Updates 6/20/19 – ABORTION TRUTH – IF you are not Pro-Life then you ARE PRO-DEATH

As a young woman, I was coerced by the father of my baby to seek an abortion.   The Planned Parenthood clinic that I visited for advice, gave me no information on the negative aspects of abortion, they only pressured me to proceed while I was just 6 weeks.  The way the contract I was pressured … Click Here to Read More

Awesome Updates 6/30/19 – USA Events Happening NOW. – JUNE

Well, it is another new month and I needed to open another new article because I ran out of space.  So much is happening at an ever-increasing rate.  Being that today is D-DAY, I wanted to get this article out to be seen.  I hope you will share it with your friends and family.  It … Click Here to Read More

Update 3/31 We kill babies, Now we will kill the Mentally Handicapped… who is next?

WOW…. here you go… we are rapidly moving toward Euthanasia!  First babies after they have been born, now the Mentally Ill,  next will be all the handicapped and the elderly.  Everything is escalating so fast.  Gay Agenda, Gun confiscation, Pedophilia, legalized drug abuse, elimination of Parental Rights, Robots to replace every job, the destruction of … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 10 of 11 – ABORTION

ABORTION – how it relates Original Post: 7/10/16; Updated 4/4/19/ Update 3/3/20 THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT Its a sad day in America, when we can legally MURDER babies all the way up to the time of birth, and women are celebrating!! May GOD have mercy on us all, AND Cleanse us of our BLOODGUILT!  SHAME ON AMERICA!  … Click Here to Read More