SAMA – Part 2 of 2 – The Pagan Influence on Society Part 2

Destroyed from the Inside

Cynthia Pawl,   December 11, 2015, update 6/24/18; 4/27/19


SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage

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Samāʿ, (Arabic: “listening”), the Ṣūfī (Muslim mystic) practice of listening to music and chanting to reinforce ecstasy and induce mystical trance. The Muslim orthodox regarded such practices as un-Islāmic, and the more puritanical among them associated the Ṣūfis’ music, song, and dancing with drinking parties and immoral activities. The Ṣūfīs countered such attitudes by pointing out that Muḥammad himself permitted the Qurʾān (Muslim scripture) to be chanted and that the adhān (call for prayer) was also chanted in order to prepare for worship.Ṣūfīs maintain that melodies and rhythms prepare the soul for a deeper comprehension of the divine realities and a better appreciation of divine music. Music, like other beautiful things, draws the Ṣūfī closer to God, who is the source of beauty. Many Ṣūfīs have held that a true mystic does not lose himself in such forms as music but uses them only to bring himself into a spiritual realm, after which he must experience deeper meanings and realities. While Muslim fundamentalist legalists reproved samāʿ as an innovation (bid ʿah), some Muslim scholars held that it was a useful innovation since it might bring souls nearer to God. Many Ṣūfīs, e.g., the Mawlawīyah dervishes, combined dancing with samāʿ. Often Ṣūfīs requested that after their death there should be no mourning at their funerals, insisting instead that samāʿsessions be held to celebrate their entrance into eternal life. The Ṣūfīs warned, nevertheless, that the full appreciation of samāʿ requires strong ascetic training. An individual must be pure in heart and strong in character before indulging in samāʿ; otherwise, music and song would arouse his base instincts instead of elevating his spirituality. Some Ṣūfīs reject the practice of samāʿ altogether.


[suhmah] Origin  – noun Islam.
  1. the Sufi practice of gathering to listen to religious poetry that is sung, often accompanied by ecstatic dance or other ritual. 

Sama (, Persian and – sama‘un) is a Sufi ceremony performed as dhikr. Sama means “listening”, while dhikr means “remembrance”. These rituals often include singing, playing instruments, dancing, recitation of poetry and prayers, wearing symbolic attire, and other rituals. It is a particularly popular form of worship in the Chishti order of the Indian subcontinent.  babylon

n in Ayurveda, an extremely rare body constitution characterized by exceptional balance and good health.
Jonas: Mosby’s Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (c) 2005, Elsevier.  Free Dictionary
OK… so now we have to look at Ayurveda…
Ayurveda (/ˌɑːjʊərˈviːdə, -ˈveɪ-/)[1] is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.[2] Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine.[3][4] In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use.[5]

The main classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians.[6] In Sushruta Samhita (Sushruta’s Compendium), Sushruta wrote that Dhanvantari, Hindu god of Ayurveda, incarnated himself as a king of Varanasi and taught medicine to a group of physicians, including Sushruta.[7][8] Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia.[2] Therapies are typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra). Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty, kidney stone extractions, sutures, and the extraction of foreign objects.[9][10]

Although laboratory experiments suggest it is possible that some substances used in Ayurveda might be developed into effective treatments, there is no scientific evidence that any are effective as currently practiced.[11] Ayurveda medicine is considered pseudoscientific.[12] Other researchers consider it a protoscience, or trans-science system instead.[13][14] In a 2008 study, close to 21% of Ayurveda U.S. and Indian-manufactured patent medicines sold through the Internet were found to contain toxic levels of heavy metals, specifically lead, mercury, and arsenic.[15] The public health implications of such metallic contaminants in India are unknown.[15]

Doṣa balance is emphasized, and suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness.[19] Ayurveda treatises describe three elemental doṣas viz. vāta, pitta and kapha, and state that equality (Skt. sāmyatva) of the doṣas results in health, while inequality (viṣamatva) results in disease. Ayurveda treatises divide medicine into eight canonical components. Ayurveda practitioners had developed various medicinal preparations and surgical procedures from at least the beginning of the common era.[20]

SO, this is also a spiritual practice taught to ancient people by Spirit beings/entities  (Demons/Fallen angels).  This practice is part of Eastern Religion (Hindu/Buddhist). 

  SAMA yoga wellness –  SAMA is a family-owned yoga studio focused on services to heal the mind, body and align your spirit.

We focus on educating; starting at the beginning (learning to make shapes with your body), then moving forward mindfully (leaning the philosophy of yoga within the pose and life), and finally teaching you to connect and express on and off the mat.

Everything we do at Sama is with the intention of supporting different aspects and stages of life with Yoga.

Since our doors opened in 2014, we have built a family-oriented space focused on supporting the health and spirit of the surrounding community. Our services include:

  • yoga classes
  • yoga and self improvement workshops
  • yoga for the RAW beginner
  • massage therapy
  • yoga teacher training
  • Reiki attunements
  • holistic coaching services

You’ll notice that we work to personalize your practice; we make it a point to know your name, ailments, modifications, favorite poses, and strengths. Over time, and with consistent practice, our instructors are able to support your progression at your own pace. We offer a variety of classes, specialty programs, workshops and training’s for you to experience, go deeper, keep practicing, and have fun.

Sama Dog‘s mission is to expand and improve the well being of dogs and their humans.

Our approach is based on traditional teachings from the East, namely Ayurveda,

integrated with a multitude of other holistic, natural and spiritual practices to cultivate balance and health. We recognize dogs as our soulful companions and shine a spotlight on the mutual impact dogs and humans have on each other’s lives, families and overall wellness.  Source   Photo below was taken from their website.  Recognize this god?  

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yes, there is meaning in the colours. Purple is have no fear, note the hand position (mudra), yellow is holding healing ointment and red has his hands in prayer position.
By Catherine Vanner on July 27, 2015

So now, they have folks bringing idols into their homes out of ignorance.  These people don’t even realize what they are doing.

In our modern, western, technically advanced society, we have been far removed from spirituality for such a long time. Even in our Christian Churches, the “Spirit” has not been welcome. We have a “form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”2 Timothy 3:5. This has left us with a huge void, a void that was meant to be filled by the power of the Creator. Because we have denied the Power of the Holy Spirit, we have been ineffective and subject to all manner of evil. We have not taught our children how to stand in the Power of the Blood and the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. Spiritual Warfare has not even been mentioned in our churches. So, being left powerless, folks have turned to anything that promises them some kind of power, some control over their lives and circumstances.

As the world became smaller and smaller, through technology, we have been exposed to the spiritual influences of nations and peoples about whom we previously had little to no knowledge. Without full comprehension of the roots and meaning of these practices and rituals, we have been easy prey. Many have fallen under the spell and influence of demonic spirits, through ignorance.

Our western culture has taught us to be very open, accepting and inclusive. With our cultural revolution, we have turned our back on traditions and old fashioned morals, in search of “self-fulfillment”.

Through experimentation and indulgence in pagan rituals, practices, and beliefs, our nation has completely embraced the darkness. The majority seem to have turned their back on the Judeo/Christian values that created our nation and provided the freedoms we enjoy. We have been enjoying the provision and protection of the Creator for so long that we no longer even recognize his blessings. Modern Americans have no idea what it was like to live in darkness, subject to demonic influences and attacks. That is rapidly changing and we are seeing the fruit. This is the reason for the increase in violence and erratic behaviors that is plaguing our nation.

God is separating the Sheep from the Goats and the sheep are outnumbered. It is overwhelming sometimes to see how quickly the world around us is descending deeper and deeper into darkness. Oh, how they love the lie and hate the truth. How they embrace the darkness and worship death. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people really are choosing that path. It boggles the mind. Well, it boggles the minds of those who truly belong to the Creator. It really should come as no surprise, because Jesus told us that those who would be saved are very few. Matthew 7:13 “13…for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

It is hard to fathom, but the greatest majority of the world is never going to join our team. God knows that they were never going to choose his path. There is nothing we can do to change that. They do not want to hear the truth. They do not want to know the way to righteousness. They love their wicked ways and the darkness that enables them to indulge in their sinful desires. They see us a hindrance. We are standing in the way of what they see as the perfect world. We are ruining their fun. They reject the Christian/Judeo morals.

Most of those who are falling away from the faith in these modern times were never really converted/saved. They were nominal Christians. They had head knowledge of the plan of salvation but never were their hearts surrendered to him fully. There are not many who really truly are willing to die to self and pursue a true relationship with the savior and the creator.

We are being conditioned and programmed to accept whatever the NEW WORLD ORDER has in store for us. They have been systematically destroying our values, dumbing us down, making us physically weak and emotionally bankrupt. They have been introducing Pagan beliefs and practices through the media, through entertainment, and through the education system. We have been the frog in the pot of water. They have been turning up the heat, little by little. You know what happens to the frog… right?

The following videos and documents were selected to give you an idea of what I am referencing. Many of you will not accept what I am saying because you have been conditioned to believe that these things are all harmless. You may think I am a “Conspiracy Theorist” or an “Alarmist” or a “FEAR MONGER”. I assure you, I am none of those. I am a true follower of the Lord and Savior and his precious Holy Spirit leads me to all truth. I am reaching out to you in love, to spare you from eternal torment. Please take the time to view these things in their entirety. Pray, and ask God to show you the truth.
Yoga recognized as ‘state religion’ in school

Read more at…ZHooTdbFAZC.99

This picture shows the All Seeing Eye of Horus/Shiva in the center of the Child’s forehead; a flower at each level of the Chakra’s of the spine that are awakened and surrendered in yoga; and the flower blossoming out of the head that represents the lotus blossom which supposedly blooms when the Serpent has successfully taken full control of the Child/person and occupies the penial gland in the center of the brain. EVERY SINGLE position, meditation, mantra, exercise, practice; related to YOGA, Meditation, and Martial Arts is specifically designed to prepare you and move you towards full surrender. To open you up to spiritual forces that are of Pagan Origin/Demonic. THERE IS NO WAY TO SEPARATE ANY PART of those practices from their religious/spiritual/Pagan roots. They cannot be made neutral, nor could they ever be “CHRISTIANIZED”. Just because they label it “Christian Yoga” or “Christian Martial Arts” or “Christian Meditation”; it is a lie! A deception straight out of the pit of HELL!…ditate/283229/
Should Schools Teach Kids to Meditate?…and-traditions
An Overview of Meditation: Its Origins and Traditions…n_3572952.html
Why Companies Are Turning To Meditation And Yoga To Boost The Bottom Line

The Spiritual Deception of Yoga
Excellent Testimony of where yoga leads

This stuff has taken off in the United States because it promises productivity.  We have now progressed from just yoga and meditation.  We have been primed.  Now that we have opened ourselves up to these entities… now we are openly worshiping them in the exact same manner they worshiped openly by the ancient civilizations.  INSANE!


Bob Anderson
Conscious Leadership: A Unified Model of Leadership Development
August 12-16, 2019

Consciousness and performance—personal, organizational, and systemic—are fundamentally connected. The organization will be structured and perform at the predominant level of consciousness of its leadership. If we want higher-order performance, individually and organizationally, consciousness must be restructured.

The good news is that the structure of mind can evolve throughout the lifespan. Consciousness, like an operating system, can be restructured for higher performance in the face of higher complexity. Research has mapped out the trajectory of adult development—how consciousness structures itself at one level of mind and then restructures itself into the next higher-order structure, and the next, and the next. Each new higher-order structure ushers in enhanced capacity, in which more—much more—becomes possible.

Are you kidding me?????  Have we gone that far already? Oh my GOD!  I had no idea that this had been happening right here in the United States!  Passing through the FIRE???   How demonic can you get?  We have been so conditioned over the past 50 years to accept all this Eastern stuff as normal and even beneficial.  It is insane. 

They are talking about reshaping your consciousness, outside of GOD, using mind control tactics, yoga, meditation, connecting with the ancients or ascended masters, and other Eastern practices.

But, this is what happens when you take GOD out of the schools and out of government and out of public places.  The ONLY GOD, who is not allowed in the USA today is THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD.  Any other GOD is welcomed with open arms.  INCLUDING SATAN!   It is insane.  How far we have fallen.  And we have brought it on ourselves.

IF that wasn’t crazy enough for you, how about this…  These people want to train our bravest and best to WORSHIP ALIENS!! 

It is the NOW to connect to our courage within and become powerful Multidimensional Leaders.

The current state of planetary transformation requires us to step into our Multidimensional Power, Unconditional Love, and Infinite Wisdom.

It is the Now to tap into our personal mission and join with our fellow leaders to create a Unified Force of indomitable strength, fierce courage, soul uniqueness, and cultural empowerment.

Together we can, and will, collectively create the highest possible reality and embody the role of Guardians and Spiritual Protectors in service to escalate GAIA into a peak global and galactic reality.

Special Note from our Galactic Family:

The Arcturians and our extended Galactic Family of Guardians were pleased to inform us that they will be overlighting this entire course.

They will be arriving in our webinars, meditations, and discussions to share important messages and real-time updates. They also plan to extend personal invitations to the members of the course.

 We are honored to receive this direct guidance and mentorship, and we hope you can join us.

As with all previous leadership courses, we will approach this training with flexibility, and we will all stay in the flow to accommodate what comes forth.


Get a load of how far we have fallen.  It was not bad enough that we were making markings on our bodies even though the Word of God clearly declares that we are not to do that.  Now, they have carried this to a much more demonic level.  Now they are deforming and transforming themselves into creatures of a totally different kind.

The Dark Side of Tattoos (piercings and self mutilation)

Don’t Get Tattoos Demons Manifest Through Them



The World offers you all kinds of promises. The devil and his demons will give you riches and power, even what appears to be peace and/or love for a season. But the end thereof is death. The only real power is in the Blood and the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. Demons know it and they tremble.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. In this day, it is dangerous to act without first researching what you are entering into. The Truth is a treasure that has been hidden. You have to search to find it. Deception is all around us.

Our forefathers fled the old world, which had already become totally demonic and pagan, in search of a place where they would be free to worship the Creator without fear of ridicule, torture, and execution. They suffered many hardships and fought hard to build a homeland for us.

You know that history books have been rewritten and what they teach you in school is propaganda. Rulers and governments have been doing that all throughout the history of the world. They do their best to erase and eradicate anything that would make you wise to their game. The people who lived through the horrors of the past knew this. I really think they tried to leave us clues.

I was recently, suddenly struck with a thought. Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and child games, we all know them well, even to this day. We sang them so repetitiously, as we were growing up. When I learned the truth about nursery rhymes and fairy tales, I was disgusted. I wondered why anyone would teach such morbid stuff to children. Just recently, it hit me. They saw that the truth has been covered up. That history was erasing all signs of the deeply demonic, dark, evil things that had been perpetrated upon the people. The common folk wrote that stuff, in the hope that future generations would wake up to the truth.

2 Corinthians 6:2 “…now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation”

NOW is the time! Don’t miss it! Today is the day of SALVATION. We are about to enter the darkest times ever known to man. There has never been a darker time and there never will be. We must seek him, while he yet may be found, because the “night cometh when no man can work” John 9:4. There is coming a day when the door will close. The time of Grace is about to end. Please do not risk everlasting punishment. CHOOSE LIFE!!!

Isaiah 55:6-7 Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord,  and he will have mercy on them, and to our God,  for he will freely pardon.