I was blessed by God to view the original posting of this leaked Pentagon video at the general time of its original posting.  God NEVER lets me miss anything that is important.  He is so awesome!! I am telling you folks this FUNVAX/VMAT2/GOD GENE VAX is absolutely real.  Infact, it is coming to you today … Click Here to Read More


Once again I find it necessary to open a new page.  This one is over loaded and hard to manage.  Please follow the link below to the Continuation. UPDATED ALERT FOR POSSIBLE EAST COAST TSUNAMI CONT’D 3 UPDATE: 10/25/2021; 7:11:09 PM–  HIGH ALERT –  Lots of crazy stuff going on on La Palma.   Landslides, … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  CME, EMP, HEMP, Solar Flares, Technology, NASA, Mad Scientists, Digital Amnesia, Earth Shields, Magnetosphere, Electromagnetism, radiation, atmosphere, ionosphere, Solar Eruption, Earth Directed, Black Swan, Super Storm, Internet Apocalypse, DARPA, Weaponized EMP, Black Eye, Black Start, Computer Dependency spacer Most of us working to spread truth on the internet have known for a while that means … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: NEW YORK, PROTESTS, THOUSANDS, NO MEDIA COVERAGE, MEDICAL PERSONNEL, DOCTORS, NURSES, EMERGENCY SERVICES  Healthcare Workers, National Guard, Authority, Mandated Vax, Body Bags, Walmart, Flu Season, Death by Vax,  No Longer Human,  No Longer Redeemable Once again, the first responders and medical professionals are taking a stand against the illegal mandates.  Keep them in your … Click Here to Read More

In Light of the Current Global Crisis, a look at the Military

Most US Citizens do not have much cause to interact with the US Military.  If you happen to have family members in the Military they are not at liberty to discuss what they know or suspect.  SO, you probably have not been aware of the changes in our military and how they may affect you. … Click Here to Read More

What do Vaccine Decliners Know that YOU DON’T??

The Globalists are trying everything they can think of to stop the truth from spreading.  They need everyone to get the injection in order to proceed with the next phase of their plan.  How dare folks believe the truth??  They were so convinced that their brainwashing was thorough and everyone would comply.   They are working … Click Here to Read More

DC out of Control – UPDATE 2/6

If we have reached the point where Washington has to call the military in against the people of the United States and maintain a military camp around the city, than it is time for a new government.  If the current administration needs guns to maintain it, we the people need a divorce.  Government must be … Click Here to Read More

How long will Biden Last?

TAGS: Biden, Kamala, Pedophilia, Mental Health, Physical Condition, Eligibility, Qualifications, National Security IMPORTANT UPDATES: 08/06/2021 We all know that Biden was not the candidate.  I have written articles about that.  He even joked about developing some fatal disease and dying so the Kamala could take the lead.  But, now that Biden is actually in the … Click Here to Read More