  has for you in this post.  Be sure to stay and read it all the way to the end.   You will be glad you did! From the beginning, all people on earth followed the signs in the heavens to keep track of the days, seasons AND TIME.  They watched for … Click Here to Read More


Tags:  Space Race, VIRGIN GALACTIC, BLUE ORIGIN,  NEW SHEPHERD, SPACE X, EDGE OF SPACE You know the space program was dead for decades.  While all the trekkies filled their minds and imaginations with Science Fiction and Hero worship of the “Astronauts” and learned all about our  “VAST UNIVERSE” in school. Suddenly, in recent days, the … Click Here to Read More