ISRAEL – The Promised Land

TAGS: ALMIGHTY GOD, Israel, The Promised Land, Jerusalem, West Bank, Possessing the Land, Palestine, Eastern Gate, PRAYER, Golda Meir, Miracles, War, Soldiers, Iron Dome, Spies, Bible, Gershon Salomon, Soviet Union, Hitler, SHIN, El Shaddai Are you feeling the world closing in and getting crazier by the day?  Is your faith being tried by all you see … Click Here to Read More

THE UN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND -Part 6- Your Friendly Neighbor Red

Photo Credit Photo Credit August 9, 2019 by Cynthia Communism The similarity of the USSR emblem and the United Nations emblem is undeniable. A friend tells me a resemblance is also found on products and in commercials for Cadillac automobiles, Lenox china, George Dickel whiskey, Winston cigarettes, and on the design of “wheat” pennies.       Source: Let me … Click Here to Read More

The BEGINNING OF THE END – Part 1 – Ours is but to do or DIE

Original post: 8/11/18; Update 3/9/19; Update 8/31/22 THE EVENTS THAT BROUGHT THE WORLD TOGETHER TO FORM THE ENDTIME WORLD ORDER. I am convinced that the part of our society that is made up of the children of evil, those who worship the dark entities, was heavily active and instrumental in bringing about the beginning of … Click Here to Read More