RESTORED: 8/12/22 While most of the world happily pursues their own agendas, willingly ignorant of the existence of mind control and blindly trusting those who govern our lives, the “scientific” community in cohesion with the military have developed and perfected the method of mind control that will change not only our world but our bodies … Click Here to Read More


Restored 2/19/22 ANCIENT WAYS – ANCIENT DEMONS!!!  HEADS UP!  BEWARE!  I see more and more that our leaders and corporations and sporting organizations, even schools are demanding that we take a knee to honor the BLM.   I also see that our young people who have been programmed by our education system are in their core … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 9 of 11 – RFID Chip, What’s it to YOU?

The RFID CHIP  What’s it to  YOU? Original Post: 7/10/16; RESTORED 4/14/22; RESTORED 8/20/22 We are rapidly advancing toward a world where everything will be accessed using a single RFID microchip. This microscopic implant can make your physical body machine readable and act as a universal identity token for navigating through a world increasingly dominated … Click Here to Read More