They couldn’t scare you enough with their Fake Pandemic, so now they threaten you with A TRIPLEDEMIC!!  Oh no! Whatever will you do?? Are you kidding me?? Seriously?  Folks, what is wrong with you?  Why do you give them that much POWER??  You will end up like those in China Locked up in Towers with … Click Here to Read More

BILL GATES is EVIL! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Praise the Lord Brothers and Sisters!  The masses are waking up.  It does not take much.  One tells one and that one tells one and the TRUTH spreads.  I encourage everyone to do their part.  Speak the truth at every opportunity.  Share sources, websites, truthers, documents, videos… spread it around. I also encourage you to … Click Here to Read More


I was compelled to dive deeper into this issue. Even if you do not have any children or your children are all grown, you could still benefit greatly from viewing this entire post.  There is some very interesting information within. What follows is what I found. spacer First, let’s look at the name of the … Click Here to Read More


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What you don’t know… WILL KILL YOU!

IN LOVING MEMORY AND HONOR OF ALL THOSE WHO DIED IN THE FALSE FLAG THAT WAS 9/11/01 Posted: 09/11/2021 TAGS: King of Elements, Carbon, Graphene Oxide, Nanotubes, Teslaphoresis, Bio-Medical Industry, Hydrogels,  DARPA, COVID 19, Vaccines, Viruses, Military-Funded Biosensor,  blood brain barrier, LUCIFEROUS-bioluminescence, cytotoxicity, La Quinta Columna Report, TEM Microscopy, Nanodots, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, … Click Here to Read More

Welcome to YOUR FUTURE – Medical Tyranny

I have been talking and writing about the coming medical tyranny for years.  I stepped up my efforts after I went to school to learn about the new requirements for computerized medicine.  As soon as I read the material for the  Classification of Diseases (ICD)  (the foundation for the identification of health trends and statistics globally, and the … Click Here to Read More


WOW… things are just happening so fast.  There is so much going on it is hard to stay on top of it. The RULING ELITE want everyone injected with their nanotechnology and they want it now.  This has nothing to do with any disease.  IT has nothing to do with caring for your health.  This … Click Here to Read More


IF you have any remaining doubt that this COVID 19 was planned and orchestrated PLEASE review ALL of the articles listed in this POST.  THIS PLANDEMIC, was created by the ruling elite.  They have come to the fulfillment THE WORK they have been laboring toward for centuries, nay MILLENIA.  They have everything that they need … Click Here to Read More

Distribution of the Vaccines led by Tiberius SOFTWARE

So often God will cause me to catch just a tiny bit of information…a news report,  a tweet, an online video,  an advertisement, or a comment on a television show.  Usually seemingly innocuous.  Then HE takes me on the most incredible journey of revelation.  This one, my friends, is very serious.   I pray that you … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 3/16/22 GOD is revealing TRUTH!  Please understand.  This is not happening by accident.  Nor is it happening because of all the effort put forth by the TRUTHER Movement.  We have been trying for decades to get the TRUTH out.  NOW is the TIME.  This is the day!  GOD is revealing TRUTH.  That is why … Click Here to Read More

MASKS – A Psychological TOOL the ELITE are using on YOU!

There is a spiritual aspect to MASKS.  One that has been known since they were first used.  One that the elite know very well.  There is a dark reason why they want EVERYONE to wear one.  You can laugh if you like… but laugh after you read this entire article, so at least you have … Click Here to Read More

Let’s Have a Serious Talk About Epidemics – Part 2 – Candida Auris

  Today we are going to talk about Candida Auris.  A fungal disease that was first identified in 2009 in Japan.  It was first discovered in the US in 2013. A retrospective review of Candida strain collections found that the earliest known strain of C. Auris dates to 1996 in South Korea. CDC considers C. Auris an emerging pathogen … Click Here to Read More