Pope – Reptilian Connection

TAGS:  Shapeshifters, Reptilian Entities, Aliens, AntiChrist Power, Mark Passio, Pedophilia CoverUp, CERN Connection, Papal Audience Hall, Vatican Anomalies, Voodoo Ritual, Reptilian God, Rothschild, Leo Zagami, Vatican Police Raid, Arrested, Drug-fueled gay orgy, Satanism, Vatican Conspiracy,  Golden Dawn, Jesuits, Humanoids, Hybrids When I first read about the Reptilian entities, I found it to unbelievable to accept.  … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 3/26/22 No matter what we learn about Barack Hussein Obama, we know that there is something behind his apparent success.  We know very well that there are dark forces driving him and evil Cabals supporting him.  We know that he has all the force of the United Nations and the Royal Bloodlines behind him.  … Click Here to Read More

Poser Pope still Promulgating Poop

It is unbelievable the things that come out of the mouth of the PONTIFF.  UNBELIEVABLE!  How does anyone not see that this man is not a Servant of Yah/GOD/The CREATOR.  NOT A REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST.  He could not be any clearer about it.  Over and Over again he declares things that clearly demonstrate that … Click Here to Read More

God’s View

The New World Order wants to silence the voices of those who speak the words of GOD.  The BIBLE is ENEMY Number 1 for the New Society.  Why?  Because there is HOPE, JOY, LOVE and PEACE in the WORD OF GOD.  There are LIFE SAVING/LIFE GIVING PROMISES in the WORD of GOD.   The NEW WORLD … Click Here to Read More