Get Your Head Out of the Sand or Watch Your Children Go into SLAVERY

RESTORED 3/11/22 Ok, folks, enough is enough.  Yes, I know you just want to enjoy your life.  You think that if you speak only positive and exude love, everything is going to be alright.   YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!!   Our WORLD IS GOING TO HELL, in a handbasket.  You are going to wake up one morning … Click Here to Read More

Temple of BAAL – Part 17 – WAKE UP – OPEN YOUR EYES, SEE THE TRUTH THE TRUTH is we have all been duped!!  They have been acting in SECRET to take away ALL of our RIGHTS!  IT TURNS OUT IT IS MUCH WORSE THAN ANY OF US KNEW.  EVEN THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN AWAKE AND WATCHING.  THE DECEPTION AND SECRECY HAVE BEEN SO UNBELIEVABLE! They have been hiding … Click Here to Read More