Something to think about as you review the following information:  There is solid ground for believing that 2028 is  the end or at least the end of the 6,000 years most people believe is the time set for the earth.  If that is true, then 2025 would be the beginning of the last three years.  … Click Here to Read More

Israeli /Saudi PEACE DEAL?

We are living REVELATIONS!!  Not only are we seeing all the predictions of the Book of Revelation coming true, we are receiving so many new REVALATIONS from God on a Daily Basis!!  If you are not experiencing this, you need to wake up and seek GOD! Every day the NEWS is full of new discoveries … Click Here to Read More

ISRAEL already 75 years

Sorry it took me so long to get this out.  I started it months ago.  My house has been under attack.  Pray for me and my son.  The devil does not like the truth getting out. Everyone now is talking about the ENDTIMES.  People are beginning to recognize the signs all around us.  God told … Click Here to Read More


PIRATES AND MERMAIDS, a topic with which you are very familiar if you following my posts.  You know GOD is not playing when he speaks to us.  He has purpose, in fact, multiple purposes in everything he reveals to us and EVERYTHING HE DOES.  HE is such a loving Father and HE is so faithful … Click Here to Read More

Kraken by CRACKY!

“Modern Science” as opposed to science which is just the observation of everything around us using our senses and our God given SENSE!   Has been telling us that everything we believed and everything that was passed down to us from our past was a lie.  They told us that the historical accounts of the ancients … Click Here to Read More


There is a very important meeting coming up next week.  COP28.  Hang on to your hats because they are about to cut loose with all kinds of changes, demands, upheavals. The World will be quite different in just a matter of months. In this post you will see how we all became slaves to the … Click Here to Read More

Mother Nature Makes an Appearance

If you are still in the dark about who the elite serve and where their allegiance lies, the new Apple Commercial should set you straight.  While the elite and those who serve them have been continually bombarding us with the “dangers of religion” and criticizing, condemning and demeaning anyone who does not “believe the Science”, … Click Here to Read More


Update Added 9/14/23 For over 6,000 years humans have been enjoying the wonderful nourishing food provided by GOD.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, animals, and herbs, delicious, satisfying and health giving.  As long as we were following God’s plan for farming and trusting Him we did just fine.  We ate all manner of produce with no fear! … Click Here to Read More

The “Grand Experiment”

IMPORTANT UPDATE ADDED 9/14/23 SORRY it took so long to get this out to you.  We have been dealing with a lot of issues, emergencies, health issues, crises, and attacks.  Please pray for us. When you have finished reviewing this post, you should have enough evidence to prove that “Science” is definitely a religion.  That … Click Here to Read More


What a mess!  This years the attendees of this year’s Burning Man will be feeling the affects of their experience for years to come.  INSANITY is the word that most applies.  From inception to conclusion. This post was meant to be just an update, to help tie up some of the loose ends.  However, the … Click Here to Read More

Too Flooded to Burn

RESTORED: 9/5/23 There is lots of chatter online about this years BRUNING MAN event out in the desert of Nevada.  I have been seeing it pop up but was not really paying attention. I have covered the spiritual truths about Burning Man multiple times.  I just did not feel moved to post on it again. … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE ADDED 9/2/23 I have no idea how many people have actually seen the video of that American Airlines passenger who demanded to be let off the place because the man next to her was “not real”.  Maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven’t.  Today, we are going to take a look at what … Click Here to Read More

More to know about Maui

UPDATE ADDED 8/29/23; UPDATE ADDED 8/31/23; UPDATE ADDED 9/2/23 Wow, there has been a flood of information and disinformation flying around the internet regarding the MAUI – Lahaina Fires.  Let me tell you folks, unless you have been really tenacious about seeking out the truth for the last decade you are very likely to be … Click Here to Read More

There is a lot to learn about Lahaina’s Mysterious WIldfire

The recent Fires in Hawaii have raised a lot of controversy and outrage.  There are so many things that just do not add up and so many more that give one pause.  What exactly happened there?  Where does the truth lie. We know for certain that the fire in Lahaina was a true tragedy and … Click Here to Read More

This CRAZY Heat – Where Is It Coming From?

The heat is really getting out of Control.  Sadly, because of this fact, people are totally buying into the Climate Change agenda. They are scared to the level of panic and willing to do just about anything to get some relief.  This is a very dangerous thing! People who have no Faith in GOD, find … Click Here to Read More