Many Will Come

TAGS: Hybrid Robots, NanoTechnology, Ray Kurzwell, Priest Simulator, Another Gospel, Another Jesus, Becoming God, False Messiahs, False Christs, St. Paul, Kanye West, YESUS, Neville Goddard, grandiose delusion, Son of Man, Sons of God, Salvation, Transhumanism, Return of Jesus, Satanic Deception, Imagination, Jesus Impersonators, It’s been 2000 years since St. Paul wrote his letters to fellow … Click Here to Read More

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics – July 23.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Concept Movie Tags: Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics, Health Risks, Spirits, Japanese Culture, Venue, Set backs, Environment, COVID Impact, NWO Agenda Well, the Olympics are getting really close now.  I apologize for not getting this out to you sooner.  Here is my breakdown of the symbology and underlying purpose and message in … Click Here to Read More


COVID 19 was custom made to provide the perfect roll out of every wet dream the elite/illumined/freemasons have been coddling and nurturing all these hundreds of years.  Amazing.   Just as I was sharing with you in my article Fire Ant Scenario; January 1, 2020  They have caught us unawares just like the attack of Fire ants.   If … Click Here to Read More