GOD prefers TRUMP to BIDEN!

We all know that TRUMP is not a perfect  man, not even a godly man, and he is still one of the elite…  However, GOD can USE whoever he chooses.  Though TRUMP has his faults, he openly praises GOD and seems to be continuing to make choices that are right and just.  While BIDEN is … Click Here to Read More


HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! WOW… what a nightmare we are living!   Obama promised change, and BOY DID HE DELIVER.  I don’t even recognize our country anymore.  He was put in office by the elite to deliver America to the UN.  He continues his unfinished work and he is having great success.   I find it … Click Here to Read More

What is Happening in October?

Updates 10/21/19 LIVE: Pacific Palisades brush fire threatening homes ABC7 October 21, 2019 Firefighters are battling a brush fire that is dangerously close to homes in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles. Details: https://abc7.la/31AnsYz Update 10/26/19 Officials provide update on Kincade Fire in California Global News October 26, 2019 Officials provided an update on … Click Here to Read More