WOW… I just am flabbergasted at all that GOD is bringing to light right now!!  I hope you will find the connections very interesting and revealing.  So many of my resent posts are connected.   Today we are looking at an even that has been announced by NASA.   spacer You will soon have a chance to … Click Here to Read More

The Wacky World of IMPLANTABLES

It has been a while since I looked at the IMPLANTABLES.   Here is a good selection of Videos to help keep you updated on what is happening with them today.  We’ve come a long way baby!! The Barcode Tattoo nguyenky 12 subscribers 8,634 views Jun 18, 2013 Hey guys! So my friend made this, but … Click Here to Read More

BABYLON RISING – Anti-Christ Revealed

UPDATED 5/27/24 Some of you are familiar with my articles on the Commonwealth Games of 2022.  This morning I happened to catch a video that revealed some new information.  I was not able to view ALL of the footage from the games, so there were some things that are important which I missed.  I decided … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE 5/27/24 Today’s post covers multiple topics that are all related and by the end of the post, hopefully you will see the connections.  We are talking today about the SEA, Ancient Sea Gods, the Healthcare system, THE BEAST of Revelation, the MIDDLE EAST and many subtopics. Hang on to your hat and pay close … Click Here to Read More

Enhanced? Advanced? or Entranced????

Oh, the promises of Technology… so hard for humanity to resist.  The promise of ETERNAL LIFE, Freedom from Labor, from Pain, from Lack.  Don’t like the way you look?  Technology promises to make you beautiful.  Can’t keep your weight in check… no worries Technology can take care of that.  Lost your teeth?  Loosing your Eyesight… … Click Here to Read More

Portrait of the KING

UPDATE 5/25/24 Well, King Charles has a new portrait and it is pretty scary!  Of course everyone is denying any foul intent or symbolism.  However, bear in mind that there are evil forces at work.  Whether any of the human parties involved intentionally played a role in the creation of this piece is irrelevant.  We … Click Here to Read More


It is the Global Take Over and it is hear!!  Don’t worry about which country is refenced in any of the articles or videos below.  It does not matter because, as I said, IT IS GLOBAL.  The very same things are coming to every country in the WORLD and they are coming fast!! It is … Click Here to Read More

In the Year 2025

I remember back in the 70’s when I heard this song, I wondered how or why they would predict such horrible and ridiculous things.  I mean it made a catchy tune and all. And certainly the musicians were very talented.  But, WHY the lyrics? Well, you may or may not be aware of the CIA … Click Here to Read More


The elites design for your future is a future without cars.  Have you thought about what that means for you and those you love?  Can you imagine how that will limit your ability to move about freely?  How will you transport your kids to school, to the doctor, to visit your relatives?   How will you … Click Here to Read More


There are so many voices screaming at us everyday it seems.  Doomsday Prophets, Conservationists, Evolutionists, Climate Change Advocates, Climate Change Deniers, Astrophysicists, NASA, Democrats, Republicans, The Pope, Holistic Doctors, Vaccine Producers, Philanthropists, Business Stakeholders, all manner of Organizations, all manner of religious groups, Abortion advocates, Right to Life advocates, Homosexuals, Feminists, News Media, etc. etc. … Click Here to Read More


If you google anything about Bill and/or Melinda Gates, you will have to dig deep before you can find anything that doesn’t paint them in the best possible way.  The Mainstream media wants you to see them as saints.  Wonderful selfless people who are only interested in saving humanity. The truth is so completely opposite.  … Click Here to Read More

World heading for War – Updates on Israel/Iran Conflict

Here is the latest on the conflict between Iran and Israel. spacer Direct Military Strike Israeli Air Forces Hit Iran’s Rear Air ase!  Iran Jets Fleeing Desperately spacer Terrified attack by Israel! Back-to-back massive explosions at Iran’s main base deep inside Iraq! Frontline Reports 371K subscribers 1,040,554 views Apr 20, 2024 Terrified attack by Israel! … Click Here to Read More


“Everything that GOD created was created specifically for the purpose of making possible the redemption of billions of human beings. ” So many people today have believed the lie that God does not exist.  Those who KNOW Him can tell you the best way to KNOW He exists is to get to know HIM.   He … Click Here to Read More

War Escalates in the Middle East

The world has been waiting to see how Israel will respond to the attack by Iran a week ago.  Today we learned the answer. spacer Netanyahu quotes the Bible, proclaiming: “This is a time for war.” spacer Mideast: Iran Says All Military, Nuclear Sites Safe Bloomberg Television 1.91M subscribers 1,653 views Apr 19, 2024 Iran’s … Click Here to Read More