Where is our Humanity?

UPDATES ADDED 1/6/23 As we all suffer through this crazy weather with it’s bitter cold and blankets of snow, crazy Tornados and Tropical Storms out of season, Droughts, Flooding, Earthquakes and Volcanos, and terrific Winds; I just want us all to keep thoughts and prayers in our hearts and minds for those who have lost … Click Here to Read More

THE FUTURE IS TINY – NO ROOM for the Homeless!

update 8/22/22; Update: 8/27/22 For years now they have been conditioning us to accept living in smaller spaces.  They not only want us to cram ourselves into little boxes, they want us to love it!!  Like perfect mind controlled slaves the young people are flocking to partake, calling in trendy and green. Many people today … Click Here to Read More

The State of the Nation

  BLIND EYES DEAF EARS HARD HEART Have we all become such complete narcissists that we do not even care to see the plight of our neighbors and countrymen? Do you ever stop to think about the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans?  Ever wonder how they got there?  Or do you just want them … Click Here to Read More