Passover Rapture Watch – Are you ready for LiftOff?

UPDATE: 4/17/22 GREETINGS to all of my friends, brothers and sisters, fellow followers of our Lord and Savior.  It is the HOLY SEASON!  Tomorrow is Passover, according to the Jewish Calendar.  Now matter what calendar you follow, if you belong to GOD you cannot help but feel the spiritual significance of this TIME OF YEAR.  … Click Here to Read More

April – May 2020 – A VERY DEADLY TIME!

What you don’t know can seriously hurt you.   There are very powerful spiritual forces at work.  You cannot afford to remain ignorant.  WAKE UP!  THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU!  If you fail to learn about these forces they will not only destroy your physical life in this time, but your eternal soul will live forever … Click Here to Read More