WAR on the HORIZON? or much CLOSER

UPDATE ADDED 7/30/23 For decades now we have hd wars and rumors of wars.  At times we seemed to be so close to World War III we were sure it had arrived.  This seems to go on and on endlessly… however, there will be the day when it comes to fruition.  We don’t know when … Click Here to Read More

NEOM – The Breakdown

RESTORED: 8/12/22 I hope that you have already viewed my series on the Revived Roman Empire because much of what is in this series relates to that one.  If you are with me, you will begin to start putting it all together and realize the world is playing out according to plan. In this part … Click Here to Read More

NEOM – Welcome to the FUTURE!

— Update: added 1/5/23; RESTORED 8/14/23 Dear Readers, I must apologize, this post has been in the works on my webpage since 2016.  I have added things to it here and there and seriously believed I had posted it in 2021.  Apprently, I  did not.  That kind of thing happens to me.  There is so … Click Here to Read More

Making Way in the Desert for the NEW KING OF THE MOUNTAIN??

The GREAT USURPER is about to burst onto the scene and his minions across the Earth are preparing the way for him.  Everything that is happening today is happening by design.  To bring about the Global Government which will eventually be the domain of the AntiChrist.   I believe with all my heart that this is … Click Here to Read More