Cannibal Zombie Apocalypse is FORMING

The original post on this topic somehow got really insanely corrupted.  I have no clue how and it took a lot to resolve the issue.  So here goes again.  I have restored it, repaired it and updated it.  WHY?? Because this topic is much more relevant and important NOW than it was when I first … Click Here to Read More

God? Bible? Religion? Faith? – Will there be a BAN on the Bible? Who Cares? Do YOU?

As we come closer to the end, darkness is becoming darker.  The devil and his minions are working overtime.  THEY HATE GOD, and so THEY HATE HIS CHILDREN.  ALL who follow Christ will suffer persecution on some level.  Some more than others.  But, if you are not feeling it…you should check yourself to see if … Click Here to Read More