70 Nations to Serve Israel

TAGS: Ashkenazi, , Babylonian Talmud, Deity of Jesus,  Guillotines,  Halacha,  Hasidic Judaism,  Jewish. Mysticism,  Kabbalah,  Noahide Movement, Oral Law, Pharisees, psak din, Rabbinical Law,  Sanhedrin,  Torah, United Nations, Universal Noahide Law , 70 Nations Organization, Jewish Supremacy, WOW… I am telling you, we are going to see the LORD in the clouds anytime!! I have to say that I am blown … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: Kabbalah, Hebrew Roots, Halacha, Jewish Mysticism, Babylonian Talmud, Rabbinical Law, Noahide Movement, Universal Noahide Law, United Nations, Oral Law, Torah, Pharisees, Baal Shem Tov,  Hasidic Judaism, Karaites, Moshiach, Deity of Jesus, Mishnah, mitzvot, Ashkenazi, Sanhedrin, psak din, decapitation, Guillotines,  I wasn’t quite sure what post to work on, as I see the time running out.  But, … Click Here to Read More

2028 – Part 2 – THE END of the UN in 2020? What will REPLACE IT?

The Tower of Babel….  People working to build unity not only without GOD, but in opposition to and defiance of  The ONLY TRUE and LIVING GOD who created all things!  This is the truth of the UNITED NATIONS.  And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in … Click Here to Read More


The Hague – International City of Peace and Justice  – Oct 7, 2015 The Hague is international city of peace and justice, were people are working hard towards a better world. A hundred years ago an iconic new building was constructed in The Hague: The Peace Palace. This palace marked the beginning of the city’s … Click Here to Read More

The BEGINNING OF THE END – Part 1 – Ours is but to do or DIE

Original post: 8/11/18; Update 3/9/19; Update 8/31/22 THE EVENTS THAT BROUGHT THE WORLD TOGETHER TO FORM THE ENDTIME WORLD ORDER. I am convinced that the part of our society that is made up of the children of evil, those who worship the dark entities, was heavily active and instrumental in bringing about the beginning of … Click Here to Read More