The Man Who Will Take Residence in the Whitehouse.

RESTORED 8/25/22/;  RESTORED 4/25/23 Time is moving rapidly toward it’s prophesied end.  The closer we get the more I realize that the masses have gone too far from GOD.  They can no longer perceive spiritual truth.  Lost in a sea of deception and lies, their choices and elections are made based on FALSE information and … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit UPDATES ADDED 4/7/23 EUdict dictionary: Latin – English translate Italian detected – Concedere  to  English  – grant What does numquam mean in Latin? – What does numquam mean in Latin? English Translation. never. More meanings for numquam. never adverb. nunquam, nusquam, nequando. concedere‎ (Latin, Italian): meaning, definition – WordSense concedere ( Italian) Origin & history From Latin concēdere, present … Click Here to Read More

ORANGE – It’s about much more than Citrus

spacer RESTORED: 3/21/22 This is a series that has been in the works for a very long time.  It has been ever on my mind, put on the back burner off and on for a few years now.  It is a very important topic.  I have touched on it in some of my other posts, … Click Here to Read More

CORSICA – What a CRAZY Place!

I had no idea what I was getting into when I took this journey with the Holy Spirit.  Since Corsicana is my home for some years now, I have often wondered about the roots of the name.  Bearing in mind that the root of a thing tells you what you need to know.   This journey … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit: Danny Krivit / September 17, 2019  – “Ninth Circle” of HELL reserved for the worst sinners of all.  REFRESHED 2/21/22; RESTORED 12/10/22 OK FOLKS, I understand that for normal folks it is hard to fathom that this kind of stuff could possibly be going on.  I know when I first started hearing these stories about 30 … Click Here to Read More

Get Your Head Out of the Sand or Watch Your Children Go into SLAVERY

RESTORED 3/11/22 Ok, folks, enough is enough.  Yes, I know you just want to enjoy your life.  You think that if you speak only positive and exude love, everything is going to be alright.   YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!!   Our WORLD IS GOING TO HELL, in a handbasket.  You are going to wake up one morning … Click Here to Read More


Video Link: Queen of Islam: Elizabeth II related to Prophet Muhammad In light of what we have discovered has been happening, it is important for us to take a look at the forces behind the events.  This is just another article in a series.  The truth is very complicated and there are so many layers.  … Click Here to Read More