Passover Rapture Watch – Are you ready for LiftOff?

UPDATE: 4/17/22 GREETINGS to all of my friends, brothers and sisters, fellow followers of our Lord and Savior.  It is the HOLY SEASON!  Tomorrow is Passover, according to the Jewish Calendar.  Now matter what calendar you follow, if you belong to GOD you cannot help but feel the spiritual significance of this TIME OF YEAR.  … Click Here to Read More


UPDATES ADDED AT THE END OF THIS POST: 3/7/2020 The upcoming Holy Season may turn out to be the most important season of your life.  The following information should help you to recognize, appreciate and rejoice in it.   Much of Christian society does not understand the Passover Season at all.  Some have been conditioned to … Click Here to Read More


As we enter the HOLY WEEK both for Christians and for Jews, I feel an urgency in my spirit.  I pray that all will come to realize the ominous power of the time we are living.  We are so close now to HIS Return.  This is no time for games.  This is a time for … Click Here to Read More

Take the LOG from Your Eye – Part 4 – Changing TIMES and LAWS

TAGS: Pagan Rome, SABBATH Usurped, EASTER ESTABLISHED, PROTESTANTS RISE, FREEDOM IMPORTANT UPDATES  08/05/2021; 11:35:11 AM When God first opened my eyes, he began to show me so many truths.  I spent every moment I could just learning from HIM.  For several weeks He had me studying the DICTIONARY!   I kid you not.  I can’t tell … Click Here to Read More