Wow…this topic is a doozy.  I hope you got your spiritual ears and eyes open.  This is not one that you can afford to take lightly.  This is the final culmination of all that the devil and his crew have been laboring toward.  This is the NEW WORLD.  The NEW REALITY.  THE NEW NORMAL for … Click Here to Read More

House of David

TAGS:  House of David, David’s Palace, Bethsaida, Fisherman, Cultic Shrine, BA’AL, God’s Promises, Savior, Jesus Christ, Seed, Covenant, Archeology, City Streets, Street Called Straight, Sign of Mammon, Holy Ghost, Crossroads, Marketplace, Commerce, Word of God, Truth, Jerusalem, City of David, rituals, Excavation, Return of Our Lord, Redemption, High Places, River Euphrates I came across a … Click Here to Read More