They Define Us, Protect Us and Keep the Peace

The premise that we are all one, is a lie.  Though it is true that in GOD we are one.  ALL who love God and live by His commandments are one and there is are no differences, there is one race.  The children of God.  But, currently the world is in the hands of the … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit: Danny Krivit / September 17, 2019  – “Ninth Circle” of HELL reserved for the worst sinners of all.  REFRESHED 2/21/22 OK FOLKS, I understand that for normal folks it is hard to fathom that this kind of stuff could possibly be going on.  I know when I first started hearing these stories about 30 years ago, … Click Here to Read More

Will No One Stand to Save the Children? – Part 5 – Child “Protective” Services

RESTORED: 08/09/2021; 2:41:58 PM;  RESTORED: 2/26/22; Restored 3/10/22 The reason that GOD set up the family as the first established government was to protect us from tyranny.  GOD set up the household based on his design which is perfect.  The Father as the head, fully submitted to GOD who is the covering.  Man was designed … Click Here to Read More

Will No One Stand To Save the Children? Part 3

Restored   7/12/22 It is time for the silent majority to open their mouths!  We are subjected to the ravings of perverts and libtards without ceasing.   For this reason, our courts, legislature, police, and politicians are able to ramrod their insane, anti-God, anti-human agendas, false flag events, and anti-constitutional policies without restraint.  None of this is … Click Here to Read More