FULLY RESTORED 5/8/23 (Half of my post was missing) If I were not researching for my post, I would not have watched the Coronation.  Though it is a very significant event in our time.  If one were to take it all at just the face value, it could be seen as lovely, entertaining and heartwarming.  … Click Here to Read More

The BEGINNING OF THE END – Part 3 – Mind Blowing Experiments

Restored 2/19/22; RESTORED 9/20/22 THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR CONTINUED,  The following revelations will, I am sure, be more than the average person can accept or believe.  I understand.  I have been there.  Throughout my life,  I have been exposed to so many bizarre truths that I could not handle when first revealed to me.  The … Click Here to Read More