Kabul more madness

TAGS:  Kabul Airport, Biden, Trump Lightning, Explosions, Refugees, Hostages, Congress, Taliban, ISIS, Deaths, Afghan Allies, Christians, Terror Attacks, C-17 Cargo Plane, Suicide Bomber, CIA Secret Meeting, Fake News, Helicopters What kind of Theatrics are we witnessing these days?  Is it just a comedy of errors performed by witless baffoons, a tragedy devised by dastardly illumined … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: KABUL  Taliban, Clinging to the Plane, Falling from the sky, Noah’s Ark, US Air Force 1109, Left Behind, Feast of Trumpets, Jesus, EndTime Signs You may or may not have caught this story in the news recently.  Such a tragic event.  Clearly it demonstrates the instability of our world.  There is NOTHING you can … Click Here to Read More

Are You Too Young To Remember? or, Am I Too OLD TO FORGET?

Since the 1980’s I have watched throngs comprised of thousands and tens of thousands of Arabs screaming and shouting, “DEATH TO AMERICA” as they burned our American Flag and effigies of our Presidents. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the most radical Iranian ever!  I used to see him leading the protests.  Now you will be hard pressed … Click Here to Read More