JANUARY 6 WAS AN EVIL DAY – But what really happened?

UPDATES ADDED 10/3/22; Video Added 10/13/22 Ok, folks, this may be most politically incorrect post ever.  I apologize if anyone gets offended.  Just speaking from my heart, my personal opinions.  If you don’t like them…that is ok.  I probably wouldn’t like yours.  But WE ARE STILL FREE in the USA, at least a little bit. … Click Here to Read More


UPDATES ADDED AT THE END: 4/17/22 You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  He is always in control.  No matter how things look.  We don’t need to get all frantic and worked up about what we see going on around us.   If anyone was ever in doubt about who is “acting” as President and … Click Here to Read More

Are You Too Young To Remember? or, Am I Too OLD TO FORGET?

Since the 1980’s I have watched throngs comprised of thousands and tens of thousands of Arabs screaming and shouting, “DEATH TO AMERICA” as they burned our American Flag and effigies of our Presidents. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the most radical Iranian ever!  I used to see him leading the protests.  Now you will be hard pressed … Click Here to Read More