— RESTORED: 8/12/22 Joker, Jester, jongleur, Baffoon, Clown, practical joker, minstrel, itinerant player; joker, juggler, clown, joculator, Prankster, whatever you want to call him the truth remains, he is a deceiver. The following information was pulled from my earlier posts on Red Nose Day.  I am certain there are folks who would not look at … Click Here to Read More

RED NOSE DAY! Coming April 13 -May 21 – DON’T BE DECEIVED!

UPDATE:  Fund from this organization, (I won’t even call it a charity) go to support Bill Gates and his draconian vaccination program that experiments on third world populations and has already maimed and/or killed millions of children worldwide.  DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE! US Red Nose Day Event has been scheduled for May 21.  The … Click Here to Read More