They Define Us, Protect Us and Keep the Peace

The premise that we are all one, is a lie.  Though it is true that in GOD we are one.  ALL who love God and live by His commandments are one and there is are no differences, there is one race.  The children of God.  But, currently the world is in the hands of the … Click Here to Read More


Thank you for hanging on through this series.  There may be more to come, should the Lord Tarry.  Meanwhile this should give you an idea of Pagan Human Sacrifice in our current society. This will all get worse exponentially as we get closer to the end.  The demons from Hell are already returning.  Many are … Click Here to Read More

Dead Loved One? Ancestral Spirit? AI Will Hook You Up!

People used to go to mediums to contact the dead.  Usually a comically spooky experience, very sketchy, clearly a deviation from God’s will.   Then they started calling them on the phone, easier to be fooled and more gray area to mask the lies.  Then they went to visiting with Mediums on Television, which somehow for … Click Here to Read More