I would say that I had not even heard of this, but I can’t say that. I did hear something of the dragon families claiming to have a resolution to the world’s financial issues. That was some time back. I really did not take it seriously then. However, I had no idea that all of this was going on and it is totally related to the WEF Reset. Then again, what isn’t.

They want to pretend that NESARA/GESARA does not exist, or that it just made up by conspiracy theorists, but there is plenty of evidence to be found of its existence. The truth is hard to determine. So much of the information has been deleted, or perverted, so seeking out the real truth related to NESARA/GESARA is difficult.

If you have heard of this before well, you are on top of things. If you have not, I hope this helps. I tried to dig up enough information to give you a pretty good perspective on the topic. More than anything, I want you to be awake and aware. Don’t be caught off guard. It is easy to be fooled when you are in a panic or confused.

Keep your head up and your eyes open and your ears on. We are in for a very bumpy ride over the next few months



Who Are The Chinese Elders Behind The Scenes?

by Sherry Shriner


They secretly rule and dominate China but very little is known about them.

If you follow financial board rhetoric you will often hear the terms Chinese Elders or Grandfather. These are the leaders behind the scenes of China running the politics and economics. Much like the Illuminati in America. The secret, shadow group behind everything operating in the background.

But who are they? The Chinese version of the Illuminati? In a nutshell, yes. Their own version.

They have been working to re-establish the world’s currencies to be backed on gold they own and have. In China, Yuan currency is backed by the gold owned by these Elders.

These Elders are ancient demigods. They have a seedline on earth direct with them like the Illuminati has their own 13 families direct to them. The Illuminati is operated and controlled by the Reptilian seedline. In China the Elders are a different faction distinct to them as the Dragon race. They feel they are the superior race because their lineage of the Elders goes back directly to the dragon himself, Lucifer.

The Chinese themselves are not sons of Adam, or Cain for that matter. They are cut from a different cloth. They are the children of Lilith, Adam’s first wife created for him who left him and procreated with Lucifer, eventually being banished from the Earth. But she left her children, the almond eye race, who were then raised by the ancient Babylonians (fallen angels who fell with Lucifer) then grew to dominate the middle east, then moved eastward to where they are today in China.

Their home base of rule is in Mongolia, deep underground, the city of Shamballa. Shamballa is the center of the underground world. They rule their own from there along with the different factions of other “alien and demigod” races that live under the earth.

It is accessible via the north and south poles and from many other smaller, hidden, access points from around the world.

Together with the ancient elder race known as the White Lizards who operate in an underground city under the Libyan desert, they have been ruling behind the scenes directing world affairs, economies, and religions.

To be clear, the dragons are not the same as the reptiles. They are different creations, histories, peoples, nations, seedlines, and leaders. Both are personifications of the same person however, Lucifer.

The dragons have ‘bat wings’ and are very dragonesque looking in appearance and features where the reptiles are, well, reptiles with lizard skin and features.

CHINA has always been associated with the Dragon. Really dragons of every color. But the Symbol most related with China is the Red Dragon. There is a Chinese family that claims to be of a royal line and associates itself with the Red Dragon.

The Dragon Planet

The Chinese Dragon Symbol and Meaning in Chinese Culture

The Color Red has a rich visual spectrum, a complex and intriguing symbolic meaning. In China the color red is a good omen, it is the traditional color of Good Fortune and Love.
At Celebrations and weddings, red dresses and wedding veils and wedding gowns are red. At the birth of a child, red eggs are brought as gifts representing harmony and luck.
Red is often used for Festivals to represents celebration.
One may ask “What does a Red Dragon represent mean? The meaning of the Chinese Red dragon is associated with luck, fire, passion and heart, it is the dragon of the summer and the South. (Interesting because the SOUTH is the Cardinal Direction associated with EARTH not FIRE. And China is in the North East.) Other association with red are vitality, enthusiasm and creativity. During Chinese vacations, especially Chinese New Year, the Dragon is a point of reference and interaction with the crowd. Just like the red/silver envelopes that bring good luck. Red is the primary color of fire which is most often associated with dragons in general. Beside being the GOD of FIRE, the Red Dragon represents the Emperor, the SUN, the creator, order, celestial power, and is the embodiment of the force coming from the earth, . The Dragon is associated with the Yin/Yang and always represents the male/Yang principal. The Dragon brings rain in times of drought and protects the waters and the fertile land.

In China there are many different dragons and they can take many forms. They can appear as a human and an animal at the same time. Dragons transform themselves into clouds, springs, skies or seas. Dragons have horns or antlers, are covered with scales or hair and are often depicted with wings. The dragon we know best have very powerful claws and the air that it blows can becomes clouds, rain or fire.


Alternative News and Spiritual/Channeled Messages: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer. If you want to change the World for the better begin with Yourself /TheLightHasWon


Message from the Chinese Elders for December 31, 2017

Chinese Elders 12/31/17

Hello and holiday greetings everyone,

I had been busy attending to some urgent matters that cropped up due to humanitarian and spiritual concerns. Redd Hawke (my native American associate) opined that I should say something before the end of the Gregorian year even though I would like to do so prior to the end of the Chinese Lunar Year. He is helping me in composing this in some coherent manner.

It had been made patently clear that the global RESET was well in place when the Wild Card Donald Trump became POTUS. The Wild Card could not be named at the beginning of the thread to avoid any pre-emptive elimination by discordant forces. In fact the reset process started at the beginning of the Year of The Fire Monkey in early 2016. Various elements of the forces of rebalancing started earnest work in ensuring the Wild Card scenario eventuated. There were hiccups resulting in less than optimal results because of ego and turf issues amongst the so called white hats, thereby delaying the implementation of the middle phases of the reset in the US. It was also not helped by the less than desirable level of awakening amongst the masses whereby pressure was not sufficient strong enough to revolutionize the ” US Imperial Court “. The wiser amongst the white hats in coordination with Oriental Elders had to wing it and come up with quick fixes and improvizations. It is reckoned that all these worked well enough for the POTUS and his team to embark on the current courses of action. We cannot and should not go into specifics. Suffice to say the cleansing process of the RESET is well under way. (Now, I have been saying all along that we cannot trust ANYONE in Washington. NO ONE gets there unless they are put there by the elite. Trump is one of them. He is playing a role in the good cop/bad cop scenario to help bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER.)

Redd Hawke (Native american associate) advised me that a certain lower level white hat Mr Steele had let out the information that the discordant forces wanted to pressure Mr Trump to ignite a global war by February 2018. Note, the month stated was February when The Year Of The Fire Rooster 2017 ends. It was unfortunate that this information was prematurely disseminated. Had it been held back for a couple of months, it would have been easier to eliminate the arsenal and assets amassed for that purpose as those would have been closer to the theater of operations making detection that much easier. The aim is to defang and detoxify, not to destroy as there can be unforeseen consequences when conducting seek and eliminate options. This is an example of non optimal results due to exuberant exercise of free will, something we have to live with and are living with. It is an exercise of free will, a mistake made and mistakes will continue to be made. Only lesson learnt is to be circumspect when giving information whilst doing good.

The use of US white hats is crucial as the forces of rebalancing and harmony know that because of the Western-centric nature of present global education, information gathering and dissemination, mass media, socio-political structure, economic and financial models, so on and so forth, the initiative MUST BE SEEN to come from the US or the West. This had been emphasized before. Otherwise the human consciousness held captive by eons of Western domination will find it very hard to accept and assimilate the changes in order to rebalance. Subconscious resistance wrought by eons of cabal indoctrination will surface with so so much shouts of foreign conspiracies and conquests. The POTUS recent action can seem to be out of a page of Russian or Chinese governmental operations manual, but as it is ” American “, it ain’t that shocking enough as to generate widespread resentment except those directly targeted.

Now comes the question of whether the later phases of the RESET will be gentle or tumultuous. Spiritual audits of human consciousness at timeline conjunction nodes to date indicate that absolute gentle seamless rebalancing may not be achievable. People, particularly those who know a little of this or that, have to prepare for disruptions and shocks to most of the systems they are used to. Time to get to a true communist model of living. No, not a socialist dictatorship like what you want to paint China, Cuba or North Korea. But a true communist, or communalist model of self sufficiency as living in a self sustaining hamlet sharing essentials and necessities in harmony with nature. I think the world wide web has heaps of sites with information about living in a self sustaining manner ON the grid as well as OFF the grid.

Talking of communism and socialism, sorry folks…you will soon realize that your future will be a form of what you can term as benevolent socialism. Having said that, benevolent socialism will seem utopic for many centuries but it can breed laziness, apathy, complacency. Something which future wise elders have to tweak and improvize. Oriental Elders soul travelling to assess future trends can already perceive complacency and lack of development. This is probably due to human spiritual and psychological stagnancy in higher vibrational octaves as humans tend to bask too much in comfortable settings after eons in our very challenging present and past reality.

Great efforts will be made by people whose soul contracts and whose intrinsic natures call for engineering a soft seamless transcendence to a rebalanced reality. However as of the latest spiritual audit, human consciousness is still found wanting in areas where that matter most. The RESET is on track but the ride may not be the smoothest of journeys.

Why the focus or obsession with engineering a seamless gentle reset? Again it is the question of human consciousness. People in the West are obsessed with their kick-ass abilities and think it is fun. That is not in line with natural cosmic changes. Kick-ass tumultuous changes bring lots of disharmony, widespread grievances, physical and psychological sufferings which the human psyches generate. This provide negative psychic energies feeding the astral entities who are the higher dimensional controllers of the earth bound forces of discordance and dominance. These entities thrive on negative psychic energies stemming from human sufferings. The immense negative psychic energies fed to this entities will strengthen their powers create further resistance to the rebalancing process, thereby prolonging the tumult and chaos.

For esoteric operational reasons, information on the Oriental, other Global and Cosmic Elders’ work in orchestrating the RESET and REBALANCING has to be minimized. The internet fora are replete with lots of good and bad information. Most cancel out, so the general wisdom is to let it be.

My foreign contacts lamented that a few do gooders had copied information from certain websites about the reset . They were mainly focussed on something called GCR or RV which I take to mean currency reset matters. How sick has the money magick make the world?! The obsession with currency reset to make a fortune is apalling, despite all the lofty talks of disbursing whatever largesse for projects or whatever. It is wanton and deplorable greed in times when people should seek to balance their physical and spiritual needs. We are seeking to graduate out of this paradigm of greed, unnecessary desires and attachments. So even though currency resets will come later, they are not the reset we focused on. This thread was intended to share knowings and information. So it boils down to readers to exercise good sense and discernment.

In the East, the money madness has gone to the extreme with ambitious people all caught up in the American dream. In my native China, the super rich are going for everything big. Big mansions, big polluting cars, big banquets, big talk and most big things ending up in utter waste, besides driving up a big gap between the have and have nots. I believe the same in Russia and India all caught up in a destructive mindset propagated by capitalist cabalist propaganda. Without going into exhaustive mind boggling details, it is the loan sharks, the banksters and global cabal who reap the most from the illusory wealth these new rich fat cats think they now possess. The widespread mass media worship of physical and financial wealth from propaganda bankrolled by the shadowy cabal economic hitmen are a real headache for Elders who counsel balance and proper use of resources. The attraction for artificial stuff and the heads in the sand approach to computerization, artificial intelligence and modern gadgetry reminds one of the stupidity of ancient Ming and Ching dynasty officials when introduced to ” magic science ” by the Jesuits.

The ” it’s glorious to be rich ” exhortation from Deng Xiao Peng without a concomitant assertion of responsible and moral approach to wealth gathering was certainly very destructive despite what all the freaking economic gurus and analysts say. The environmental mess and socio-cultural breakdowns are testament to the shortsightedness of that policy. Subsequent policy makers comprising well entrenched members of the Shanghai factions heavily influenced by the left over ” jews ” WW2 refugees made things even worse. Next came the gang from again the heavily ” jews ” influenced Tsinghua university.

The focus on financial reset is very troubling and that’s why I steered clear. That focus on finance, money, is troubling because that undermines our human evolvement. The reset is a holistic phenomenon, with the financial aspect to be a very very small part of human focus as things should fall into place by themselves without incurring huge amounts of human energy. The forces pushing back have been so successful ito diverting human energy into that via the alternative media that it is really painful to watch. But it is part of the assessment, part of the finals so much so that talking about it now actually means I may be very guilty of ” leaking some information about the exam questions of the finals “! Human evolvement cannot progress much if we cannot wean human consciousness from focus on this ” effusive life energy called money/finance “. It is termed ” life energy ” for very good reasons and it is a very critical question in your finals.

The saving grace for China and Russia are the masses of ordinary people who all seem sheepish, but have immense internal fortitude with simple human heart and soul goodness. They are no doubt exposed to the overwhelming social media preaching greed on the sly, but the simpleness of their existence still leave them room to appreciate the simple, natural things of life. Their consciousness during the spiritual audits still hold good potential. The same is true for some areas of Americas and the rest of the world.

Talking about the graduation, the time frame depends on how humanity do in the finals in cosmic time stream. The reset process cannot be taken as graduation but can be considered as part of the finals. Cosmic time is always in the ” present flow “. Graduation affords many possibilities and probabilities, on the earth planes, on the other earth planes as well as the other dimensional planes depending on one’s freewill and one’s potential. One’s higher selves shall see to the optimal progress of the adventurous journey of spiritual evolution. Synchronicity in the flow with the Way facilitates optimal progress.

The RESET has enabled the ” finals ” to be in place. The present happenings are part of the finals made possible because the RESET is already well in progress. How human consciousness, in the part of the world where the happenings occur, reacts, performs and learns will be assessed. The nonchalance, ambivalence and sometimes downright intransigence of some people to graduation potentialities are most disappointing. However there are also many clusters of awakenings that may just achieve the minimum standards to pull a smooth graduation.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards.



MAN, these guys said a whole lot of NOTHING. But, we get the gist…there is a reset coming and its purpose is to bring COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM to the whole earth!
“A-Bomb Campaign” – SPEAK Project Announcement – Tank – 12.25.17

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By TheLightHasWon.



KRE8CHANGE is launching an awareness campaign on Twitter in an effort to release Billions of Dollars of our money being held without our consent. We have been promised that these funds would be released immediately. We need to ensure performance by disclosing sensitive information that they do not want exposed.

In return for your support we will donate 1 Billion Dollars to your group to be divided equally amongst the members who participate in the Twitter campaign. The group leaders will be responsible to gather the names of the contributing members and include their information in an email to KRE8CHANGE@PROTONMAIL.COM. A cashiers check from the Catori Trust will be cut to each member based on their percentage of the total amount. Payout is contingent upon procurement of the asset based on the fulfillment of the release and liquidity of our funds.


1. FOLLOW @kre8change
2. Always use the following hash tags for your tweets #SANTA #ABOMB
3. Start every tweet with @kre8change
4. A minimum of 500 participants from your group actively tweeting a minimum of 25 times per 48 hour launch period. Retweets including the same hash tags will be counted.
5. Original tweets must include a relevant statement that includes one of the following terms:

• Gold Backed
• Liberate humanity
• Shadow Government
• Galactics
• NASA Secret Space Program
• Leo Wanta
• GCR (Global Currency Reset)
• Central Bank of Zimbabwe
• Off ledger accounts
• Private exchange
• The Admiral
• Collateral accounts
• The Chinese Elders
• The Dragon family
• St. Germain
• USD is no more
• Stop the lies
• Corrupt banking system
• Nonperformance
• We are unbreakable

This is an awareness campaign to awaken the public to various controversial practices of governments around the world, secrets kept from humanity, and the liberation of the people from the slavery of debt, mind control, and limited opportunity.

We are in the midst of the biggest transition and redistribution of wealth in the history of man kind. KRE8CHANGE is on the forefront of this movement, and by holding our funds hostage they prevent the release of the cure for cancer, the production of free energy devices, the regeneration of human limbs, and the development of hundreds of other life changing technologies.

By supporting this campaign you become part of something bigger than yourself but common to all of us. It’s a simple act for you that will literally help change the world.

Thank you for your support.




Nesara Law


July 09 2015


THE POINT IS YOU WILL ALL BENEFIT AS IT ELIMINATES THE IRS, THE FEDERAL (ILLEGAL) RESERVE AND INCORPORATES BOTH INTO THE U. S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. THERE WILL BE NO MORE FEDERAL INCOME TAXES, WHICH HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ILLEGAL TO BEGIN WITH AND WE WILL ALL PAY A 14% NATIONAL SALES TAX OR (FAIR TAX). (Anything that sounds to good to be true, IS to good to be true. This is not the glorious resolution to all your problems that they promise it will be. It is a new kind of slavery, under total communist control.)


In fact, this could actually be the end. When you look around at the world today, you wonder how all of the violence and corruption could ever be resolved. BUT, this reset, which is promising to resolve it all… we know it is not from GOD. It is from the DRAGON. It could be the very thing that triggers the RETURN.

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3



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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 24, 2017


An event to rehydrate humanity in funds was planned 30 years ago by the Chinese Elders.

This plan included the GCR and NESARA.

NESARA was going to be signed into law and announced on 9/11/01 until the cabal thwarted it with an orchestrated terrorist attack.

After the Iraq War, the Alliance discovered the Bush-Cabal RV scam and turned it around to be incorporated into their plans to rehydrate humanity.

9/11 has taught the Alliance their 30 year plan cannot co-exist with the cabal.

Over a decade and a half has passed and the Alliance (with the help of the Galactic Federation) have made an incredible amount of progress in taking down the cabal.

In 2016, NESARA officially became GESARA and was secretly signed into law during the Paris Accord.

The RV was to be released on 9/11/17 in commemoration to 9/11 which was the day the cabal set humanity back from their God-given rights.

3 months have now passed since then and the RV is now long overdue.

The Alliance is working hard behind the scenes to get this done.

The intention to release this before Christmas in the U.S. still remains but the window is closing fast.

The cabal must be gone before any release can occur.

There is currently an ultimatum on the table for the cabal.

The Alliance is preparing to deliver the final blow at this very moment.

“(UFOs) are conceived and directed by intelligent beings. They probably do not originate in our solar system.” A few years later “We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped [asked for clarification] “The people of other worlds.” Dr. Herman, 1954 (father of modern rocketry).

It is true that humans have been getting assistance from alien entities since the dawn of time…but they are not from other planets. They are fallen angels/stars. Planets are not big rocks flying around in the sky. They are stars that wander. There is no “outer space” at least not that we could ever visit. There are no aliens on other planets that could visit us. HOWEVER, the fallen angels and their progeny are returning/have already returned to the earth.

For years they have been showing us “flying saucers”, globes, cubes and multiple other phenomenon in the skies. Many of which actually rise out of the ocean and return to the ocean. Some orbs morf into other shapes, and even have been seen to change to angel like beings and land on the earth. The elite want you to believe there are other planets with life on them. They want you to believe that the aliens created us and planted us here on earth and are returning to claim us. At the very least that they are so far advanced that they are coming to “save us” from ourselves and teach us how to live. IT is all a lie. They have been promising disclosure for years. This may be the time.

Understand also, that the elite do have a contract/agreement with alien beings. Beings that look like lizards and Dragons. When you understand the beliefs of the Chinese, maybe you will figure out that these beings are FALLEN ANGELS and their leader SATAN/THE DRAGON. This Great deception will probably be part of the GREAT RESET.



Yvonne Palermo, Jim Nichols, and Bernhard Guenther discuss several topics: UFOs, Hyperdimensional Realities, The Matrix Control System, Discernment, Truth Seeking, Awakening, The Alternative Media, and more…


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✨Message from St. Germain✨
✨⚡️💜10.01.2020💜⚡️✨“Dear brothers and friends. Saint Germain speaking to you. I come to tell you that your long wait is over. Everything is coming out of the mouth and as planned, today the redistribution of wealth on planet Earth begins.

Count St. Germain – Alchemist – Crystalinks

It is with immense joy that I inform you that Nesara and Gesara are fulfilled for the greater good of humanity.

I can affirm that today the planet enters the Golden Age of love, abundance for all and the immense peace, which so far was the privilege of few.

We’ve had to wait 20 long years to see the full implementation of the Nesara / Gesara Act born. It’s been a barren and torturous road. But with the invaluable help of light servers, we’ve made it!

Dark hats haven’t made us easy at all. But, with the help of @realDonaldTrump President Trump, we managed to drain the vast Deep State swamp. That’s already a fact.

There’s still one or another who continues to fight against the unequivocal Victory of the Light.

But they are very aware that the battle is over and the war has ceased, with the uncontestable Victory Of LIGHT.

No more delays. No more dilation.

This day October 01 marks the beginning of your new way of life on this planet.

Ultimately, we enter into the full Age of Light, with all that entails.

Very soon the whole planet will know the truth they tried to hide from you all so much.

The Earth is, from now on, a full-fledged Galactic Society.

It’s the beginning of paradise on Earth.

Your planet will be rebuilt in a completely different way-with a fairer society, w/ redistribution of wealth, which is no longer in the hands of a minority.

Evil has been removed from Earth. You can open the champagne now. Let the joy reign! I want to see everyone celebrating.

And when your mind tells you, ′′ I still have bills that I don’t know how to pay “, replace immediately with ′′ I’m FREE “!!!

From your friend and brother, Saint Germain. “



Military Alien Disclosure: On Immediate Horizon

The American military-industrial complex will soon announce we are in danger from other species. It’s a lie. (click the title above to view the article)

Colin Munro Wood
Sep 24 · 4 min read



DISCLAIMER: This GCR/RV Historical Overview presentation was created for educational purposes only.

This information was never designed to be a for-profit venture, financial solicitation of
any kind, or attempt at offering unlicensed professional legal, tax or investment advice to
any individual, for any purpose, for any reason.
The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the
general public via the Internet, videos, audio interviews, e-books, major news
organizations and website blog articles.
Any response to and from senders and receivers shall be between those parties, and based
on their own desire to provide additional clarity or factual data to their own intellectual
ledger. In no way is this material meant to influence or convince senders or receivers of a
particular agenda, position, belief system or financial strategy. In no way does this
material violate or attempt to usurp historical facts or regulatory enforcements,; nor does
it attempt to bypass any international or domestic law, torts, codes, regulations or rules
regardless of sender and receiver digital location.
Receipt of the GCR/RV Historical Overview, acknowledges that senders and recipients
hereby agree to this disclaimer, and accept its educational purpose confines, thus releasing
the source author from any and all personal liability.
Future transmissions of this material between senders and receivers are from this
disclaimer forward done for educational purposes only, and knowingly not in violation of
any signed non-disclosure agreements with banking institutions, governments or
intelligence agencies related to pre or post GCR/RV activities.
All violators of this disclaimer will be considered in breach of its intended educational
purpose and be in direct conflict with the text, graphics, concepts and theories expressed
in this GCR/RV Historical Overview. Also, any alteration or deviance from this source
material, shall be considered malicious intent to obstruct truth, and both sender and
receiver may be exposing themselves to the full extent of international and universal law.

You have entered a new cycle of existence as marked by the Chinese lunar calendar, otherwise known as 2015 A.D. or “The Year of the Sheep. No longer is humanity to be economically abused, or forced to believe we owe the Central Bankers anything. Know that all sovereign debts have all been settled by the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family (keepers of the world’s wealth) in negotiated conjunction with 200+ Sovereign Nations of the world via international treaty.
All nations of the world have agreed to reset their currency’s value to a common gold standard value, which the Red Dragon Family has collateralized in tangible gold assets.
Also, as a result of this new macro economic harmony, all fiat papered “money” is to now be redeemed, collected and burned; with new gold backed bills issued.
This exchange process is part of a Global Currency Reset (GCR) and has largely gone unnoticed by existing mass media outlets, whose owners also own the privatized Central Banking system. They have intentionally restricted the free flow of information globally as to protect their interests; and have done a remarkable evil job of keeping this historic event out of the public consciousness. That is until now!
Some information in this historical overview might be new, some might be eye opening,
while some might be shocking or illogical at first. Thus, all may accept or dismiss any
claim as fact, but do contemplate all information and simply discern your own truth. We hope this presentation activates your consciousness and serves as a reminder to your subconscious to activate your greatness.
Together, we are now entering the reality of a Global Currency Reset (GCR) ; Revaluation of Currencies (RV), which is set to begin public redemptions very soon. So be encouraged, stay openhearted to the process and let’s all unify in spirit (with the DRAGON!) to heal our species and planet in form… humanity welcome back to financial sanity!
Most are aware that planet earth has been made to exist in an unsustainable manner for
centuries, both in terms of abuse of natural resources and through the use of economic
mechanisms via a well entrenched fiat Central Banking System. (also set up by the world elite via treaties and covenants and corporate agreements. )
But no country, even the USA, can continue to print money without having tangible
assets collateralizing debt. Yet this is precisely what the Central Banking System has
done. In effect, they have attempted to privatize global wealth, monitoring and
restricting the world’s money supply, including bonds, banking instruments, stocks,
digital, paper and coin currencies.
This private global monetary control framework was introduced to the world during Bretton Woods Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, June of 1944. (
At this conference, NATO introduced a global monetary and military strategy that was agreed to by 44 Allied Nations in treat. “The Allies”, who won the war, declared that the United States of America was world’s liberator, and should also therefore be the world’s future military enforcer and top economic power player. All this, in compensation for winning the war for humanity.
Thus, the USA was granted the right to print the de facto global reserve currency, and
called it the United States Dollar (USD), whereby all other currencies of the world
would be held in par comparison to determine their own international value.
The almighty USD quickly spread as said de facto global reserve currency—replacing
the British Pound Sterling—and the United States suddenly was allowed to “print” as much USD as they deemed necessary without any international oversight, except those same families who owned the Central Banking System.
Knowingly, our own US Congress secretly voted in favor of allowing a new private bank
named the Federal Reserve (FED) to print the emerging nation’s physical money for our
own United States Treasury. This act of treason was called the Federal Reserve Act of
1913, and the FED alone would be allowed to have full global monetary authority over
rest of the world.
This “blank check” mentality that directly financed all of the current global monetary
debt/insanity humanity endures today. However, also during Bretton Woods (1944),
the NATO Alliance and the United States needed collateral to “put up” in order to launch
their world domination plan.
So they asked the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family, who agreed in the spirit of a
greater good vision for reconstruction society in the age of the new world. It was this same Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family who had also funded the American war against
the British Empire in the late 1770’s, and why to this day Americans still shoot off Chinese fireworks honoring their gifts every 4th of July.
So the Red Dragons agreed to lend their gold to the Central Bankers for a maximum
fifty-year period, ending in 1996 (plus a 5 year transition or grace period, making the
back wall return date September 11, 2001). (That is why they were moving the Gold from under the twin towers). And with this benevolent act, the global
Central Banking System was born, allowing all good standing sovereign nations to
borrow redevelopment capital, and/or leverage through trade, in order to rebuild their
war torn countries post WW2.
Now to fully understand the amount of gold loaned to the free world by the Red Dragons, one must first understand that gold has been mined across Southeast Asia for over 5,000 years. And these 26 different factions of Red Dragon Families hoard, maintain, grow and protect their assets with unparalleled commitment. So when they agreed to lend their gold, all be it benevolently in favor of the greater good of humanity, they expected to get it back at some point in time.
So the Central Bankers began leveraging the vaulted gold assets as early as in 1946, and began reconstruction societies worldwide. This was the golden era for America… late 1940’s through the mid-1960’s. Growth and possibility seemed endless in the USA. But sadly, ultimate power always corrupts ultimately, the central bankers decided to keep the gold for themselves, and began devising a strategy to accomplish this evil end.
So they manufactured a few wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq. Then came 9/11, which lead humanity down its current military and financial pathway into Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Egypt, Syria, Israel/Palestine (again), Libya and finally Ukraine.
All of these wars were in directly response to giving the Red Dragons back their
collateralizing assets to a rapidly defaulting Central Banking System. This discrepancy
built to a head when the Red Dragons demanded payment for derivatives debts on Lehman Brothers in 2007—and insisted that their gold interest must be paid backed.
But when Lehman could not pay off the debt call, the USG declared a global financial emergency, borrowing $700B from its citizens (T.A.R.P.) in order to maintain repayment schedules negotiated by Federal Reserve Bank to the Red Dragons.
As of March 1, 2015, the FED nor the United States of American Corporation (founded in 1871)

In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE WORD — and that was very significant as you will read. Some people do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any “legal” document DO make the critical difference.
  1. has the liquidity left to satisfy its debt repayments, and thus have have turned
    over the USG to White Knight Military leaders within the US Pentagon, and they now run the country’s affairs. This transition has quietly been rolling out going back to 4th quarter 2012.
    So if you hear the term “Global Currency Reset” or “Revaluation of Currencies” in the future, simply understand the world is resetting back to an economic balance between sovereign nations, whereby each nation agrees to “revalue their currency” in harmony with a pre-agreed, common gold standard of value to both measure and trade wealth. (THAT is a LOAD OF BS! If that were true they would not need to break the spirit and steal the rights of every citizen of the world. They would not have create a system that make us dependent on their global Communist Dictatorships, they would not have to create draconian surveillance that robs us all of our privacy and our right to choice.)
    Now that the Red Dragons have claimed ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank and all its assets through sovereign treaty defaults, our once strong USD has lost all its
    worldwide credibility and value.
    As a result, the Red Dragons have replaced the USD with a new global digital currency called the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN); and they have backed it with gold. In essence, stabilizing the US economy, while at the same time replacing the old global reserve currency (USD) with a basket of new global reserve currencies, headlined by the Chinese Renimbi/Yuan (RNB/CYN) respectively.
    All smaller sovereign countries, once completely dependent upon the almighty USA and
    FED to determine their own country’s currency value—have been released from
    economic bondage and allowed to revalue their currencies against a gold standard.
    Meaning, long sanctioned and war torn countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq and
    Zimbabwe are all getting new economic life, as the leaders of the old banking system
    give way to new, more moral leadership. (Moral by whose standard thought? Communist China’s?) Although just replacing the banking is not enough, as bad habits die-hard. So along with a new gold back currency must also come new political leadership, this purpose.
    BRICS is an acronym representing the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and their economic resources united together, have replaced the United States as the world’s leading economic power, as well as the USD as the global reserve currency by which all other currencies are valued as equal.
    Born out of necessity, the BRICS Alliance Redevelopment Bank was thrust into the spot light with a 100B endowment from all participating alliance members. This new global monetary lending source has all but replaced and eliminated the need for the private Central Banking System old control mechanisms, namely the International Monetary Fund and World Bank—both of which were created during the Bretton Woods Conference circa 1944.
    The new BRICS Alliance lays claim to over three billion in total population, 60% GDP and controls vital transportation, military and natural resources in several strategic locations across Asia, Africa, and South America. (Thus the reason for the transferring of so many illegal immigrants from those countries in our recent experience.)
    The BRICS Alliance, and their growing list of allies, has gained much needed economic and military autonomy from the once dominant US, NATO and European Union collation.
    But how did the BRICS Alliance accomplish such a Global Currency Reset without the whole world knowing, given the violent push back from said private Central Banking Families and their minions?
    Well, first they quietly audited all global debt, and then prepared to collateralize all debts against their own gold reserves. This meant that the Red Dragon Elders had to agree to put up the physical gold to cover the entire world’s debt! Hard to believe, but none-the-less true, as that is precisely what happened. Their leader known only as “Grandfather,” recently agreed to release the collateralizing gold reserves in greater good service to humanity. And for this humanity is eternally grateful. Thank you Grandfather!
    The Red Dragon Family’s benevolent actions have allowed the BRICS Alliance to
    publically replace the old banking system with realistic and sustainable gold backed currency values, thus setting the stage for a new age of enlightenment.
    Meaning, the
    Global Currency Reset (GCR) and Revaluation (RV) will create a new understanding of value across all industries, countries and cultures (Not based on Christian values…which came from the Creator.)… and allow good standing sovereign nations to peg their own country’s monetary value on a common, permanent and consistent benchmark for thousands of years.
    Yes, some currencies will naturally rise based on their in ground assets and gold
    holdings (ZIM, VND, IDR, IQD, TRY, MXN, PHP), while others will fall just as fast (USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, DEM, CAN). But in the end, all sovereign nations who agree to participate within the rules of the BRICS Alliance, do so by their own accord, via international treaty, and in turn now have eliminated their sovereign debt… creating a sustainable gold backed, global economic future for us all.
    Again, thank you Red Dragon Elders, and thank you Grandfather for your infinite
    generosity and selfless commitment to preserving and ascending the human condition.
    We are forever humbled and honored to be participating in such a historic planetary
    To understand how and why currencies historically redeem, it’s wise to first look at the base monetary value and how that standard is assigned. First, one must look at the
    intrinsic universal value of gold historically, and accept that gold is now, and has always been a currency. Also, consider that all in-ground assets, including oil, gems, minerals, and precious metal are all traded like currency since the beginning of modern commerce. Meaning, just as physical gold bullion or coins were once was traded for everyday goods like we do today with paper or digital currencies, in theory, that never stopped. In fact, the new gold standard will see individuals exchanging physical gold for actual goods and services, including transactions between governments.
    This is why the world going back to the old gold benchmark is so dramatic, and why it had to become the new benchmark by which all value is measured, as opposed to Central Bank issued notes, sovereign bonds, banking instruments, derivatives, credit cards and local fiat currencies. They insurmountable debt those fiat philosophies created were crippling, irresponsible and immoral.
    Thus, every monetary unit of value now has a real equity relationship to gold, with all either moving towards or away from the gold standard’s 1:1 ratio. Thus, the citizenry of the world is again playing on a level economic playing field.
    However, to achieve such global harmony, all currencies must first adjust or “revalue” to an accurate and equitable gold standard. Some currencies will do so publically and immediately—and be in a “first basket of revaluations” such as the Iraq Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah. While others will gradually and quietly transition as to not upset the masses or global money supply algorithms.
    Once a currency is adjusted or is revalued, an arbitrage is created within exchangeable value or price; thus creating economic opportunity for any one whom physically holds such an adjusted sovereign debt instrument; and should they desire to redeem the currency in a bank, they can receive the difference as profit… or loss depending on which currency is held.
    Now it is true some currencies will revalue up, while others will revalue down. And a
    few will even collapse and need to be taken out of circulation slowly like the ECB’s Euro
    and Federal Reserve’s USD; some are most certainly to spike much higher, like the
    Zimbabwe Dollar, which is scheduled to revalue as many as fifteen decimal places since
  2.   Yet in  the end,    most    will    ultimately  readjust unnoticed, with    a   select  few not

adjusting at all because they never left the gold standard measurement of value.
To better illustrate how international sovereign currencies of the world will move in
relation to gold’s updated value, below is a graphic that visually shows the distance a
currency must travel in order to unify with the current fair market value of gold.



Premiered Sep 4, 2020
Uncover Joe Biden and his family’s secret relationship with China and the sinister business deals that enriched the Biden family at America’s expense. © 2020 Lightspeed Pictures


What You Need To Know About NESARA/Global Reset As A Christian

Visit Us At Satan’s Financial System –… To contact me with any questions, my email is I check my email more than my private messages. If God has purposed in your heart to give to this ministry, you can do so at the following link. Please do not give if it is not out of love or to truly help.…



Truth and Republic

August 17, 2011


The National Economic Security ; Reformation Act

Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Information is added as it becomes known, along with the date it is included.

NOTE: Writing a history of NESARA requires locating the separate dots and attempting to put them together to create truth. The original documents are sequestered and those individuals directly involved are still under a strict gag order. I have used as my foundation a history written by James Rink. My research set out to prove NESARA by locating original documents and articles written by reputable people that illustrated each of the tenets. I have inserted some of these URLs for these tenets into Rink’s history. In my 7+ years of research, I have found nothing to disprove the existence of the NESARA LAW. The internet is loaded with disinformation that can be easily dismissed by research.

As you read this history, you will find mention of high officials being cloned. The capacity to clone an adult individual signifies just one of the many secrets withheld from the public. As “all that is hidden is revealed,” this fact will be confirmed. Cloning of an adult individual is used for various reasons by those working behind the scenes–one example will become known at the divine right moment–the cloning of Princess Diane to avoid her death. Another example is to clone a public figure to prevent public reaction to he/she being removed from their position, as occurred with Janet Reno

(info. added 2014).

Now that information regarding the government/military cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence is in the public domain, we can see parallels of the facets regarding NESARA that many have used to discredit it. Some of these are: deliberate cover-up of information, government/military gag orders, the suspicious death of persons who attempted to tell the truth, control of the media, and the ruining of individual lives and professions.

I encourage all to do your own research and add to the pool of documented evidence on the truth of NESARA.

Now is the perfect time for NESARA to be released to the world!

NESARA Demonstration in front of the Peace Palace, the Hague, Netherlands

1892 – Bankers adopted their Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892 in which it was declared: “We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When, through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”

1907-1917 In order to warn Americans, the 1892 Bankers’ Manifesto was revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. from Minnesota before the US Congress sometime during his term of office between the years of 1907 and 1917.

1910 – John E. DiNardo, professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan, writes in his article “The Federal Reserve Act”: “On the night of November 22, 1910, a small group of surrogates of the most powerful bankers of the World met … under the veil of utmost secrecy.

Over the next few weeks these men would perpetrate, under the orders of their masters, … perhaps the most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted upon the American People.

This ultra-secret fraud is known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913…. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 concocted legislation, to be foisted upon the People’s Congress of the United States, that empowered and commissioned this secret cabal of World-dominant bankers to PRINT UNITED STATES CURRENCY, a usurpation of our Constitution’s explicit edict empowering ONLY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to print and coin currency. This world banking empire used their stolen power to print, out of thin air, paper currency which, in no way represents the gold and silver reserves that authentic currency is supposed to represent.”

1913 – The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Complete text of Act may seen at:

1933 – 1934Prior to 1933, Federal Reserve Notes were backed by gold. This changed with the new law: Congressional Record, March 9, 1933 on HR 1491 p. 83.“Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and bankers acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes, and other property of all the people of the nation.”

The Bankers’ Manifesto ties in with the U.S. Senate Document No. 43, 73rdCongress, 1st Session (1934), which states: “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere ‘user’ and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

1970s The Federal Land Bank illegally foreclosed on farmers mortgages all throughout the Midwest. In each of these cases the farmers were defrauded by the banks with the approval of the Federal Reserve System. These court cases would eventually become known as the Farmer Claims Program.

1978 – An elderly ranch farmer in Colorado purchased a farm with loan from the Federal Land Bank. After he died the property was passed on to his son Roy Schwasinger, Jr., who was a retired military general. Soon after a Federal Land Bank officer and Federal Marshall appeared on his property and informed him the bank was foreclosing on his farm, ordering him to vacate within 30 days. Without his knowledge, his deceased father had signed a stipulation which reverted the property back to the Federal Land Bank in the event of the borrower’s death.

Outraged, Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. filed a class action lawsuit in the Denver Federal Court system. The suit was dismissed on the basis of incorrect filing. This prompted Roy Schwasinger’s investigation into the inner workings of the banking system.

1982 – Roy Schwasinger was given a contract by the US senate and later Supreme Court to investigate banking fraud. But because he was under a strict non-disclosure order, he was not allowed to tell the media what he discovered. In the late 80s he began sharing his knowledge with others, including high ranking military personnel who helped him bring about a class action lawsuit against the federal government.

The first series of these lawsuits began in the mid 1980’s when William and Shirley Baskerville of Fort Collins, Colorado were involved in a bankruptcy case with First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins; who was trying to foreclose on their farm. At a restaurant their lawyer informed them that he would no longer be able to help them and walked-off. Overhearing the conversation, Roy Schwasinger offered his advice on how to appeal the case in bankruptcy court. So in 1987 they filed an appeal (Case No. 87-C-716) with the United States District Court in Colorado.

1988 – On November 3, 1988, the Denver Federal Court system ruled that indeed the banks had defrauded the Baskervilles and proceeded to reverse its bankruptcy decision. But when the foreclosed property was not returned they filed a new lawsuit. Eventually 23 other farmers, ranchers and Indians swindled by the banks in the same manner would join in the case.

In these cases, the banks were foreclosing on the properties using fraudulent methods such as charging exorbitant interest, illegal foreclosure, or by not crediting mortgage payments to their account as they should have but instead would steal the mortgage payments for themselves triggering foreclosure on the property.

The Farmers Claims lawsuit was thrown out of court at each level with the records purposely destroyed. An example of these court cases may be viewed at:

1990s – In the early 1990’s Roy Schwasinger brought the case before the United States Supreme Court. Some of the content of this case is sealed from public eyes but most of it can be viewed today.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were indeed valid, therefore, all property foreclosed by the Farmers Credit System was illegal and all those who were foreclosed on would have to receive damages. In addition, they ruled that the U.S. federal government and banks had defrauded the farmers, and all U.S. citizens, out of vast sums of money and property.

Furthermore, the court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust. Read more at:

In addition the court ruled that the Federal Reserve was unlawful:

That the income tax amendment was only ratified by four states and therefore was not a legal amendment, that the IRS code was not enacted into “Positive Law” within the Code of Federal Regulations. Positive Law = Laws that have been enacted by a properly instituted and recognized branch of the government.

That the U.S. government illegally foreclosed on farmer’s homes with help from federal agencies. Irrefutable proof was presented by a retired CIA agent. He provided testimony and records of the banks illegal activities as further evidence that the Farmers’ Union claims were indeed legitimate. The implications of such a decision were profound.

All gold, silver, and property titles, taken by the Federal Reserve and IRS must be returned to the people.

The legal team sought assistance from a small group of benevolent visionaries, consisting of politicians, military generals, and business people who have been secretly working to restore the constitution since the mid 1950’s. Somehow within their ranks, a four star U.S. army general received “title” and “receiver” of the original 1933 United States Bankruptcy.

When the case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, they ruled in his favor, giving the Army General title over the United States, Inc. Legal action was then passed on to the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Sam Nunn, who was working with Roy Schwasinger.

1991 – With the help of covert congressional and political pressure, President George H.W. Bush issued an Executive Order on Oct. 23, 1991, which provided a provision allowing anyone who has a claim against the federal government to receive payment as long as it’s within the rules of the original format of the case. 

According to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, all present and succeeding debts against the U.S. Treasury must be assumed by the Federal Reserve. Thus the famer’s claims legal team was able to use that executive order to not only force the Federal Reserve to pay out damages in a gold backed currency but also allow them to receive legal ownership over the bankruptcy of United States, Inc.

To collect damages the farmers legal team used an obscure attachment to the 14th amendment which most people are not aware of. After the civil war the government allowed citizens to claim a payment on anyone who suffered damages as a result of the Federal Government failing to protect its citizens from harm or damages by a foreign government. President Grant had this attachment sealed from public eyes but somehow, someone on the farmer’s legal team got a hold of it.

If you read that carefully, it specifies damages by a foreign government. That foreign government is the corporate federal government which has been masquerading to the public as the constitutional government. See for explanations.

Remember this goes back to the Organic Act of 1871 and the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1933, which defined all citizens as enemy combatants under the federal system known as the United States. The Justices and farmer’s legal team recognized how evil and corrupt our federal government had become and to counteract this they added some provisions in the settlement to bring the government back under control.

a. First they would have to be paid using a lawful currency, backed by gold and silver as the constitution dictates. This would eliminate inflation and gyrating economic cycles created by the Federal Reserve System. See Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution.

b. Second they would be required to go back to common law instead of admiralty law under the gold fringe flags. Under common law if there is no damage or harm done then there is no violation of the law. This would eliminate millions of laws which are used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians.

c. Lastly the IRS would have to be dismantled and replaced with a national sales tax. This is the basis of the NESARA Law.

When the legal team finally settled on a figure, each individual would receive an average of $20 million dollars payout per claim. Multiplied by a total of 336,000 claims that were filed against the U.S. Federal Government, the total payout would come out to a staggering $6.6 trillion dollars.

The U.S. Supreme Court placed a gag order on the case, struck all information from the Federal Registry, and placed all records in the Supreme Court files. Up to that point Senator Sam Nunn had kept the Baskerville Case records within his office. A settlement was agreed to out of court and the decision was sealed by Janet Reno. Because the case was sealed, claimants are not allowed to share court documents to media outlets without violating the settlement, but they can still tell others about the lawsuit. This is why you probably have not heard about this.

1991 – Roy Schwasinger went before a senate committee to present evidence of the banks and governments criminal activity. He informed them how the Corporation of the United States was tied to the establishment of a New World Order which would bring about a fascist one world government ruled by the international bankers.

1992 – A task force was put together consisting of over 300 retired and 35 active US military officers who strongly supported constitutional law.* This task force was responsible for investigating governmental officials, congressional officers, judges, and the Federal Reserve.

*Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda

*General David McCloud

*Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby

They uncovered the common practice of bribery and extortion committed by both senators and judges. The criminal activity was so rampant that only 2 out of 535 members of congress were deemed honest. But more importantly they carried out the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve was accustomed to giving orders to politicians and had no intentions of being audited. However after they were informed their offices would be raided under military gunpoint if necessary; they complied with the investigation.

After reviewing their files the military officers found $800 trillion dollars sitting in accounts which should have been applied to the national debt. And, contrary to ‘federal government’ propaganda, they also discovered that most nations had in fact owed money to the United States instead of the other way around.

These hidden trillions were then confiscated and placed into European bank accounts in order to generate the enormous funds needed to pay the farmers claims class action lawsuit. Later this money would become the basis of the prosperity programs.

Despite these death blows President George H.W. Bush and the illuminati continued on with their plans of global enslavement.

1992In August 1992 the military officers confronted President Bush and demanded he sign agreement that he would return the United States to constitutional law and ordered him to never use the term New World Order again. Bush pretended to cooperate but secretly planned to bring about the New World Order anyway by signing an Executive Order on December 25, 1992, that would have indefinitely closed all banks giving Bush an excuse to declare martial law.

Under the chaos of martial law, Bush intended to install a new constitution which would have kept everyone currently in office in their same position for 25 years and it would have removed all rights to elect new officials. The military intervened and stopped Bush from signing that Executive order.

1993 – In 1993 members of the Supreme Court, certain members of congress and representatives from the Clinton government meet with high ranking US military officers who were demanding a return to constitutional law, reforms of the banking system, and financial redress. They agreed to create the farm claims process which would allow the legal team to set up meetings all over the country on a grass roots level to help others file claims and to educate them about the lawsuit.

A claim of harm could be made on any loan issued by a financial institution for all interest paid; foreclosures; attorney and court fees; IRS taxes or liens; real estate and property taxes; mental and emotional stress caused by the loss of property; stress related illness such as suicide and divorce; and even warrants, incarceration, and probation could also be claimed.

1994 – But the Clinton government undermined their efforts by requiring the farm claims to use a specific form designed by the government. This form imposed an administrative fee of $300 for each claim, which was later used in 1994 as a basis to arrest the leaders of the legal team including Roy Schwasinger.

The government was so afraid of what they would say during their trial in Michigan that extra steps were taken to conceal the true nature of the case. County courthouse employees were not allowed to work between Monday and Thursday during the course of the trial. And outside the courthouse, FBI agents swarmed the perimeter preventing the media and visitors from learning what was going on as well.

Harassment and retaliation by the government increased, many where sent prison or murdered while incarcerated.

Despite being protected by his military personnel the army general who acquired the original 1933 Title of Bankruptcy of the United States; was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a clone. This clone was then used as a decoy to prevent any further claims from being filed. (I am not qualified to speak on the fact of human clones; however, that they exist is a fairly widely accepted fact among those who study behind the scenes activities. You may read more at: Don’t allow the thought of clones running the government cause you to refuse to consider the veracity of this history. As truth emerges, we will be shocked at much we hear. (2013 – the above URL is no longer available; however, the fact that cloning has been an ethical question for yrs. is a good indication that the Secret Government knows more than they have released to the public.)

During the first Clinton administration the military delayed many of Clinton’s federal appointments until they were sure these individuals would help restore constitutional law. One such individual who promised to bring about the necessary changes was Attorney General Janet Reno.

1993 – In agreement with the Supreme Court ruling on June 3, 1993, Janet Reno ordered the Delta Force and Navy Seals to Switzerland, England, and Israel to recapture trillions of dollars of gold stolen by the Federal Reserve System from the strategic gold reserves. These nations cooperated with the raid because they were promised their debts owed to the United States would be canceled and because the people who stole the money from the United States also stole money from their nations as well.

This bullion is to be used for the new currency backed by precious metals. It’s now safely stockpiled at the Norad Complex at Colorado Springs, Colorado and four other repositories. Janet Reno’s action so enraged the powers-that-be, that it resulted in her death. She was then replaced with a clone and it was this creature that was responsible for covering-up the various Clinton scandals.

To keep the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Robert Rubin in line, he too was also cloned. For the remainder of their term in office both Reno and Rubin received their salaries from the International Monetary Fund as foreign agents and not from the U.S. Treasury. Despite these actions the legal team continued on with their fight while managing to avoid bloodshed and a major revolution.

After 1993 the farmer claims process name was changed to Bank Claims. Between 1993 and 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court required U.S. citizens to file “Bank Claims” to collect damages paid by the U.S. Treasury Department. This process CLOSED in 1996.

During this time the U.S. Supreme Court assigned one or more Justices to monitor the progress of the rulings. They enlisted help of experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, constitutional government and law, and many other related areas. These justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide; known as “White Knights. The term ‘White Knights’ was borrowed from the world of big business. It refers to a vulnerable company that is rescued from a hostile takeover by a corporation or a wealthy person—a White Knight.

To implement the required changes, the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur. Eventually they settled on certain agreements, also known as Accords, with the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve Bank owners, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone.

Because these U.S. banking reformations will impact the entire world; the IMF, World Bank, and other countries had to be involved. The reformations require that the Federal Reserve be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the banks’ fraudulent activities must be stopped and payment must be made for past harm.

1998The military generals who originally participated in the famer’s claim process realized that the US Supreme Court justices had no intentions of implementing the Accords. So they decided the only way to implement the reformations was through a law passed by congress.

1999 A 75 page document known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) was submitted to congress where it sat with little action for almost a year.

2000 – Late one evening on March 9, 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to 15 members of the US Senate and the US House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. They were immediately escorted by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. President Clinton signed the Act into LAW.

These 15 members of congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office in accordance with the original 13th amendment. Remember British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office. President Clinton relinquished his bar registry.

NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only this country but our planet in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and much more.

NESARA implements the following changes:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax.

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy.

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

October 10, 2000 – Because President Clinton’s clone had no interest in signing NESARA into law on October 10, 2000; under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and under gunpoint forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order.

From its very inception Bush Sr., the corporate government, major bank houses, and the Carlyle group have opposed NESARA. To maintain secrecy, the case details and the docket number were sealed and revised within the official congressional registry, to reflect a commemorative coin and then again it was revised even more recently. This is why there are no public Congressional Records and why a search for this law will not yield the correct details until after the reformations are made public.

Members of congress will not reveal NESARA because they have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to deny its existence or face charges of treason punishable by death. Some members of Congress have actually been charged with obstruction. When Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order, his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife, daughter, and himself.

If fear isn’t enough to keep Washington in line, money is. Routine bribes are offered to governmental/military officials by the power elite/secret government.

Not surprisingly, much disinformation about NESARA can be found on the internet. Wikipedia’s article is total disinformation. Dr. Harvey Francis Barnard’s NESARA bill—National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act was rejected by congress in the 1990s.

Dr. Barnard was a systems philosopher and had tried for years to interest Congress in his monetary reform suggestions. A testimony by Dr. Barnard’s close friend, Darrell Anderson, may be read at: You may also read articles by Darrell Anderson at this site. Both men were interested in monetary reform.

September 11, 2001 The next step is to announce NESARA to the world, but it’s not an easy task. Many powerful groups have tried to prevent the implementation of NESARA.

The NESARA law requires that at least once a year, an effort be made to announce the law to the public. Three then current US Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge of NESARA’s announcement. These Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARA’s announcement.

In 2001 after much negotiation the Supreme Court justices ordered the 107thCongress to pass resolutions approving‘ NESARA. This took place on September 9, 2001, eighteen months after NESARA became law. On September 10, 2001, George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement. The next day, on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce the new US Treasury Bank system, debt forgiveness for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.

Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-up their crime.

Remote pilot technology was used in a flyover event to deliver a payload of explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Command Center who were coordinating activities supporting NESARA’s implementation nationwide. With the announcement of NESARA stopped dead in its tracks, George Bush Sr. decapitated any hopes of returning the government back to the people.

For the past 10 years, life in the USA, and numerous other countries, has been dictated by the staged terrorist’ attack and its repercussions. Seldom does a day go by that we do not hear mention of 9/11.

2005 – Dr. Harvey F. Barnard died on May 18, 2005.

2009 – Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. died on 8/23/2009 at the age of 75. Verification – Social Security Death Index at:

2011 The Debt Ceiling debacle kindled re-newed interest in NESARA. As we watch the world economy collapse, we can know that the NESARA LAW remains in the background, ready to be announced.


NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


The World Peace Pathway.
(Note: Phallic symbol inside the Womb Symbol. BAAL Worship)
South Africa, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Washington, the Balkan countries and the Netherlands for NESARA NOW!



NESARA Rights the Unthinkable Wrongs Perpetrated on Americans!



This was signed into law by President William Jefferson Clinton in 1993. And was to be announced by Alan Greenspan on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. this has been keep out of the peoples knowledge far to long … Restore our orginal Constitution that you ordered to be done…

…Because the process of using Accords to implement the reformations did not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) which was passed secretly in March 2000. Again, secrecy was maintained by revising the official records; details of the bill number for NESARA were revised to reflect a commemorative coin and revised again more recently. Members of Congress have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to “deny” the existence of NESARA or face charges of Treason punishable by death; some members of Congress have been charged with “obstruction” and threatened with Treason charges. Therefore, all members of Congress pretend that NESARA has not been passed in order to comply with the Justices’ gag order.

NESARA provides major financial benefits to American citizens including: 1) end of income taxes; 2) forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds; 3) U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency; 4) restoration of Constitutional Law, and much more. Many bank presidents and senior stockbrokers have privately confirmed to close personal friends that they have been briefed about the U.S. Treasury bank system.

In June 2000, news of the secret NESARA law passage came from U.S. naval intelligence contacts, some of the White Knights who have assisted the Justices in activities involving NESARA. Many powerful groups have tried to stop the announcement and implementation of the NESARA law which provides major financial improvements for Americans. After 18 months of clearing interference, the Justices had the current Congress pass resolutions “approving” NESARA on September 9, 2001. NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001. Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced. Since then we have had months of unseen battles as the Justices and other White Knights deal with problems on many fronts almost constantly.

The conception of NESARA began in the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings in 1993. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices NEED to hear from thousands of Americans that WE SUPPORT the true NESARA law. If the White Knights KNEW how much support they have from Americans, they might be less conservative in their decisions about what needs to be “exactly right” to get the true NESARA law announced and this could speed up the process. People from other countries can also write to express their support of NESARA because eventually, NESARA’s improvements will roll out to every nation worldwide.

I’m suggesting that we talk to people we meet about the true NESARA law when we are out in public because people will probably ask us questions about NESARA. I suggest that everyone reading this Dove Report sit down and add up how much money in the LAST 12 months you have paid for the following:
1) income tax;
2) credit card payments;
3) mortgage payments.

ALL the money you paid for these things in the last 12 months would NOT have been necessary if we had had the true NESARA law announced. In addition, we in the prosperity programs would have had our funds for a year and could have saved lives of people needing medical care, could have done TREMENDOUS improvements worldwide and the new prosperity programs would be paying every US citizen/natural person by now. THESE are the benefits of NESARA that WE SHOULD HAVE already had! We need to demand our NESARA benefits before we live another 12 months of our lives; before we live another 12 hours of our lives! (You need to ask yourself what are the negative aspects of this wonder solution.)


Mar 14, 2012
In 2009, Japanese nationals were caught trying to transport billions of dollars worth of US bonds to European banks. The US claims these bonds were fake, but others claim there’s something bigger afoot. Tune in to learn more about the ‘Dragon Family.’…


white dragon society
white dragon society 2020

1988 was the year of the Earth Dragon. The Debt-Driven Capitalistic economy controlled by the Anglo-Saxon nations are shaking. However, I want to share some thoughts on the esoteric side of this article, which further confirms our (6) Dragon series of Daily Blogs from January 2012.

In other words, they believed the suffering and misery of this world would only be ended when its creator was overthrown. This is crazy sounding stuff. Dragon mythology is found all over the world.

China.The real control of the United States is still in the hands of…Sometimes fact-based reporting leads into very strange territory. If they fail to arrest the Dutch Royals and the Rothschild family members hiding in Switzerland, then the White Dragon Society will be forced to consider more drastic measures.“In England, to this day, a rampant red dragon (clutching a mace)is the heraldic symbol of the County of Somerset. If things continue to degenerate, soon manhole covers will start to be stolen. When I started reporting in Japan in 1985, it had the highest per capita income in the world and the lowest gap between the rich and poor in any developed nation. Yes! Instead, these companies are hurting the U.S. economy by using FRB funny money to buy up dozens of enterprises that could evolve into competitors for these giants. Do you want to see the Scripture where it accurately described the evil Dragon Society of today?

Queen Elizabeth II made it official in 1952.Though Somerset has traditionally had a red dragon as an emblem, the red dragon is more commonly associated with Wales, as its national flag features a red dragon (Y Ddraig Goch).They are stoking a war between China and the U.S., promoting their pandemic and vaccine scam, and causing trouble all over the world. We agree that many of these things are confirming what the Spirit has been saying…but here’s a thought. This ancient society today is lead by a group of Elders living in the “forbidden zone” of China. Informants from Turkish intelligence approached us to explain that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is a crypto-Satanist pretending to be a Muslim. (This may not be announced on CNN or FOX). Have you heard of LINsanity? In Asia, the Dragons are also looked upon as protectors and a blessing to humanity most of the time. International White Dragon Society We are happy to announce the International White Dragon Society is the only organization actively resisting world domination by the organized crime group known as the Illuminati or Black now a rogue state now,” MI6 intelligence sources say.

The Wessex beast is usually colored gold in illustrations. She is sometimes depicted as mounted on a Dragon or serpent. Their streets are filling up with discarded needles, human feces, and junkies. Of course, today he would be called a terrorist. Newman sent me this article below several days ago, it further confirms our recent Blogs this week and from last month regarding the Global Economic Restructuring and the Dragon Societies. He gave me some reading assignments so I would know exactly what I was dealing with. Thirdly, the seed is yet on the planet and most royals trace their bloodline to it. “Adding to the intrigue are parallel claims that Iran – Israel’s sworn enemy in the region – has also been providing Haftar with military aid in his campaign to topple the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli,” The ongoing clash between Egypt and Ethiopia over a dam Ethiopia is putting on the Blue Nile, the source of 80% of Egypt’s water, could also turn into a fierce regional war.

Most of those that have ruled Europe, other western nations (America) and parts of Africaare of a Dragon/Reptilian bloodline also.

BENZAITEN is a river Goddess in Indian mythology. The Khazarian mafia, in turn, claims to take orders from some sort of entity they consider to be GOD. The next person to talk about a rogue artificial intelligence being in charge of the planet was a man by the name of Paul Laine, who was from the Pentagon’s “men who stare at goats” psychic warfare division. He is a “practicing” born-again Christian. This was personal, because many Japanese journalists, central bankers, and politicians I knew and respected had been murdered by these people. Apostle John accurately sees and describes the energy of this secret society as a

This Dragon Society is a leading one, connected with other Dragon families. This includes external debt, government debt, unfunded pension liabilities, etc. I have just identified the Great Red Dragon as Britain and secret societies of Anglo-Saxon nations that has caused all the major conflicts in the world.The White Dragon Society sees themselves as the Guardians and Protectors of the planet and all human life, as the dragons in the ancient times.Lin means Dragon.We see the legend of the Black/White Dragon starts in Indian and is in Japan. At this point, we have seen sustained protests and rioting for nearly two months straight, and it looks like the chaos isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Could it be that there has been a… Some of you are probably thinking, Ok, this is sounding weird. “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” said Ruud Dobber, a top exec at AstraZeneca. In a sign hyperinflation is coming to the U.S., the country is facing a coin shortage. The Zionists are having a field day in the absence of an agreement to reboot the world economy.


Dec 29, 2016

Conspiracy about gold: Dragon Families, Move to Antarctica, Resistance Movement, Hierarchy

image: 2
In today’s article about “Timeline of gold history 12” Yutika, translator of the article, says that the “spiritual adviser” of Dragon Family elders is possibly Cobra. I think she is exactly right. Today’s article about gold history has made us finally grasp the whole picture of it.
The following three articles are information of the past from Cobra. Cobra says: “Taiwan is the operating base for many positive Dragon families.” In the article about Timeline of gold history 12, “In a country in Asia (not Indonesia) a meeting was held,” the above article about Timeline of gold history 12 says. I suppose it might be Taiwan. Cobra is deeply connected to the Red Dragon families and the Blue Dragon families. He says that the Red Dragons “have advanced skills to reset the global financial system with the push of a button if the need for that arises.” I think it means that Red Dragons have a mind to shut down the current financial system because their purpose is to defeat the Jesuits and the Rothschilds, as the article says.
With regard to the Blue Dragons, I introduced an article of November 14 titled “The Blue and Event.” The article suggested that there is a Thuban Draconians’ city under the ground around Chendgu in China.
The second article below says that Yamashita gold said to be hidden in Philippines has already been taken by the RM (Resistance Movement). Rob, MC, asks Cobra a question by saying: “Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface?” I think that the gold taken by the RM might probably have been moved to the Thuban Draconians’ underground city temporarily.
The last article below mentions an underground base in Antarctica built in the ‘40’s by the Nazis. Cobra says: “The base has been cleared by the RM more than decade ago so there is nothing that is down there.”
The gold temporarily moved to the underground city has probably been moved to the Nazi’s underground base in Antarctica now. It seems that Cobra group has a high-speed railway system connected to the underground city and they have no difficulty in carrying a large quantity of gold.
If these inferences are right, we can solve a mystery of the reason why leading figures including Russia’s Patriarch Kirill get together at Antarctica. Supposing that they use various strategies to decide how to distribute a large quantity of gold and build a new financial system, everything makes sense.
Each faction claims ownership of the gold. For example, it seems that Japan claims ownership of it because they looted it during the war. Thinking this way, Mr. Eiken Itagaki’s description of “the global ruling class ‘Goldman Families Group’ with the Emperor as the top” is not wrong.
On the other hand, the Dragon families would claim the original ownership of gold. Reading articles by Neil Keenan, a lot of swindlers seem to claim the ownership.
From Cobra’s standpoint, he has an opinion that nobody is in the position to claim ownership because gold is for humanity. I agree with Cobra in this matter.
As a matter of fact, things are not so easy. Dragon family elders who got in contact with Cobra have completely been deceived by him. Cobra seemingly makes efforts to start up a new financial system in order to achieve world peace the elders want. However, his real purpose is not that but to grab all gold out of humanity. Their group intended to decrease quark bombs to the level they can control, gradually drive the Chimera group to the wall and finally have them use toplet bombs to destroy the earth by supernova explosion. If the gold is collected in Antarctica before such final destruction, they can easily bring the gold on spaceship out of the earth.
To tell the truth, Masters of the Hierarchy were most firmly attached to gold. Gold is the source of power and authority on this physical dimension, too. Gold if of high value at the plasma level and it is the material which is the source of spiritual power. Sanat Kumara and Maitreya who wanted to completely control the physical dimension were strongly attached to gold. In conclusion, they were an army group of Lucifer and Darkness, and Cobra was an agent who tried to carry out such conspiracy.
December 18, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita
January 2, 2012
Asian Secret Societies (the Dragon Family) Want Their Gold Back; the Western Secret Societies Blew Up the World Trade Center So That They Wouldn’t Have to Give It Back

The 9/11 event was the coming out party for the American Fascists. It was also a complex sequence of criminal events to abrogate $230 billion in Russian bonds and to wipe clean the Black Eagle Fund on gold obligations. But in the immediate, it was a bank heist. Few Americans realize that the World Trade Center housed the largest bank in the Western world. Thus the object of the bank robbery, where $100bn in bearer bonds were stolen, $100bn in diamonds were stolen, and $100bn in gold bullion was stolen... The 9/11 event was a fascist takeover of the USGovt and establishment of the banking system as the power center.” – Jim_Willie_CB, September 14, 2015, 9/11 Memory: Fascism & Gold

The Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families, has executed an elaborate sting operation where a vast international alliance of 117 countries now has a legal way to end the financial tyranny of the Old World Order.

A lawsuit was filed on November 23, 2011, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York which could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit was filed by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.

The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board.

This is a civil claim arising out of the concerted, knowing, malicious scheme and international conspiracy engaged in by the Defendants for the designed purpose of defrauding plaintiff Keenan, the designated Agent of his Principal, the “Dragon Family,” for the express purpose of expropriating, stealing and converting certain negotiable financial instruments lawfully owned by the Dragon Family and entrusted to Keenan in early 2009. The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009.

The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, the United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals. Many of the bonds seized are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners.

In 1998, the Chinese owners of the gold sued the Federal Reserve Board, and said “Give us back our gold.”The Federal Reserve Board people argued that they didn’t have to give back the gold. They said they had paid in full because they gave a bunch of gold to Chairman Mao in the 1970s when the United States renewed relations with communist China.The International Court of Justice said “You guys have to give back the gold you took.” They said “Okay.” The first shipment of gold they were supposed to give back was due to be sent back on September 12th, 2001. And of course, as you know, the World Trade Center got blown up on September 11th. The gold that was in the basement went missing. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, the company that was handling the paperwork, was blown up [658 employees, which represented nearly 70 percent of its workforce, were in the office that morning — none made it out alive]. Building 7, where the Treasury police and all these people were, was blown up —and all the paperwork there was blown up. Basically, they were saying, “We’re not giving back the gold!” There was this massive gold cache underneath the World Trade Center, and they snuck it out — it was shipped to California and then I believe to Paraguay.

So China must have known they got rolled. When they saw the World Trade Center come down, they must have suspected something immediately! Of course they knew! They said “These bastards aren’t going to pay us back. They’re trying to start World War III.” And what happened was they quintupled the U.S. military budget with this fake War on Terror. And you’ve got this Patriot Act, which is five inches thick of paper that just spontaneously showed up. Which is identical to the Nazi constitution. The Chinese know that they’ve been rolled — that this gold has once again been stolen. China wants to get their gold back. In the meantime, the Rockefeller faction in the U.S.…are building up their military; they’re trying to get the Western countries on a full, militarized basis to prepare for World War III. They want to reduce population and they want to wipe out the Chinese. And they don’t want to lose control. They don’t want to lose power. They still have their Messianic, fascist, cultist beliefs that they are destined to rule humanity. The Israeli newspapers openly referred to China and Russia and Iran as Magog, and the G5 and G7 as Gog. They were trying to get all these countries to kill each other. They were trying to start World War III.

It leads one to reason that charges were placed in the World Trade Center when it was constructedI believe it was constructed in the 1970s. President Bush’s brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center. There was all sorts of construction going on there.

This exposes an absolutely incredible through-line that shows more compellingly than any other motive I’ve ever heard of why, specifically, the World Trade Center came down.

9/11/201 – A New Standard for Deception by Kevin Ryan-Whitehouse


If you want to see an Engineered Doomsday, watch “A New Standard for Deception” by Kevin Ryan (video above), a top UL Scientist — a 9/11 shock & ah and its closeness to Hitler’s Reichstag Building fire.

Below is a synopsis of a December 12, 2011, interview with Benjamin Fulford, former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine, by David Wilcock, which can be read in its entirety in the article that follows.


A vast, 111-page legal complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Dan McCue was the first mainstream journalist to cover this story in Courthouse News Service:

An American expatriate in Bulgaria claims the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office of International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than $1.1 trillion in financial instruments intended to support humanitarian purposes.

The 111-page federal complaint involves a range of entities common to conspiracy theorists, including the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the “Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission,” and the U.S. Federal Reserve. Other defendants include UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Giancarlo Bruno, who is identified as head of the banking industry for the World Economic Forum, Italy’s ambassador to the UN Cesare Maria Ragaflini, Ray C. Dam, president of the Office of International Treasury Control, and David A. Sale, the deputy chief of the council for the cabinet of the OITC.

In his remarkable complaint, Neil Keenan claims that the U.S. government [received] enormous amounts of moneydelivered in gold and other precious metals— from the Dragon Family many years ago, and that the money was placed into the Federal Reserve System for the benefit and underwriting support of the dollar, “which was to become and currently remains the global reserve currency”…

During the course of its existence over the last century, the Dragon family has accumulated great wealth by having provided the Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Government with asset assignments of gold and silver via certain accounts held in Switzerland, for which it has received consideration in the form of a variety of Notes, Bonds and Certificates such as those described … that are an obligation of the Federal Reserve System.

“The Dragon family abstains from public view and knowledge, but, upon information and belief, acts for the good and better benefit of the world in constant coordination with higher levels of global financial organizations, in particular, the Federal Reserve System,” Keenan claims.

Keenan says that with accrued interest the instruments are now worth more than $1 trillion. He says the family designated him as its principal in an effort to select certain registered and authorized Private Placement Investment Programs (PPPs) for the benefit of unspecified global humanitarian efforts.

Keenan claims he was entrusted in 2009 with billions of dollars in bonds by the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families. These financial instruments included U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of $19 billion, and one U.S. “Kennedy” bond with a face value of $1 billion.

[These instruments, contained in a suitcase, were stolen as two Japanese agents attempted to cross the border from Italy into Switzerland with them.]

Keenan seeks the return of the stolen instruments, punitive damages and court costs on multiple claims of fraud, breach of contract and violation of international law.

According to Wilcock:

One of the most interesting paragraphs in the entire complaint is:

“Upon information and belief, these Bonds [held by the Dragon Family] have values ranging in the many Thousands of Trillions of United States Dollars, a relatively small portion of which is involved in the claims giving rise to this action. Each of these currencies, such as the DFFI [Dragon Family Financial Instruments] involved in this action, was and remains duly registered within the Federal Reserve System — and are directly verifiable by the Federal Reserve through its efficient verification system and screening process.”

The bottom line is that the Dragon Family intended for these bonds [the $1.1 trillion carried by the two Japanese agents] to be stolen. They represented only a small percentage of the overall asset base [the Dragon Family’s total U.S. bonds are worth Thousands of Trillions of Dollars]all of which is clandestinely registered within the Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements!

This was an elaborate sting operation that has brought us to where we are todaywhere a vast international alliance of 117 countries now has a legal way to end the financial tyranny of the Old World Order.


Seven shiploads of Chinese gold were sent to the United States in 1938. The Chinese were given lots of U.S. government bonds, with astronomical denominations, in exchange for that gold.

Well, here’s Taiwanthis little tiny country which has so much economic power. The Taiwanese took a lot of the treasure with them when they fled China. They have a museum in Taiwan which is very famous. There are some hills behind the museum. Every year they change the display in the museum. They’ve been doing that for 50 years. They haven’t even begun to make a dent in displaying all the treasures they have hidden in those hills. This is the ancient imperial treasure of China. And that’s just one of the many treasure hordes that are out there. That’s why China seems to be always trying to invade them and get it back.

About 85 percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia over the past [few] thousands of years. Part of what World War II was about was a grab for this gold.What happened was the Western powers — the Western oligarchs, let’s call themplanned to take all the gold out of private hands in the world.This is in the 1930s. Remember, in 1934, Roosevelt banned the private ownership of gold. The Federal Reserve confiscated everybody’s gold. In 1944, they had the Bretton Woods agreement. At this agreement, the gold-backed international financial system was set up.

Most of the gold that was not being controlled by the Western powers was removed from the market. It was blacklisted, or hidden in caves, or buried in sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean. It was taken off-market. This is a question of control. So in 1944, Britain, France and the United States were given a fifty-year control over the global financial system. A fifty-year mandate. They were supposed to develop and modernize the planet. The military-industrial complex guys, instead of developing the planet, wanted this cold war between the Soviet Union and the West. This was part of this Gog / Magog plan.

In 1955, the non-aligned nations that’s a 77-nation group, including China, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Indiasaid this is crazy. We don’t want to be part of this Cold War. They had the historical rights to most of the Asian treasure.

The point is that 77 nations [the non-aligned nations] said they wanted to finance a Marshall Plan for Asia and Africa — to modernize these regions. They pooled their treasure to finance this. The Hilton Green Memorial was the treaty where they wanted to finance a Marshall Plan for developing Asia and Africa and the rest of the world. And they had as their asset base these black-listed gold funds that were in Thailand. And the signatory to all this money was President Sukarno of Indonesia, who happened to be related to most of the royal families— at least in Asia. So that’s why Indonesia, then. It’s because he had a blood connection to these folks.

When the Cuban Missile Crisis came, and the world nearly went to all-out nuclear war, a guy named Benjamin Freedman came out. He basically admitted these insane Gog-Magog plans [were real]. Kennedy and a lot of people in the U.S. said “All right, this is crazy. We don’t any more of this secret society craziness.”

Kennedy agreed to work with the non-aligned nations to end the Cold War, and to finance the development of Africa and Asia. To keep the military industrial people happy, he was going to send a man to the moon — and do that kind of stuff.

They [the Sabbateans, the Cabal, the people who own the Federal Reserve Board] are trying to create this war so they can take over the planet. Kennedy got gold from Indonesia. He put out Kennedy bonds and notes — dollar bills that were controlled by the U.S. Department of Treasury, not the Federal Reserve Board. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 (just days before he died), and the U.S. Treasury Secretary was stripped of the power to issue silver notes.Kennedy probably did this because the Treasury Secretary was being controlled by the Federal Reserve. Kennedy probably felt that silver-backed dollars would be a stopgap against inflation and the creation of “bubble money” by the Federal Reserve. His assassination, just days later, did not appear to be a coincidence. [If Fulford’s sources are right, Executive Order 11110 was only the first visible phase of Kennedy’s plan to defeat the Federal Reserve and ultimately use Asian gold as collateral for a new financial system.]

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influenceIts preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” – President John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961

Kennedy was killed. Then Sukarno was driven from power. By the military-industrial complex. By the Cabal, as I call them. The people who own the Federal Reserve Board. These Sabbatean sectists.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals,so that security and liberty may prosper together.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Military-Industrial Complex Speech, 1961

The Asian societies didn’t have the military power to designate a new signatory that would bring these blacklisted funds online and create a new currency that would compete with the dollar. What they did is they went underground. They didn’t sign over anything. We have Sukarno’s nephew. He has signed over the rights to us now.

What happened was that in 1968, they [Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers and all these people: the Bushes, the people behind the murder of Kennedy, the members of this Sabbatean cabal] set up a fake heir. A fake signatory. They set up a fake heir [who would allegedly gain the rights]…They forged the rights to use that money as a basis for issuing currency. For creating dollars.

They didn’t have the historical rights to 85 percent of the world’s gold that was owned by the Asiansbut they faked the rights. They forged documents to claim they had the rights. So they wanted to repatriate this gold they had taken out of the market before Bretton Woods was convened. Some of it was laundered by BCCI, Chase Manhattan Bank, Black Eagle Trust and a few other of these groups. It was this gold, illegally laundered from these Asian stashes, that financed the black ops and the various secret doings. So this gets back to the 1930s, where the Japanese troops were confiscating gold from the Kuomintang. That was taken either to the Philippines or to Japan. At first to Japan, and then when it got too iffy, they transported it over to the Philippines. That was kept in some kind of private storage that was totally offline. It was hidden. There are about 125 known sites where it was hidden.

The story we’ve all been told about how all the gold ever mined in history could fit into one or two Olympic swimming pools… is a total lie. There’s at least nine times or ten times more off-market gold than there is officially tradable gold. Some of it, like I say, was laundered by the CIA types to finance various things.

In 1994, the Bretton Woods mandate expired. Before that, they stole the money from the foreign holdings, the dollar holdings of the Soviet Union. The Bretton Woods conference was in 1944. They already knew what was going to be the result [from World War II]. That’s open history. Bretton Woods is an open secret. The mandate expired in 1944 after a 50-year term; it wasn’t renewed.

In 1994, about 200 countries said the promises were not kept. They said, “Hey, France, United States and Britain, you didn’t modernize the world, you didn’t keep your promises.” So there has been no real agreement at the top of the global financial system since then. So the only reason why it hasn’t changed any faster is they don’t have the military muscle to do anything about this. Clinton authorized 100-to-1 financial gambling practices. These guys were thinking, “The hell with it. We’re just going to start World War III and get ourselves out of this mess by killing everybody.” They turned the financial system into extreme gambling. They obviously knew this could have apocalyptic effects, under certain circumstances, but that was the whole point. They used these confiscated gold accounts from the Kuomintang to back that up.

Now what happened was in 1998, the Chinese sued the Federal Reserve Board. They said “Hey. You’ve got to give us back our gold. “We have these contracts. We gave you the gold. The sixty years is up. Give us back the gold!”

1938 was when the seven shiploads of gold were sent to the United States from China.They gave the Chinese all these Federal Reserve bonds, promising to give the gold back in 60 years. The Chinese have elaborate documentation [of this], which is why this whole lawsuit is taking place.

The Japanese invasion did come to a ferocious head in 1937-38. So this was done by the U.S. military to protect the Kuomintang gold from the Japanese army. Which was actually the Rothschilds.

They had this plan to start this whole Gog and Magog thing again. This time the plan involved starting a limited nuclear war between Iran and Israel. They were going to use that war as an excuse to set up martial law in the G7 countries. They’ve been trying it for quite a long time now — ever since 2001, even before.

What happened was that the Pentagon realized through their game scenarios that if they started all-out World War III, 90 percent of humanity would dieincluding most of them. So they didn’t want to go along with it. The Pentagon has systematically sabotaged these plans. They constantly prevented attacks on Iran. They stopped Israeli air raids. They invaded Georgia to stop an Israeli attack on Iran from there. They didn’t want to start World War III, because they realized it was insanity. [The South Ossetia war… was an Israeli air base that was designed to attack Iran and start this whole thing.]

The Asian secret societies set up a sting operation. What happened now was a counter-plot. They sent these people [the two Japanese agents, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, who attempted to cross the border from Italy into Switzerland in June 2009] to cash a trillion dollars’ worth of these bonds that were given to them by the Feds. The Asian secret societies control enough gold that if it were repatriated, it would be thousands of trillions of dollars — that’s what it says in the legal document…They created a sting operation with these guys… together with the CIA guys who they used to work with in Southeast Asia, who don’t want the ‘Powers that Were’ to still be running the show. They realized they were insane and incompetent. They were one level below these guys and knew that they were crazy.

These guys were detained on the border in Italy with 134.5 billion dollars in 1934 bonds. [As I revealed at the beginning of this article, the first thing you want to watch is this Fox News report, from Glenn Beck, about the scandal.] The guys’ names are Yamaguchi and Watanabe. I was involved because I got called by the P2 Freemason lodge. I talked to some of the Italian Treasury police who arrested them. First of all, they said the bonds were forgeries — but neither Yamaguchi nor Watanabe were arrested. They were let go. Then the Italians said that there was a trial, but there is no record of a trial. There is no record of these bonds being officially confiscated. We do have evidence that Prime Minister Berlusconi tried to cash them.We do have evidence that Ban Ki-Moon, the head of the UN, came forward and said “We’ll give you 100 million dollars to go away and forget about this whole thing.” [This is incorrect. Keenan emailed me after this was posted and said it was Giancarlo Bruno who offered a one-time payment of 100 million.]

In other words, we can prove that the head of the UN, the UN, the Davos World Forum and Prime Minister Berlusconi, among others, were involved in this theft. This is all provable in a court of law — which is why we went through a lawsuit.

These bonds were generated in 1934 by the Federal Reserve. But, in 1934, they made sure that if China ever actually tried to use these bonds, they would appear fraudulent when they were attempted to be cashed. There are deliberate typos. And the numbers themselves are astronomical.

We’ve revealed something in this interview that I’ve never heard you say publicly before. The amount of gold that is here [is huge]… all of the confiscating of the Roman Empire [as well as the Spanish conquistadores], pulled it out of these ancient places where it already was. It somehow all made its way over to China because of silk trading, and this and that, and opium.

You’ve got to understand that there are two financial systems in the world. The stuff that’s on the books, in there… according to the official government statistics, the world GDP is 63 trillion dollars. And then we have these bonds that are supposedly worth 371 trillion dollars. There’s a disconnect. The total amount of bonds held by the Dragon Family are worth 371 trillion dollars. The 85 percent of the world’s gold and treasure. That’s how much it was assessed at. So this is the stuff that was blacklisted — prior to Bretton Woods. [The 371 trillion dollars is the value of one large treasure site in Malaysia* Kuomintang asset base; the full number is in the many thousands of trillions.]

This is what Sukarno’s nephew gave us power of attorney to sue over. And that power of attorney was specifically given to Neil Keenan, as cited in your document, and Keith Scott. That power of attorney was granted just to say “Hey, you guys stole gold and treasure that doesn’t belong to you.”

What makes this lawsuit scary to the people who run the financial system is they have the legal right now to open what is known as a “Black Screen.”You’ve got to remember that 95 percent of the money in the world exists only as numbers in a computer. Only five percent of it exists as cash money.Unless you withdraw the money, it’s just in a computer. But otherwise what you get is a book entry with numbers. There’s high-level codes that allow you to punch in… you go through the secret stuff, you punch in your access code and whatever. Then you type in a billion dollars, and bingo — there’s a billion dollars. Now that’s a pretty nice little thing to have your hands on. You can see why these guys [the Sabbateans] don’t want to give it up. Not the Western powers, but the Sabbateans who are above and behind the Western powers.I’m talking about the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and all these kinds of people.

So these black screens are part of the same financial system that was created by Bretton Woods. It’s the ultimate high-tech computer network where the money is all supposedly hidden. The problem is because no one was in charge at the top, and there was no agreement, different groups started creating ridiculous numbers. I’ve heard that there are now quintillions of dollars that they’ve tried to put into the system. And that’s like 33 orders of magnitude more than there is of real world economy.So the system is broken. It has mathematically malfunctioned at the highest level.

It’s my understanding that as a result of Bretton Woods, central banks were forbidden from directly trading with one another. Part of Bretton Woods was that these people were supposed to deposit 80 percent of the yield, as this money was created out of thin air, into humanitarian relief programs. The problem is that if they open these screens — and we have the access codes now — they will realize that the money wasn’t used mostly for humanitarian purposes. It was stolen and used for military-industrial purposes.

The Book of Maklumat is one of several physical account entries that would allow people to open up this can of worms and prove that money was stolen. There are many copies of it hidden all over the place now, of course, because it’s such a sensitive issue. But who has the jurisdiction to go after these guys? That’s the problem! We are in kind of uncharted territory. We don’t have the structures right now. The United Nations are run by a bunch of gangsters. A lot of the world leaders have been bribed and blackmailed into obeying these people.

But if the Euro and the dollar become bankrupt, people are going to be really pissed — and those changes could happen pretty quickly. The Euro is already bankrupt. You can see the IMF, which is supposedly the highest financial body on Earth, is saying they don’t have any money. When Russia was bankrupt, it was the IMF that bailed them out.And now the so-called IMF doesn’t have money. That’s because they don’t have a legal mandate. It expired in 1994. They’re just a bunch of people claiming to have the right. No one gave it to them. That means these non-aligned nations are not accepting the bubble money that’s being created in the computers anymore. They are not accepting that equity. It’s all being blacklisted — kept out of the system. That’s why the dollar hasn’t… you haven’t had hyperinflation in the United States. That money is not being put into the system. Otherwise, all these numbers announced by the Fed — if you do the math, there should be hyperinflation, but there isn’t— because it’s not being allowed into the system. It is a mess — but here’s the real point.

The creation of money, in a way, is the process of deciding what we as a species will do in the future. And it’s being controlled by religious fanatics who wanted to carry out Old Testament prophecies. It’s really wacko and mind-boggling. Most of us ordinary humans, like any Miss America candidate, or pretty well any guy you pick off the street, will say, “End poverty, stop environmental destruction, and make everyone rich and happy.” Stuff like that. It’s not rocket science. What we want in the future is not what the current set of leaders has in mind. They want World War III and killing four billion people, and the rule of an elite over a slave population. We don’t want that!

So there’s this massive amount of gold that could put us back on a gold standard, where currency is tethered to something of real value.

The Chinese are still using a system similar to the old Japanese system, which is why they still have fast economic growth!

I don’t think we want a centralized control network. But we do need to make sure that anything that does exist is disciplined by reality. It has to be based in something real. It shouldn’t be some guy with a computer, some powerful oligarch with a computer punching numbers and acting like God — which is what we have now. The fact of the matter is that the European countries, the United States and Australia have been getting more stuff from the rest of the world than they have been giving. The only export they have is “Financial Products,” which is basically bubble money. And weapons.

So if we can get these scumbags out of power in the Federal Reserve Board and free the people, the potential for a boom such as has never been seen before is right there. It’s ready! We have to let the old system collapse. But these guys are not going to go quietly into the night. They are threatening war still. They are still trying to attack Iran. I’ve had reports now that they are planting nuclear bombs in the seabed off the shore of Tokyo to create another tsunami here. One of the enforcement arms that could come into play, now that a wedge has been driven with this lawsuit, is the Pentagon. The good guys in the Pentagon could at some point actually do mass arrests at gunpoint of most of the House of Representatives and the Senate… these guys have private accounts in the Vatican Bank and they have been bribed.

Well, it still is not clear to me, who is the RED DRAGON and who is the WHITE DRAGON and how man other DRAGONS are involved. We have looked at some information on the Chinese Dragon Family, but there are DRAGON FAMILIES in Europe also. Especially in the British Isles and Scandinavia/Most especially Switzerland. Let us not forget Germany as well.
The DRUIDS are traced to INDOEUROPEAN decent. They occupied lands all across Europe and Asia. They trace themselves back to the Dragon/Lucifer as well. MAGIC comes from the DRUIDIC/INDOEUROPEAN line.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Dragon spirit: the legend of the Welsh dragon

It’s a familiar sight everywhere in Wales, but what’s the story of the Welsh dragon? Ever wondered why Wales’ flag has a red dragon on it, or how it came to be associated with the country?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the legend, from its mystical beginnings to its present day uses.

The story begins with a battle

Long before the faithful old hound Gelert was slain in a case of mistaken identity, Beddgelert (the place) was the stomping ground of a man named Vortigern. He was a Celtic king on the lookout for somewhere to build a castle, eventually finding a spot he liked on the hillside of Dinas Emrys.

A young boy (who some believe to be Merlin the magician) warned Vortigern that the site he had in mind for his castle was directly above an underground lake, where two dragons lay sleeping.

On digging the ground to start the castle’s construction, Vortigern’s men found two dragons – one red, one white – fighting fiercely. After a real scuffle, the red dragon won.

Dragon statue at King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Corris, Mid Wales/ Photo Credit

What this meant

Some say that the red dragon represented Vortigern’s people, while Geoffrey of Monmouth saw it as a prophecy of the coming of King Arthur (funnily enough, the name of King Arthur’s father – Uther Pendragon – translates into ‘Dragon’s Head’).

While this may all sound like myth and mystery, an excavation of Dinas Emrys in 1945 showed evidence of a lake and a fortress dating back to Vortigern’s time. Maybe dragons are real, after all…

Dragon statue at The National Showcaves Centre for Wales/ Photo Credit

The dragon and the flag

The dragon appeared on the battle flags of various British soldiers on their way to Rome in the 4th century. It was later adopted by 5th century Welsh kings who were keen to show their authority following the Roman withdrawal.

Wales’ official first use of the flag was probably during the battle of Bosworth Field in England, 1485, when Henry Tudor defeated Richard III. The Pembroke-born English king went on to reign over England for 24 years as Henry VII.

Our dragon

Though the dragon faded in popularity somewhat and wasn’t featured on the Union Flag of 1606, in 1959 Queen Elizabeth declared that ‘only the Red Dragon on a green and white flag should be flown on government buildings in Wales’.

Now, you see the Welsh dragon on badges, buttons, bumper stickers and painted on the faces of eager rugby fans at international matches. There really is no flag quite like it, and we think it’s one of the best.

Dragon of Wales Statue Chirk 80 ft Dragon Sculpture Welsh Dragon at Cardiff Castle

MAGIC of MERLIN the Wizard
by ; Henryk Szubinski


Here’s some of the information about Merlin.

“I will now,” said he to the king, “unfold to you the meaning of this mystery. The pool is the emblem of this world, and the tent that of your kingdom. The two serpents are two dragons; the red serpent is your dragon, but the white serpent is the dragon of the Saxons, who occupy several provinces and districts of Britain, even almost from sea to sea. At length, however, our people shall rise and drive the Saxon race beyond the sea whence they have come. But do you depart from this place where you are not permitted to erect a citadel, you must seek another spot for laying your foundations.”
Vortigern, perceiving the ignorance and deceit of the magicians, ordered them to be put to death, and their graves were dug in a neighboring field.
The boy’s life was spared. He became known to fame afterwards as the great magician Myrddin Emrys (or Merlin, as he is called in English), and the mountain on which he proved his mighty power was called in after time Dinas Emrys instead of Dinas Ffaraon.

Here’s my theory on the meaning of the RED and WHITE DRAGONS.

Every Mention of MERLIN needs the mention of the title of King Arthur to support it.


The result might be the TIE with no decisive winner.
This TIE = the “more line” of MERLIN’S Wizardry.


The stones of StoneHenge may be the erosion of their irregular shape by lightning that has hewed bits of it into the irregular shape and also indicates the power of the king Arthur and every other royal family tree where the tree= the lightning.



date 2018
February 7
time 12:26
In Welsh legend, the white dragon was one of two warring dragons who represented the ongoing war between the English and the Welsh. The white dragon represented England, as opposed to the red dragon of Wales.[5]
The battle between the two dragons is the second plague to strike the Island of Britain in the mediaeval romance of Lludd and Llefelys. The White Dragon would strive to overcome the Red Dragon, making the Red cry out a fearful shriek which was heard over every Brythonic hearth. This shriek went through people’s hearts, scaring them so much that the men lost their hue and their strength, women lost their children, young men and the maidens lost their senses, and all the animals and trees and the earth and the waters, were left barren. The plague was finally eradicated by catching the dragons and burying both of them in a rock pit at Dinas Emrys in Snowdonia, north Wales, the securest place in Britain at that time. The dragons were caught by digging out a pit under the exact point where the dragons would fall down exhausted after fighting. This place was at Oxford, which Lludd found to be the exact centre of the island when he measured the island of Britain. The pit had a satin covering over it and a cauldron of mead in it at the bottom. First, the dragons fought by the pit in the form of terrific animals. Then they began to fight in the air over the pit in the form of dragons. Then exhausted with the fighting, they fell down on the pit in the form of pigs and sank into the pit drawing the satin covering under them into the cauldron at the bottom of the pit whereupon they drank the mead and fell asleep. The dragons were then wrapped up in the satin covering and placed in the pit to be buried at Dinas Emrys.[6]
The ultimate source for the symbolism of white dragons in England would appear to be Geoffrey of Monmouth’s fictional History of the Kings of Britain (c. 1136), where an incident occurs in the life of Merlin in which a red dragon is seen fighting a white dragon which it overcomes. The red dragon was taken to represent the Welsh and their eventual victory over the Anglo-Saxon invaders, symbolised by the white dragon.[7] The tale is taken up by Nennius in the Historia Brittonum, which was written before Geoffrey of Monmouth was born. The dragons remain at Dinas Emrys for centuries until King Vortigern tries to build a castle there. Every night the castle walls and foundations are demolished by unseen forces. Vortigern consults his advisers, who tell him to find a boy with no natural father, and sacrifice him. Vortigern finds such a boy (who is later, in some tellings, to become Merlin) who is supposed to be the wisest wizard to ever live. On hearing that he is to be put to death to solve the demolishing of the walls, the boy dismisses the knowledge of the advisors. The boy tells the king of the two dragons. Vortigern excavates the hill, freeing the dragons. They continue their fight and the red dragon finally defeats the white dragon.The boy tells Vortigern that the white dragon symbolises the Saxons and that the red dragon symbolises the people of Vortigern. If Vortigern is accepted to have lived in the fifth century, then these people are the British whom the Saxons failed to subdue and who became the Welsh. The story of the RED DRAGON must be the winning side ,to the right , but when wearing the coat of arms , to the left, because it has representation in this Coat of Arms of Prince William.
Prince William Coat of Arms



The Quantum Financial System (QFS)is advanced without any equivalent, politicians and bankers have been caught red-handed, arrested and sent to Gitmo in Cuba to atone for their crimes in real time,so Deep State is disappearing and GESARA is near.Each country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.

The QFS ends corrupt Cabal central banking.The QFS-system will cover the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money,initiated by Russia and China to replace the US-centrally-controlled Swift system.

This new QFS runs on a quantum computer,based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked. The quantum technology was provided by benevolent Galactic ETs. The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world.The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profits.

(Ok..this is chuck full of red flags. First of all…just what criminals are they taking away to gitmo?? Obama is still here, Biden is still here, the Clintons are still here, George Soros is still here, Bill Gates is still here… we could go on and on. Show us the evidence. I see none. Second, initiated by Russia and China…are you kidding? China is the most invasive authoritarian evil government on EARTH! Russia is not much better. RUN BY AI?? Are we insane? AI is our biggest threat. AI provided by ETs… you mean the Fallen Angels? ya, servants of the DRAGON HIMSELF…Satan. Protected by NASA?? ANTI GOD, LIARS, THIEFS and MURDERERS. SO FAR I see no reason to rejoice in this reset. I don’t care how much money you are offering.)

The QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system, (I highly doubt that. It is the Royals as usual. Evil by any other name is still evil.)making all other previous transfer systems like for e.g. blockchain, unnecessary. At least there is no need for blockchain technology, as that has been superseded due to its shortcomings by at least two other transfer networks, putting the need for cryptos very much into doubt. Moreover, after the Revaluation, all Sovereign currencies will be gold or asset-backed, ensuring a sustainable value, which makes the need for unbacked cryptos outdated, as these are simply digits on computer memory banks.

“Furthermore, the hype around Crypto-currencies is a modern-day example of the sheeple-herd mentality. (wait a minute.. isn’t that what the NEW ORDER has been pushing… herd mentality/hive mentality? Where we go we go as ONE, UNITY and all that?)Apparently, there seems to be a lack of logical thinking. When buying something of value, it is rational to exchange it for something of equal value, represented by the amount of the exchanged money. Since cryptos don’t carry any intrinsic value, there can never be a balanced deal. And in relation to its nominal value; there will never be stability between buyers and sellers of cryptos, as is the case with all other merchandise. To give an analogy; it is very unlikely that a tossed coin will fall on its edge, just as it is highly probable that there will always be either a majority that wishes to buy, or there will be a majority that wishes to sell the crypto coins.

With the activation of the QFS, the Galactic Earth Alliancewill completely destroy the Central Banking System that has been designed to destroy the world economyand put the world population into perpetual debt slavery. The little-known truth is that the QFS has been running parallel to the Central Banking System for many months, if not more than a year, and has countered many hacking attempts to steal funds by the Cabal. The result being that many bankers have been caught red-handed with illegal money transfers and have consequently been arrested. (Ya? Name some names, make us believers.)

“Little is it known that this new system was invented in preparation for the takeover of the Central Bank Debt System to end the financial slavery and control over the populace.(So, doesn’t that make The Earth Alliance Our New Masters? Aren’t we just changing hands?)The Earth Alliance gave Pres. Trump the magic wandof taking over the old banking system without changing it.

“The QFS has no comparison to anything and has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies, to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require.With the QFS, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the transfer need of the old Cabal central banking system. Regrettably, to fully comprehend the advanced QFS-structure, there doesn’t exist an equivalent technology to serve as an example.

“No one ever suspected that this powerful quantum computer system could assign a digital number to every fiat dollar/euro/Yen sitting in every bank account all over the world and monitor it in real time;knowing exactly where it went, when it was transferred, who sent it by their login info, and what account received it. Imagine the frustration of a banker who has just stolen some money and illegally transferred this to another account, to be subsequently arrested in real time for theft.

“Does anyone believe that this will happen without the Deep State-controlled bankers obstructing everything to stop this from happening? Would they not apply every criminal trick, every disgusting false flag, everything and anything to stop this from happening? Of course, they have tried and still do try to prevent it to this day. They have explored every avenue to hack and destroy this system, but to no avail! The cabal is taking their last gasp of breath, but be assured they are definitely on their way out. Their battle is lost and GESARA victory is near.


“The QFS stops the Deep State in their tracks. The Earth Alliance had to intervene with higher dimensional technologies to deliver us earthlings this super technologically advanced monetary system.It is rooted in the Quantum Computer intelligence that comes without any 3D creation.No 3D creation comes with an all-telling ‘recognition system’ that mimics the creation of a living entity. It is simply Artificial Intelligence (AI), that comes with something that is able to replace conscious human beings. (wait, what?) Run that all by me again…I don’t like what I am hearing at all.

“Our planet Earth is a Living Entity with the life force in Symbiosis. The QFS is considered to be alive with a Quantum Benevolent Intelligence that interacts with each financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance,to ensure that it is; legal, owner-intended, and transparent. If one understands Quantum Physics, then one can understand what effect this Quantum Intelligence is having with each financial transaction that goes through the Quantum Financial System. It cannot be compromised. (Wait, so doesn’t this make MAMMON GOD?)

“Even so, politicians that used the Swift Transfer System (STS) to transfer their ill-gotten illegal money all over the world, didn’t know the QFS was already running parallel to and simultaneously on patrol with the STS. (So how and when did all of this actually begin, and who is running the show? AI Entities – DEMONS?) Politicians didn’t worry about being caught as the bankers were on their side, as they too earned a take on their transactions.


“Only gold-or asset backed currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate can be transferred through the QFS. The certificate will reference a serial number on a piece of gold or asset held in reserve to back the currency. Satellite technologies are used to quarantine the gold and or assets used to back currencies. There is no way it can be stolen or taken out of the secure vaults where it is stored. That is why it is called a gold-backed currency, it has to reference back to the piece of gold or asset that is backing it.

“References to ‘asset-backed currencies’ is the process of establishing a currency based on assets within the country of origin. Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in a country, but all denominations of currencies must be accepted within the QFS and given a gold/asset certificate to be active within the QFS. (So, not just any gold… only gold that is registered and certified by the AI can be used as money?)

“If the assets are mined or extracted from the earth, they will be sold on the marketplace as with any other commodity. This process is complicated and no simple task to accomplish. But it is a process that is necessary to ensure value to the worldwide currencies being used in the QFS.

“Any fiat currencies that cannot be designated as being clean, clear, non-terroristic, or not clearly originating from legal activities, are disqualified, which are most, if not all fiat paper currencies. Fiat currencies can consequently not become legal in the QFS.

“Fiat currencies already in possession at the time of full-scale implementation of the QFS, received while doing legal business, will be exchanged for gold-backed currencies at the bank.

“The procedure here is called ‘reconciliation,’ qualifying the money transfer as being either legal or illegal, and will be carried out by a Benevolent Conscious 5D Entity. (What the heck is a benevolent conscious 5D Entity?)

“The confirmation and revelation of this benevolent component of the QFS, will be the assurance and proof of a 100% benign secure neutral transfer system.

Without the ability to reconcile old fiat money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have any relevance within this new financial system. Any country that is not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and will eventually be left out of international trade. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently set up to do business at any level of relevance.


“Each country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS. The Alliance will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available, ‘in a country,’ which is to be gold-backed in the QFS. The results of the formula will establish a fair value of each country’s assets as compared to another. There is far more gold than needed to accomplish the gold-backing of all world currencies. Once established through the GCR, the price of gold will become irrelevant.

“If the price of gold goes up, the value of all currencies will go up as well, resulting in no net change to the par value of all currencies. The formula includes, in ground assets, the economy of the country, its population – which is one of the country’s assets, and a number of other parameters to determine the value of the country’s currency. This formula is to be applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with all other countries. The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country’s currency has to have the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset (GCR)–the Reset of all currencies on par with all other currencies and they each have a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It is the requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standards, so that the QFS is able to function as planned. That is why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.


The Earth Alliance has confirmed that their goal of defeating the Deep State has been far more complex, time-consuming and difficult than had been anticipated and planned for. It is becoming increasingly obvious that world-changing information is about to be dropped, probably sooner than expected. This will likely be accompanied by the much-anticipated mass arrests. There are literally over seventy thousand sealed criminal indictments ready to be executed. Once this sequence of events takes place, it will be up to the Awakened readers to help everyone understand what is going on, explaining the positive nature of the changes that are occurring and those underway.

“Never forget; the deliberate debasement of our fiat currency by central bankers is theft, and is equivalent to counterfeiting. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America saw counterfeiting as a serious crime, deserving the death penalty.

The Deep State are in a panic, as the people are waking up and they realise they cannot stop it. They are continually trying to prevent or suppress it, but the truth is coming out.

Now, it is time people learn to think for themselves, by becoming detached from hypes, in which for example multitudes of people, due to a mindless kind of group-think, (again, that is what the people have been conditioned to, that is not our natural state. God gave us all a mind so that we can think for ourselves and make choices.) come to the conclusion that something is valuable, whereas if they were to think logically, they would come to the conclusion that this is not the case. Much has been intentionally misinterpreted and misrepresented by the media. There is a great lack of independent, critically thinking people. This lack can easily be lifted by reading and studying my book THE GREAT AWAKENING, part 1 and part 2, and consequently experiencing and Consciously understanding the upcoming developments with Joy.



How Trump is using NESARA / GESARA to stop New World Order


Emergency Global Broadcast

Emergency Global Broadcast
Premiered Oct 3, 2021
The channel (Emergency Global Broadcast) don’t turn on monetization -This video is also for teaching , inspirational purposes. and entertainment Credit Full Video:

Here is more evidence that governments and the elite have been battling about the RESET for some time:

VP Pence says NO more Fiat Money

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
VP Pence – no more FIAT – now gold backed USN July 25 2 017

July 25 2017

Vice President Mike Pense today declared the USA, Inc.’s surrender of the old (cabal Rothschild) fiat USD in favor of the new gold backed USN.

Per international treaty and domestic law, the USN is now considered the lone sovereign currency of the land and may be released globally across tiers of the Asian controlled financial system.

At approximately 4:30 PM Wednesday, July 26th, President Trump is scheduled to affix his signature to a document declaring the restoration of the Republic and the restoration of the gold backed USN. Upon this, the restoration of our Republic will be deemed complete by the Elders and the release codes for the Global Currency Revaluation are to be entered in Beijing.

Obamacare’ was to be voted on Tuesday July 25th by the Senate. The ending vote was a tie – 50/50. Pence cast the determining vote for the Senate to debate and REPEAL ‘Obamacare’.

As reported, one of the provisions Obama demanded be hidden within ‘Obamacare’ was that the RV was NOT meant to be a benefit for the American People and the RV was NOT to take place for the benefit of the united States. Obama saw himself as being the eternal ‘king’ and ‘ruler’ of this nation, if not the entire planet, and made provisions within legislation and other means to guarantee slavery and distress upon the American people would continue and even increase. Obama’s NO RV stipulation has been successfully overruled for the benefit of the people of the united States.

That stipulation, among many others yet to be revealed, was one of the primary reasons that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, kept insisting that the ‘Obamacare’ legislation should be ‘passed’ immediately without time for the customary review, questions and debates.

Now that Obama is out of office – despite what he may think otherwise – all the poison, rats, traps and treason at his hands is coming up through the cracks, including through DNC whistle blowers. It is definitely NOW the time for Obama’s arrest and prosecution. Obama’s ‘legacy’ is, by far, the worst record for any man in the office of the president of the cabal crime syndicate that ruled and reigned over this nation. Good riddance – FINALLY.

God bless President Trump, his family, staff and appointees.

God bless America and her people.


 WARNING:  I am still not convinced that NESARA/GESARA is a good thing.   But there is information here that you should KNOW.  

Jack Kidd Explains Nesara Gesara in FULL with CW
Nov 3, 2020
Nicholas Veniamin

This Video Was Censored.  To watch it on BitCHUTE: 




Restored Republic via a GCR- Rumors as of Wed. Sept. 23, 2020

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we are making exchange appointments…and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

Thank you Judy

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 23 Sept. 2020

Compiled Wed. 23 Sept. 2020 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) Shotgun Release and email notification could come at any time in a 72 hour period following the start on Wed. 23 Sept.

Tier 2 has finished transfer of funds. All Tier 4A accounts have been called in and were moving. The last group – the “flippers of bonds” – has received the go ahead to begin payments.

Charlie Ward: “They have made a decision to have the currencies of all 209 nations revalue in a Shotgun Start where all would go at the same time rather than do it in baskets.

The Quantum Financial System that is already in place with the USN, the U.S. Noteevery single U.S. dollar that’s in the system will be changed 1 for 1 to a U.S. Note…And this is why we’re going into lockdown right now while that transition takes place… they’ll literally freeze time… will it take 1 day, 2 days, 3 days… nobody knows how long it will take… whether you call it a blackout… whatever you call it… they’ll stop everything while it transitions from the U.S. Dollar [which is the cabal-petro-dollar]… to the U.S. Note, which is Gold-backed.”

Over last weekend there were military missions that ended in the arrest of Deep State criminal leaders in the US, Europe, Middle East, Israel, Australia and others.

There was a report Deutsche Bank got caught in 10 or 15 trillion dollars in fraud a couple of hours ago (Mon. 21 Sept.)… the North Koreans, same thing…On Fri. 18 Sept. countries throughout Europe went into lockdown, closing their Central Banks and the non-retail side of major banks. The Central Banks of England, Spain, Holland and Germany would remain closed for two weeks. It was felt that this was due to the transition of the Cabal’s old SWIFT system to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS).”

Charlie Ward On the Fall of the Vatican: “The reason I knew the Vatican was being emptied was because our own Security guys were looking after the Pope… and also there were guys that I use for moving currency around the world… all… all of them employed… it took 650 planes to move the contents of the Vatican to Fort Knox…I’ve been included as part of the team that moves that around the world… to back the currencies in different countries… there is an obscene amount of cash and gold that was taken out of there…There’s also ridiculous amounts of gold in the PhilippinesCambodia… VietnamI’ve been over to Vietnam and I’ve inspected 178 underground warehouses full… personally… I’ve actually been there and visually seen it.

In April 2020 the Alliance took down the Illuminati including the Italian Venetian families, arrested the Pope and 38 Cardinals at the Vatican, took the US gold back from the Vatican and put it at the new US Treasury in Reno and Texas, transferred the Federal Reserve to the US Treasury and kicked the Queen out of Buckingham Palace.

Who are the three BIG PLAYERS? Saudi Arabia… Israel… and then The VaticanDays later Trump shows up at the Vatican and he presents to Pope Francis a massive folder… apparently the folder was absolutely huge… Trump said, yeah, take your time, have a looksee… you might want to put your red shoes on, Trump says to the Pope. Trump is saying I’m not leaving here until you sign some documents for me… and we’ll get to why that was in a sec… It took the Vatican [only] that night… and the next day they capitulated to Donald Trump.

“Now what did the Vatican have to do to sign off ?… you see, the Fed is controlled by a certain group within the Catholic Church… Who went forth and spread the teachings of Christianity? The Jesuits, because they’re holy men (!!!)… No no no no… The Jesuits are the real MAFIA, my friends.”


***Q’s Must Watch Videos***

“Trust the Plan”:

“The Quantum Financial System:”


A. Mon. 1 Oct. Events:

Thurs. 1 Oct. was the first day of the Restored Republic fiscal year, while the federal budget would be funded in the new gold/asset-backed US Note.

Until Thurs. 1 Oct. or Mon. 5 Oct. (dependent upon when Tier 4b appointments began) we could exchange currencies at the Contract Rates and redeem Zim Bonds.

After Thurs. 1 Oct. or by Mon. 5 Oct, (again dependent upon when Tier 4B began), Zim Bonds could no longer be redeemed and the general public would begin exchanging at International Rates.

Until Thurs. 1 Oct. we would witness soft-leak events related to Obamagate, release of emails from Clinton’s server and names on the Flight Log to Epstein’s Pedophile Island that would be coordinated with the RV exchanges / redemptions.

Thurs. 1 Oct.Ten Days of Disclosure” would begin with formal announcements of both the Restored Republic and Global Currency Reset.

B. Tues. 22 Sept. 2020 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Five of Bruce’s sources expected it to go for Tier 4b today Tues. 22 Sept, which didn’t, though it may happen tomorrow Wed. 23 Sept.

2. They have printed $100, $50 and $20 dollar bills in gold/asset-backed US Notes and delivered them to the banks and Redemption Centers for use of Tier 4b at the exchange.

3. On Oct. 1 the new currency will be in the teller drawers at the bank for use of the general public. (Judy Note: the new currency is already being dispersed by banks).

4. They still wanted the Zim redeemed within 4-5 days of the release.


On the Quantum Financial System:

“I have some news about the QFS… this is all based on the Cross Border Interbank Payment System… CIPS… inside CIPS is the Quantum Financial System [QFS]…CIPS is an Artificial Intelligence Private Network… it’s a QFS 3D Smart Phone and Digital Currency… that you’ll be able to operate on ANY Media Format [making banks superfluous].

“It provides Pristine Clean Integrity in the movement of money and funds from Central Banking to Destination Accounts… we’re going from Banking to Destination Accounts… which is very very big… it will cover a new Global Network of Asset Backed Funds and will replace the U.S. Centrally controlled SWIFT system.

“This has not fully happened yet… but it will protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system that currently is happening… it will assure the banks are monitored and protected within the agreed upon contractual obligations with regard of the transfer of funds.”

On Arrests:

Very simply… if you’re involved with pedophilia it comes with an automatic death sentence… unless you cooperate with Trump… if you cooperate with Trump, you’ll get a minimum of a Life Sentence… you step out of line it goes back to the Death Penalty…And he’s aware of Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And every single one of them will be arrested… and they will be given the choice.”


Sir Gordon: “NESARA – GESARA… Trump was at a rally and he said, “I’ve already signed everything and it goes January 1st 2021… He’s like you’d better pray that I’m President… what do you think he’s talking about?”

Charlie Ward: “What’s so interesting is the first country to sign up to GESARA was North Korea… I think the last country was Lebanon… they’ve all come into line right now and the beautiful thing, that you’ve rightly said, is unless they stay in line, they’ll be kicked out, also as part of the agreement, you can’t go to war against anybody and be a part of GESARA.”

On Voting in the Presidential Election on Nov. 3:

Tues. 18 Aug. Charlie Ward: “I’ve got some SERIOUS INTEL for you. I received this news today (Tues. 18 Aug.). Mail-in ballots aren’t going to happen!!! The Voting System is being completely changed as we speak…The New Quantum Financial System operates on the Blockchain system…FOR VOTING!!!!! It’s a brand new voting system…You will have to identify yourself on your cell phone or your computer.

“So they’ve shot themselves in the foot because Trump has already covered this…So it’ll be digital voting… that we totally 100% control… they’ve been trying to hack the Blockchain system for 9-years unsuccessfully…So they’re extremely confident in the new voting system. Once we get onto this Blockchain voting system which will be incredibly accurate… the prediction is Trump will win every single state… and his majority will be over 90%.

“He will win California without a shadow of a doubt… He’ll win the lot…Because the vote won’t be for him… it will be between good and evil… it’s got nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans… there are bad Republicans and good Democrats.

It’ll be about the Third World War between Good and Evil… and that’s how it will be put across… the only people who will vote the other side are people who are in a coma.

“Trump’l keep that back until the last possible chance so they spend as much money as they can on Mail-In votes just for the fun… and then he’ll say we’re not going to use that system but he’ll let them believe that they will right up until the end… that’s already been decided…They’ll use that Digital Voting System so that literally when you finished counting the votes… the election has been shut…within 5 seconds they’ll have the results.”

Kat Note: In a 9-16-20 Video, Charlie Ward and Gene Decode said, “It’s not just putting us back on the Currency that’s based on the Quantum Financial System and gold, silver, and platinum it’s also putting us on the Quantum Voting System, the QVS, where they can’t hack our votes. It doesn’t matter how that vote is done even if it’s a mail in ballot because the Quantum event is unique.”

Charlie Ward: “Yeah… it’s amazing the Quantum Voting System that’s going to be used for the next election in America… I understand is also going to be used in South Africa… which is amazing for a country like South Africa for people to realize that their vote really does count.”



June 2

No Poverty, No Hunger, No Debt, Only Global Prosperity and Peace for ALL!

NESARA has merged with GESARA

Alliance sources are claiming that NESARA no longer is needed in America, since last month Trump signed the revised Paris Agreement, in which GESARA was secretly embedded. Therefore, NESARA, which originally was destined for the Republic of America, has merged with GESARA.

The announcement of GESARA at the U.N. will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world amounting to a total of 206 sovereign nations.

The new financial system is part of GESARA law.

The IMF will announce the “global gold-standard monetary system” once GESARA is announced at the U.N. All remaining fiat currencies will be cashed in for gold-standard currency. Paper money will eventually be phased out and all currencies will be digital under the new financial system.

The Alliance’s goal is to make the transition event simple, smooth, and swift. The new financial system (Quantum Financial System – Click Here) has been online for months and is hosted on a protected quantum server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission.

What is the QFS (Quantum Financial System)?
Some kind of joke?

There’s this strange movie:

some parts of it as text:

QFS provides pristine clean integrity in the movement of funds from central banking sources to destination accounts.

QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset backed funds and can replace the US-centrally controlled SWIFT system.

A key benefit of QFS is to protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system and ensure banks are monitored and protected with regard to the agreed upon contract of the transfer fund process.

The Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) fits into a constellation of components

Quantum Financial System (QFS)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
QFS 3D Smart Phone
Asset-Backed Digital Currencies

QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system and makes all other transfer systems obsolete due to its advanced capabilities.

QFS is NOT crypto currency but instead it is asset-backed digital currency.

QFS reigns supreme in the photonic technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second. It replaces obsolete IP dynamic routing with true physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing while upholding 100% financial security and transparency of all currency holders.

Protocols will be instituted with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given. The AI program will handle instant settlements in real time without delays!

The AI assigns a “digital” number to every fiat Dollar / Euro / Yen in every bank account all over the world. “Digital” numbers are monitored in real time. The physical GPS location between sender and receiver is set up to provide unbreakable security when ledgered with regard to who sent it, and what account received it.

The Sovereign Currency of the United States is “USN.”

Notably, the wealth proliferation aspect is actually very stabilizing. People who have new found wealth in extremes are far more likely to feel able to help their relatives, their close friends, their fellow citizens. They are more likely to engage in humanitarian efforts. This is wealth building.

The RV might see a shortage of qualified workers. This is wealth building. But this then leads to higher wages and salaries. That will be reflected in prices, but this is counter-balanced by a drop in taxes of, in some cases, up to 80% of the final product cost price.

Which would result in deflation. As prices drop, savings increase for the worker and their family. This builds wealth. Energy costs too are now an important component of the cost mechanism for any product. Energy costs will also drop as a result of free-energy and new technologies.

The future will be unbelievable. Our lives will evolve immensely.

The dark cabal is on the ropes and some of the new – suppressed – technologies that are being released date back 70 years or more. Suppressed technology is “New” to us, but in reality, it is very “Old.” Some go back millions of years.

For example: the purified waters of Antarctica will be used to ‘turn the deserts green’ and ‘restore mineral life’ to all plants and living things. The future will be unbelievably complete with Cards for our own Personal Credit.

The application of “Replicators” that can produce everything. And surely most importantly, ‘a new awareness’ of the ‘power of our mind’ in order to ‘display’ our needs. And soon also available ‘real health care’ to make people healthy instead of sick, to regrow limbs or organs, or to reduce our age by 30 years.

Money and banks are tools of the cabal to control us, with their debt-based economy which can never bring prosperity. Consequently, paper money and banks will eventually disappear. Coinage will not.

In the future, we will join ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’ and then live among other off-world races, trade with them and travel to other planets inhabited with humanoid or alien life, which the secret space program has already been doing for decades.

The greatest short-term affect will be that the RV will create a large surge in consumers over time. Corporations that responsibly produce things that people really need will see a huge surge in business and profits for many years to come. This is wealth-producing. Because a huge aspect of GESARA is the elimination of the national debt of every nation on earth, taxes will be adjusted to be lower for citizens and corporations.

The pyramid structure of the global elite, including most governments, and corporations, has become dysfunctional. It created class separation and fosters the belief of scarcity.

Part of spiritual evolution is born when one’s identity is no longer attached to material matters.

When there is free energy, transportation and replicators distributed to everyone, we will become equal. No one will be enslaved, people will just do what they want to do, have free time, time to reflect and be creative. No need to hoard anything.

Advanced civilizations don’t wonder where their next meal is going to come from, how they are going to pay for their rent, how they are going to get from A to B.

The dark cabal has had time enough to change gracefully, but they have failed dismally. People will live in the moment of now, i.e. growing their own food, and also food for others. These activities don’t need belief systems, they are spontaneous. Many people are actually going to enjoy their jobs as they experience it gives them meaning and purpose, another way to serve. Those that don’t hold jobs will find alternative ways to experience happiness and contribute to the common good.

However, fundamentally, real change lies in a shift of your consciousness and thinking. As the time approaches for a great change in our society, it is time to transform pain and suffering from past experiences into joy, peace and prosperity! A new day is dawning that will bring in a caring and respectful epoch for humanity!

As you grow in consciousness, respect for each other takes on a new, expanded meaning. Respect is not for personal gain. It is your sovereign right. Unity consciousness honors and holds every soul in high esteem at all times. Respect will transform society and push it blessedly toward a new outcome. Respect for every individual will be the norm. It is the lynchpin for our new and transforming society, based on Unity Consciousness.

The Following Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman – October 10, 2017 – Updated: April 1, 2020
GESARA is an acronym for Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act or Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. There is a ongoing dispute about what the true name is, according to the information I read. It is the most ground breaking reformation act to sweep the planet to restore worldwide prosperity, peace, and a New Golden Age that works for everyone, and not just for a few elite.

GESARA was voted to be implemented by all 209 sovereign nations of the world, per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the restored Republic of the United States (known in the USA as NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act or National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act). In the United States, this single act does away with cancers like the Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and USA, Inc. shadow government, plus so much more! Implementation of GESARA is imminent.

Why is GESARA necessary?

Planet Earth and humanity are experiencing The Great Shift of Consciousness, also known as Ascension or The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. Mother Earth is returning to be a sacred planet, and is taking the entire human population with her (whoever wants to go). It’s a golden age beyond our wildest imaginations.

The “dark cabal” governing authority has intentionally and methodically hidden humanity’s historical truth (including extra-terrestrial occupation and genetic tampering) for over 13,000 years or more. It’s plan was to enslave humanity for its own selfish ends. It almost succeeded.

The Galactic Federation of Light and the Forces of Light have been tasked by Prime Creator Source to stop and reverse the momentum of this rebellious and blatant dark cabal, and put an end to its deceit and to help humanity and Mother Earth bring into alignment the goals of The Great Shift in Consciousness.

Here’s a short description of GESARA’s mandate in the United States:

Abolishes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
Abolishes Federal Income Taxes in the U.S. Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items such as old homes.
Cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt.
Note: We got a soft confirmation on this from Benjamin Fulford’s March 23rd report. His European royal family sources said that a write off of all debts was in the works.
Restores Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters in the Republic of the United States of America. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
Initiates new U.S. Treasury Banking System in alignment with Constitutional Law. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period, the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
Note: On March 27, 2020, Q-Anon message #3904 said: “Patriots in control of the Federal Reserve System.” As you may know, Q-Anon has been issuing messages to the world since October 2017 about the takedown of the Dark Cabal in American government. New York Times Bestselling Author David Wilcock has identified Q-Anon as President Trump’s Administration and the Earth Alliance.
Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, platinum, and precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
Note: On March 22, 2018, a bill was introduced into the US House of Representatives that referred to HR 5404: The Return to a Gold-Back US Dollar – Click here to read more. President Nixon took us off the Gold-Standard in 1972, and introduced us to the (Dark Cabal) fiat-money system.
Alternative News Media reported that President Trump signed the Gold Treaty on November 1, 2019. And, 3 days later, the Gold Standard became effective worldwide and fully implemented in all 209 sovereign countries of the world.

On March 29, Judy Byington’s report on Restored Republic via GCR reported that, “Evidently in the last week of March 2020, the fiat-US-dollar (that’s the Federal Reserve Notes we are using as of April 2020), they became gold-backed.

Restores financial privacy. See article: The Global Quantum Financial Computer System – Click Here.
Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA’s announcement. Allows the new Republic of the U.S. to temporarily govern the country’s affairs until fair and legal elections can be held.
Removes all dark cabal agents and administration officials and all members of the U.S. Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.
Note: There is an ever-growing number of indictments being filed against Dark Cabal agents. As of April 1, 2020, more than 150,000 indictments have been filed in US Federal courts across America, with crimes ranging from pedophilia to child exploitation to treason. Nearly 17,000 of these indictments have been unsealed and served, and arrests have been made.
Allows the new Republic to physically remove or eliminate any obstacle impeding GESARA law.
Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Releases unprecedented prosperity funds in a “share the wealth redistribution program” for every individual on Earth as well as the release of enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes across the planet. This means that every human being could become a multi-millionaire instantly without debt of any kind. This is in alignment with the Global Currency Reset & Revaluation (GCR-RV). Stay up-to-date on developments. Click here.
Enable the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines. Click titles to preview artilces:
Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds) and Replicators.
The US Secret Space Program: Origins of Anti-Gravity Space-Craft Operations.

Ceases all aggressive U.S. government military action worldwide.
Forces the U.S. military to immediately remove troops from all sovereign nations that no longer willingly accept them to reside on their soil (including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Philippines, etc.).
Eliminates all current and future nuclear powered weaponry on Planet Earth.
ET Disclosure of both humanoid and non-humanoid (extra-terrestrial) life in existence on the surface of Earth and throughout our galaxy.
Note: On March 31, 2018, a message was received from Sananda (who is Higher Self of Master Jesus), that said: “Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters of the Light are now planning for a major landing on the surface of Gaia. The first wave of landings will be led by a spiritually-advanced race of beings known as the Pleiadians.”
The Pleiadians originate from the Pleiades star systems, approximately 440 light years from Earth. The Pleiadians look very similar to the human race. They have a face that looks human, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, two arms, two legs, and it all looks very human. And, I believe that’s one of the big reasons they have been chosen to lead the advance team – because of their human-looking features.

Their entire civilization currently exists in the sixth-dimension. They communicate by telepathy, and use anti-gravity propulsion for their space-craft. They “ascended” from the lower dimensions to the higher dimensions of consciousness millions of Earth years ago. They’ve had a very similar ascension process as humanity and Earth are going through right now.

International Monitors will be present to prevent illegal voter ballot stuffing or fraudulent election activities of special interest groups.
Eliminates all “states of emergency” thus declaring peace for every land abiding by GESARA and it’s alliance.
Establishes peace throughout the world as monitored by the United Nations Security Council.
Increases benefits to senior citizens and children.
Reinstates the Original Title of Nobility amendment.
U.S. President Bill Clinton Signed NESARA into law on October 10, 2000
Here’s the plot twist to NESARA, according to Sherry Shriner of the “Omegans Are Liars” website: The Act was passed by the United States Congress on March 9, 2000 and then sent to President Bill Clinton for his signature. President Clinton signed NESARA into law on October 10, 2000. At that point NESARA, as with any legislation so acted upon, became a “law of the land.”

But wait a minute! No one wanted to enforce it. Why? No one wanted to enforce NESARA because this law required the physical and permanent removal from their government positions of all those, who were treasonous. Those, who had deliberately acted outside the Constitution of the Republic, had committed treason. Those who were treasonous included the United States president and vice president, the presidential cabinet, all members of Congress, various government departmental heads, all fifty governors of the fifty states, judges and others.

To hide NESARA from public view and, thus, to prevent its enforcement by popular demand, the United States Supreme Court placed a gag order on all public officials, the United States military, law enforcement personnel, bankers, attorneys, judges, the media and anyone else, who knew about NESARA and, who might give information about NESARA to the public.

If the people learned the Truth about NESARA, they would demand its enforcement. This could not be allowed.

The plan to hide NESARA worked well for a time, but gradually news of NESARA began to be leaked to the public. To circumvent any public action to enforce NESARA, “plan B” was created. The plan was to forever delay the enforcement of NESARA by fooling the people with trickery. NESARA was embroiled in fictitious legal procedures and court orders by both the United States Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice. This game of deceit could be played forever, NESARA could be permanently delayed, and the people of the world would never be the wiser. What Really Happened to NESARA? – Click Here to Read the Full Story.

Here’s a Startling Fact according to Sonja Zozula: Congress knows about NESARA, and your Senator knows about NESARA. Don’t believe me? Please call or email them and see if they will respond? I guarantee you they will not respond to you in any way. You will only receive silence just like, me and just like you have for many years now. Even with multiple written requests, I have yet to hear back from my delegates; Congressmen Darrell Issa, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer. They are all operating under a gag order by the Supreme Court forbidding it to be discussed. Don’t believe me? Try it! Please pick up the phone and call them. Ask if they are aware of NESARA and see for yourself. They will not confirm or deny it. Do you know about N.E.S.A.R.A? I bet you DON’T but it is about time you DO! by Sonja Zozula.

Note: Obtaining accurate and credible information on this subject on the Internet was a struggle and frustrating at times. I have tried to give you the best sources of the best. Checking out all the sources is an excellent way of gaining a more complete and comprehensive picture of the history of GESARA-NESARA. However, as always, the website visitor is advised to use one’s own discernment in evaluating the information. – Rev. Dennis Shipman


The History of NESARA compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div: From 1892 to 2011
The History of NESARA by James Rink: From 1970’s to Sept. 11, 2001


Image: Interview with Monkey Werx: CIA rendition flights are CONTINUING, confessions extracted, traitors turned

(Natural News)
Code name “Monkey Werx” ( is an aerospace industry analyst who monitors real-time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place. In the days following the Nov. 3rd election, he noticed a huge spike in military air traffic, including flights of “black ops” charter planes in an around GITMO. His analysis concludes that many of these flights are “rendition flights” where deep state traitors are interrogated for their roles in the cyber warfare election rigging attack that the United States just endured.

This information is consistent with what several other key sources are telling us, and it is further evidence that President Trump is many steps ahead of the Democrat traitors who sloppily tried to rig this election and hand over the United States of America to communist China (via the Biden crime family).

Below, you can watch the entire Brighteon Conversations interview with Monkey Werx. Here are some of the highlights you’ll discover in the interview:

  • Knows the tail numbers of private charter CIA airplanes used to ferry prisoners and newly-arrested persons who are held for interrogation.
  • Confirms that “rendition flights” are continuing right now at a very rapid pace, indicating many potential traitors are being interrogated either during flights or at black sites services by those flights.
  • Says that the pattern of increased military traffic is largely focused on the East Coast (D.C., GITMO, Florida, Virginia, etc.)
  • Reveals that many military refueling planes with transponders are being spotted on the flight tracking apps, indicating a very large presence of military fighter jets and bombers which require in-air refueling.
  • Anticipates a large military event may be drawing near, as large numbers of military cargo planes are moving around the country, apparently supplying military forces for action readiness.
  • Says that before Epstein was killed, there was a flurry of “rendition flights” activity likely involving people that Epstein was naming, before he “killed himself.”
  • Says that there are many “white hat” CIA people who are working with Trump to defend America and take down its enemies.
  • Believes that HUNDREDS of domestic, treasonous actors are being extracted, put onto flights and interrogated until they turn. This would underscore how Trump’s people are gathering up all the information that matters, enough to expose the entire Democrat crime syndicate. (I will believe that when Obama gets arrested. I can’t call him a traitor because he isn’t even an American. But, he is doing more to destroy American than anyone.)

Watch the full interview here, and share everywhere:

We find it interesting that the DOJ just amended its federal execution rules, “to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber & FIRING SQUAD,” reports RT.

Visit the Monkey Werx website, where he focuses on “handcrafted artisan style products made from wood, acrylics and all natural ingredients.” This is in addition to his hobby of monitoring military air traffic patterns.

This Nov. 21st Situation Update describes how the mass arrests are likely to go down. Expect many thousands of treasonous Americans to be indicted, arrested and subjected to prosecution, most likely via military tribunals:

To view this next video in full screen visit the Natural News Article: HERE

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Streamed live on Sep 25, 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the 73rd UN General Assembly today in New York. To read more:

What is GESARA?

Gesara is an acronym for Global Economic Security And Reformation Act and has been written and refined by great minds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in order to reset planet earth and humanity on a sustainable governance foundation.

The following 3 items must be accomplished straight away:

1) The global and public proclamation of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness, and universal reset of planetary earth/humanity back to a universal system of common governancein transparent good standing with other member beings of the Galactic Federation.

2) Implementation of GESARA as a universal constitutional framework for global governance in all 209 sovereign nations per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the restored Republic of the United States.

3) Mass human disclosure of both non-humanoid (extra-terrestrial) life in existence on the surface of this planet and throughout our shared galaxy.

Why is GESARA even necessary?

The existing “cabal” governing authority has intentionally and methodically hidden humanity’s historical truth (including alien occupation and genetic tampering)for over thirteen millennia; and thus why GESARA implementation is necessary now, as the galactic community has been tasked to stop and reverse the momentum of such a rebellious and blatant action against the Creator Source, and human species. Together with humanity, all love warriors of the white light will now put an end to cabal deceit as well as re-institute universal truth and justice without further delay or negotiation.

What might GESARA manifest?

There are 25 specific items, but expect dozens more.

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth
Via: Prepare for Change

Final Wakeup Call: The Deep State’s Control is Coming to an End

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 11:27 PM PDT

The Deep State’s Control is Coming to an End

Respect for the Truth

The Deep State has been losing power all over the globe, inasmuch as its DC – Washington dictatorship is being threatened. Their control is swiftly coming to an end. They never expected this, so they are not prepared for it. Their lackeys in governments all over the world find themselves in deep trouble. People do not believe or trust them anymore. They have been exposed and must face the wrath of the people whom they have willingly oppressed. President Trump visited the UK, for only one reason: he intended to confront the Queen and ask her for the return of all that was stolen. The Queen surrendered, as revealed by the fact that she walked behind President Trump when inspecting the guard of honor, which has even been broadcasted on mainstream TV.

He did not want pomp and ceremony from the Queen. He has the respect of all who seek truth. It certainly was a shame that there were those in England who set out to disrespect him. They displayed their own ignorance, while they should have been wishing him every success. Politics is a dirty game. Trump is not a politician, so he is free to follow his own conscience. This is why there is such a huge effort to remove him from office. The Cabal is terrified of him because they cannot control him. Never in the history of the world has there been such an effort to remove a President from Office.



Those who are corrupt and their helpers will be removed

Be prepared and be on guard, as things now are moving forward fast. Banks are closing and this will leave many people stranded without the necessities of life. The changeover should take approximately three weeks. Those who are corrupt and their helpers will be removed as they cannot move forward. They have become part of the Cabal because of the work they have been doing for them. It made them feel important, but they will pay a very high price for it. The endless wars of the Deep State were imposed upon us without ever having clarity as to what the ultimate intentions really were, such as the demolition of ancient and modern cities, the maximization of casualties and damages.

To foster compliance on the part of NATO and other governing bodies, domestic false flag terror attacks, even in the United States such as those that occurred on September 11, 2001, must continue. The targets, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy will be first and foremost on the list with Iran being blamed for them. Of course, such attacks are being planned right now, and the perpetrators who used to be smuggled through Kosovo into Italy and further north, are now being flown into Europe and North America as “heroes.”

The Deep State-sanctioned bullying by Israel of the inferior Palestine/Gaza and the Saudi’s airstrike against Yemeni civilian targets also continue. The global community’s attention is on another matter while America has grown numb to the fact that its own government is complicit in all of these genocidal crimes, and at times it even victimizes its own people, too.

Nevertheless, it’s still wise to keep reminding those of authority that the world has not forgotten anything at all as the Cabal is presently on the ropes and has become ruthless in its desperation to hold onto their power and control. We must pray that Trump and the Alliance are able to complete their mission from which the whole of humanity will benefit. Some of the – suppressed – technology is being released, that goes back 70 years or even longer. This suppressed technology is ‘New’ to us, but very ‘Old’ to others in the galaxy where some of these technologies go back millions of years.


Criminal Cabal Banks are not in charge of any funds within the QFS

Paper Money and banks will eventually disappear. Coinage will not, because money and banks are tools of the cabal to control the populace through their debt-based economy which ensures the people will never prosper.

All funds from exchange or redemption will be deposited directly into your own personal account within the QFS – Quantum Financial System – not a bank. To participate in the exchange process, all banks that exchange and redeem will only act as an agent of the QFS. They will also be a source of information about the QFS and will explain how the QFS is to be used, and they will have the necessary software package for people to gain access to the QFS system being implemented for the people to access and use their funds. There will also be a website address provided for all further explanation. The QFS will have complete control of every banking transaction once the QFS is switched on. The RV/GCR will never take place until the QFS is in complete control of all funds. Once the QFS is operational it will permanently end Deep State’s influence over the global economy! The QFS-system will not handle any fiat currency, as these are part of the corrupt old cabal system. – All currencies of the 209 Countries that have signed up for GESARA, must be Gold or asset-backed.

In the end, people will not need any form of money because of the new technology and our ability to barter or mentally create/manifest what is needed. Expect to see the Galactics on national TV and prior to that, friendly global lightship shows will be on display for everyone to see.



The Galactic Alliance Plan

People will join the interstellar ‘Alliance’ and will then live among other world races, trading with them such as has been in operation for decades in the SSP; Secret Space Program. Eventually, people will travel to other planets that are presently already inhabited with human or alien life.

People will be shocked to learn the extent of the Cabal’s control over us, how every aspect of our lives has been cordoned off. Even in the world of sports, where it is believed the best man/woman or team wins, it is often decided beforehand who will win. The cabal never leaves anything to chance, as they heavily bet on the winner for profit. They control virtually everything and everyone; far more than we can ever imagine.





The real change

Real change cannot happen until cabal governments have been ousted and replaced by people-controlled administrations. – The use of chemtrails to destroy humanity and the crops people depend on for their survival must be stopped. No one should be forced to vaccinate their cherished children. Drugs that eventually kill patients should be removed from the shelves. The full extent of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and killings must be exposed and outlawed. Respect for all men, women, and children, will soon become the norm.

The times when your vote didn’t really count and your voice was insignificant will soon be over as part of the real change that is coming. This will be the face of the new world in which we, the citizens will once again decide for ourselves what is to happen. – We will all have equal voices.

Let’s direct our energy, our attention, and awareness of something meaningful again – towards creating a world where everyone is liberated and treated with respect, especially the elderly and young children. All people and races should be able to live in peace and harmony, together as one!

The Galactic Alliance’s successful execution of their plans to liberate humanity will be the most extraordinary event in the history of planet Earth. Unfortunately, many among us will have no idea what is happening; they will be in for a severe shock!



Everything is connected

Hypocrisy and corruption are rampant in governments, their agencies, and the judicial system. The evidence is ignored, and the facts are misconstrued and twisted to suit the agenda of the controllers who have no desire to serve the People, prevent suffering, or relieve ailments.

It could be dangerous to assume that everything is black or white, and it would be wise to take each situation separately, rather than attempting to classify information or events in set parameters. Everything is connected, yes, but connecting events and facts incorrectly can throw a detrimentally fallacious light on them. Until everything is over and we are completely free, we need to remain vigilant and discerning. If we use our critical thinking skills, we can be balanced, whilst remaining open-minded and difficult to fool.

Expect many changes in the world as we know it. People would be shocked by the number of well-known elites who will soon be exposed for their heinous crimes. Huge corporations depending on the old monetary system for contracts, are expected to be going down.


The Great Awakening for Everyone

The elite have trillions of dollars at stake so they don’t want to lose control. They don’t have your well-being at heart. Trump is their existential threat. We are now at the crossroads in the history of our civilization, that will determine whether we, the people reclaim the control over our government.

The political establishment is the same group that is responsible for our disastrous economic condition; for the massive illegal immigration; for the wars and the catastrophic foreign policies. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of factories and jobs. It is the global power structure that is responsible for the economic destruction. This means that you have to wake up and start aiding those of us on the front lines of this war to keep it from reaching your doorstep. Commence with reading for a mere $20 the information compiled in my book The Great Awakening, soon to be published and help to spread the truth about the Deep State, which they don’t want anyone to know about. This will be one of the smartest investment in your own and children’s future.

This is the struggle for the survival of all nations and it is our last chance to save them. We, the people – through our efforts – will determine whether we live in real liberty or enslavement.


sadcorp (45)in #presidentlast year

The GESARA global prosperity programme is on the verge of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds said to be involved is called The Saint Germaine World Trust.”

Trump makes it official: U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord

“What everyone seems to be missing is there no backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement. PERIOD. This was finalized in October 2015 with 209 countries all signing off on the agreements in the G20 Meeting that year. This is all a distraction to make people think this can be stopped. The currency is resetting, for all currencies using the Brics system under CIPS, instead of the Swift system we used to use. Russia, China, and India now have a say in the New Republic of the united States of America
“The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations on Monday that it would withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change, leaving global climate diplomats to plot a way forward without the cooperation of the world’s largest economy.”

Red Dragon Ambassador’s Identity Exposed [Keenan]

When people hide their faces intentionally with dark sunglasses in a dark background, or worse, hide their faces altogether away from the camera, any claims they’re going to make are in question.

This is what separates Neil Keenan and his group away from those who are claiming influence on the real owners of the Asian historical treasures.

Meticulous research has led the Keenan Group to the real identity of the suave talking Red Dragon “Ambassador.”

Just a quick note: All of the links below were being checked as “live” by us prior to posting the article, but links to the material from Alpha Omega Station may be dead as the site is being taken down already as part of their damage control, suggesting the Keenan Group is right on target.

Here’s the Facebook and Twitter page snapshots for the Alpha Omega Station before they could take them down…

Those who have invested with Landa or Humanus should take their investment back before the whole ship capsizes. Jerzy Babkowski not only confirms the details below but also tried to distance himself from the Red Dragon scam altogether.

The Red Dragon’s Sweet Talking Ambassador – Still Doesn’t Tell The Truth (Part 2) | Neil Keenan

Firstly, we’d like to let our readers know that Neil is safe and sound and presently forging ahead full speed with all that needs to get done for the release of the Global Collateral Accounts.

We thank all of you for your concern and good wishes, and for remaining steadfast in focusing on what we want rather than on what we do not want.

The Ambassador’s Identity is Revealed

Although in our original article exposing the Red Dragon “Ambassador” for what he really is, we stated our intent was not to give his con game any more of our time. However, additional discoveries about him have now come to light which are simply too critical to remain silent about

We apologize for taking so long to post this Part 2. The delay has been due to much more important and pressing events at hand.

So right up front, here it is: the sweet-talking Ambassador of the imaginary Asian Red Dragon Family is none other than Bo Mikael Lindstrom, son of Diplomat Mikael Lindstrom, Sweden’s former Ambassador to China (until 2010), Japan (until 2006), Indonesia (until 1998).

An easy way to confirm their connection is by going through Bo Mikael Lindstrom’s LinkedIn profile, where on the right side it shows “People Also Viewed”, Click on Jan-Mikael Vilheim Lindstrom (most likely an older brother, a family member for sure).

Then again where it shows “People Also Viewed”, Click on Mikael Lindstrom. Bo Mikael for sure didn’t want anyone to see his direct connection but Voila, he does reveal his connection with his father, through his brother. Pictures of them side by side you’ll clearly see Bo Mikael’s resemblance to his father.

As a diplomatic Ambassador’s son, travel with his father to Asian countries would have provided a fertile background for Bo Mikael’s present endeavors. Apparently, to fulfill some childhood dream of “super-hero” importance and to emulate his father’s diplomatic status, Bo Mikael Lindstrom simply appointed himself Ambassador to a fake Asian Dragon Family.

But that wasn’t enough. Now Lindstrom has pumped up his phony persona with a new venture under the cover of a charity for world peace. He’s even come up with a grand name for this newest fabrication, calling it “True Vision of Peace”. While the name certainly sounds quite altruistic, it needs to be clear that it is nothing other than a charity front intended to fleece even more money from gullible followers.

Why has the “Ambassador” devised something new and different? To hide behind the façade he’s created and further obscure any trace to his real identity, and because he’s seeking all the money he can to line his pockets and those of his cronies (see below). Bo Mikael Lindstrom hopes to regain your focus and interest through a charity platform that he professes to be for humanitarian projects. (A common ploy of all the elites these days… Phoney Philanthropy.)

There’s no disputing that funding Humanitarian Projects is a worthy cause and is desperately needed now to rebuild the dire state of our world, but the fact remains that humanitarian funding will never ever be accomplished by frauds and scammers.

Symbols and logos can be more powerful and revealing than words:


Click here to open a larger version of the image above in a new window

Shady Associations Make for Shady Endeavor

Below are the facts about Bo Mikael Lindstrom’s associations. We leave it to the reader to discern if these are appropriate associations for those whose genuine intent is to assist humanity in making changes for a better world.

Alpha Omega Station (AOS)A fake bank with accounts supposedly slated for Christian charities, this organization was originally created as a Russian money exchange system between the U.S. Dollar and the Russian Ruble during the Cold War. Subsequently AOS was disbanded, and in 1994, it was taken over by Vladimir Ivanovich Kobzar and given a new role to create its fraudulent activities (Kemp’s statement: indicating they would be the NEW WORLD ORDER and their prime objective was to take control of the Global Payments System currently conducted by SWIFT. Dictated to by Russian individuals of the highest level, with direct links to Vladimir Putin).

In addition, Kobzar also runs the International Charitable Christian Fund (ICCF), an international charity scam based in Spain which offers bogus Russian oil concessions worldwide.

On April 8, 2014 “His Excellency” Kobzar declared himself to be the “Beneficiary and Sole Signatory to External Packages of the former Soviet Union,” further claiming that he is the owner of the gold assets and all other monies of the world and in charge of the Russian deposits at Fort Knox and other depositories.

As it so happens, Bo Mikael Lindstrom is a “diplomatfor the Alpha Omega Station. The above AOS logo is the same logo that Lindstrom uses for his Red Dragon scam but here you see it before his black “hen” overlayed on top.

No one should be fooled by Kobzar’s claims to this NOT – Official Reconciliation Notarized (Year 2012 Between Vladimir I. Kobzar and Mr. Edy Seno Soekanto “Custodial Trustee”) of the Asset(s) subject of the Green Hilton Agreement between Indonesia Government and United States of America (Kennedy Administration).

There have been strong insinuations made by Vladimir Kobzar that he is in a working relationship with the head of the Soekarno Trust, Edy Seno. Now, after explaining to you who Vladimir Kobzar is we really would not want this deception to take place or confuse anyone so we will bring you the absolute facts about this so called relationship. Mr. Kobzar is not in a working relationship with Mr. Seno (who is a kind man and will give anyone a hand should they need it including Kobzar) but in fact Mr. Kobzar needed a favor and Edy Seno delivered for him not once but twice.

So Mr. Kobzar I suggest you cease using Mr. Seno’s name in conjunction with yours seeing it was only a favor nothing more. On the other hand I hope you enjoy your 30 year old paper. Nothing more needs to be said.

Kobzar has no claims to anything worthy but the fraudulent paper he makes up to fleece gullible and charitable people (Is this why the Ambassador uses the same 5 star (Petal) seal as on Kobzar’s document – very suspicious?)

CBC Global Trust (CBC) – Based in Hong Kong (website used to show – not now), this “fundraising” organization is run by CEO Bo Mikael Lindstrom, COO Alexander Prado (His Linkedin used to show his connection with CBC – not now), but you can see those “People Also Viewed” Bo Mikael and Board Advisor Rev. Michael D. Walter. But here Prado can’t hide the fact, that shows he is VP/COO of CBC.

There is also CBC Norway owned by Bo Mikael. CBC now raises money for Lindstrom’s “True Vision of Peace,” which has its new logo featuring a red-tinged dragon with five stars (petals) below it.

The CBC logo is the same logo that Lindstrom uses without showing the CBC connection for his Red Dragon operations – the phoenix Black “Hen” superimposed on the AOS logo, In fact, this black “Hen” was ripped off from the logo belonging to the German Hotel Schwarzer Adler. (Why would he resort to stealing someone else’s decrepit black “hen” is anyone’s guess?)

At one time Alexander Prado posted on his Facebook page the “Voice of The (Red) Dragon” Ambassador aka Bo Mikael Lindstrom (but not now). But you will enjoy this video better where you can see and hear Bo Bo Lindstrom, a self-proclaimed Hapkido Master.

‘King’ Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) and the LSM-TVM666 Accounts – As you may be aware from our first expose on the Ambassador, this current imposter-King and his falsified “White Spiritual Boy Accounts” (or “Spiritual White Boy Accounts”) from the World Bank Group documents and fake ASBLP Bank are a wholly counterfeit operation.

On an ongoing basis, with ever-changing impostors (at least five so far), are propped up by Western alphabet agencies and assigned the name Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM). In fact, the first ASM imposter admitted that he was set up for the purpose of unauthorized access to the authentic ASM accounts and that he functioned as nothing more than a signature.

The real King Anthony Santiago Martin (God rest his soul) died in 1985, three years prior to Ferdinand Marcos in 1989. The King is no longer, and the authentic accounts have been returned to the real owners, the depositors who comprise the genuine Asian Dragon Family. (This particular phony Anthony Santiago Martin who you see here arrived from a Thai village in 1993.)

These authentic accounts have been fraudulently labeled as “White Spiritual Boy” accounts as listed in the counterfeit World Bank Group documents. In displaying page 19 of this document, Bo Mikael Lindstrom attempts to prove that these TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts belong to the alleged Red Dragon family of China.

What is important to note is the page of this document that Lindstrom deliberately did not show – page 18. On this page is handwriting on the side showing “TVM-LSM666” aka (TVM) Tiburcio Lillamor Marcos and (LSM) Leodegaro Salino Morilla.” TVM and LSM were two previous scammers who tried unsuccessfully to use these fraudulent documents and gain access to the funds. Obviously Lindstrom did not want this revealed nor did he want any association to past failed attempts to present this document(s) as legitimate.

But Lindstrom neglected to cover up the name of Sir Wilfred S. Sarurin on page 106. Sarurin is a known expert counterfeiter and key in creating these fraudulent World Bank Group documents in the first place.

Also, the signature of Queen Elizabeth II is counterfeit.

The Henhouse – Birds of a Feather

Dr. William Mount – This man wrote articles at one time supporting the “Ambassador” and the alleged Red Dragon Family. In his video he shows ‘credentials’ that he is a diplomat for Dominion of Melchizedek (DOM), and Mount displays a Ukraine-stamped Diplomatic Passport for the DOM, an organization which he admits was a fraudulent internet company that U.S. intelligence agencies intended to bring online to create yet another fake “Spiritual White Boy” account and thereby claim the funds as listed in the counterfeit World Bank Group document(s).

In his next video, Mount claims that the New World Order is already here but it is not Rome or Britain, nor U.S.A. [the 3 Crown Temple Bar], are but mire servants to the New Rome, because they either lose or never had the proper blessings of the King of Malta for the Roman Eagle Rights and documents. Mount further states that St. Petersburg, Russia has been blessed as the New Rome since the 1800’s.

It is undetermined as to whether or not Mount was paid to write the pro-Ambassador/Red Dragon articles, however, the definite connection exists.

In Mr. Mounts newest June 22 post, ‘Red Dragons – GOD Is Never Wrong’ …It seems Mount has finally woken up to the fact that the Ambassador and the Red Dragons are just con artists, as he said “They do not intend to fund anything – they are liars and thieves just like the Rothschilds.”

This was after the Ambassador’s response “I want a full business plan and see how we can make money off of them.” Further – the Ambassador stated that if Humanity does not rise spiritually fast enough in the next 3 years they will destroy 90% of Humanity. Mount has come to the conclusion that the Red Dragon Family – are arrogant, greedy murderers.

We must advise you Mr. Mount, the Red Dragons are western (cabal) renegades, not the true Dragon families of Asia China. Yes maybe they are connected to the linage of Ghengis Kahn (very possible) that stretch from central Mongolia to Rome and up into London. But hold your tongue, they are not Chinese so done be blasting the Chinese or the true Royal Dragon families.

You need to do some better research Mr. Mount but maybe by reading the next section on Mr. Gillot, a.k.a. con-artist King of Mongolia, just might enlighten you and help you better understand this fake Ambassador and his western Red Dragon hordes.

Jacques Jean Daniels Gillot and The Red Dragon Hordes – Holding a Belgium passport, Gillot now resides in Spain.

In 2014 he conspired to launder S2S money from Citibank in Switzerland. And in 2015 he conspired to launder S2S funds from Deutsche Bank (In both cases these are S2S – Agreement of codes – Server to Server funds – Investments For Economic / Social and Humanitarian Projects), which is a reversal of Red Robin Hood who in this case, actually steals from humanity. Also note, under Client Information Sheet – Personal Banking Details: (which is another con artist of) LSM – 10-0101010 – 666 accounts.

Being a good friend of Bo Mikael Lindstrom, Gillot’s picture is posted on Lindstrom’s (first of two) Facebook pages and features him standing in front of a building with an “office for lease” sign under the address 555 Nathan Road, Kowloon Building, Hong Kong.

Another picture shows Gillot pointing to the M1 symbol on the side of that building. As the “Ambassador,” Lindstrom claims that he works for M1. Well, welcome to the 555 era that will take over 666, but in reality it’s only a distraction from the real deception to take over TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts which do not belong to anyone but the original depositors.

In (Bo Mikael’s) 2nd Facebook page, is this picture titled ‘Lovely Diner’, clearly shows his association with Mr. Gillot, the 2nd man over from Bo and the 3rd man over is holding a Shofar ram’s horn of the Gideon 777 (555) group.

red-dragon-ambassador-exposed-dinner(In case anyone knows the name of the person second from the right, next to Bo Mikael – please do make contact with us).

It has become apparent that Gillot is well entrenched with the whole Ambassador/Red Dragon operation. Gillot alleges that he is HRH King Bathor of Mongolia (plus six other nations) and the descendant of Batu (Genghis Khan), the “sole heir of the Golden Hordes.”

With claiming to be the “King” of seven nations, it is the considered opinion of the Keenan Team that “King Bathor” may be the head of Lindstrom’s Red Dragon Family which represents several other Euro-Asian families that have adopted the Red Dragon name. If so, then Gillot could very well be the “head of the snake” among the hordes calling themselves Red Dragons.

What is most revealing is that Gillot’s news page discloses the same old scam claiming ownership of the wealth of the world through the TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts. In the document that Gillot displays, he makes claim to the Account Name: Solitario Edralin Castillo (aka Mr. SEC, General Solitario E. Castillo, an ex-assignee with a Philippine passport).

As “King Bathor,” Gillot asserts that Castillo designated these accounts to him the year he was born (1971) and therefore declares himself to be the sole owner of this colossal fortune which was under the unlimited administration of General Solitario Edralin Castillo of the Philippines.

Karen Hudes – Many are familiar with Hudes who was fired by the World Bank and has aligned herself with a penniless scam artist, Wolfgang Struck (former UBS banker). Hudes contends that Struck has signatory authority for the Collateral Accounts and further, that she is the “Acting General Reconstruction and Development Legal Counsel for Debt Facility” over the same TVM-LSM-666 (ASM) accounts (Alpha Omega World Marshall Programme). The fact remains that the World Bank has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Global Collateral Accounts.

The End of the Fairytale Red Dragon Hordes

So here you have it: the fake Ambassador, the fake Red Dragon hordes, the fake Anthony Santiago Martin, the fake King Bathor and a whole host of related fake claimantsand don’t forget Karen Hudes, all trying to get their hands on fake “White Spiritual Boy” accounts TVM-LSM-666 (ASM) accounts. It’s hard to imagine anything getting more fake … but it does!

Now Bo Mikael Lindstrom is soliciting funds for his “True Vision of Peace” charity front. The only “true vision” the Ambassador has is his attempt to take advantage of Ron Van Dyke’s and David Schmidt’s existing followers, playing upon their beliefs and sympathies in an attempt to fleece money from them in the form of “donations.”

As the “Ambassador,” Lindstrom has claimed that he has access to all the money in the world from his Red Dragon Family, but WHERE is that money? It doesn’t exist! If it did exist, why in the world would the “Red Dragons” be soliciting funds from Ben Fulford’s (of all people) “White Dragon Society” for the production of free energy devices?

While free energy devices are desperately needed, and there are more than a few of these devices in existence right now, it is all too evident that those who represent the Red Dragons are not people who should be given any funding.

This fraud must stop right here and now. The Ambassador has kept his identity a secret until this point, relying on his utter belief that people aren’t smart enough to put the pieces together and discover his true intentions and the shady connections of his con game.

He further greases the whole scam with a large dose of a false “spirituality,” so much lip-service that he spouts forth based on superficial, new age fodder that he’s read. Thus he believes he can lull followers into believing his intent is to help humanity while his sole intent is to help himself and his criminal cronies.

If there are those of you who are moved to take action and wish to file a complaint against the illicit and immoral actions of the former Swedish Ambassador’s son, we suggest you address them to:

King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf

c/o The Private Secretary to HM The King,
The Royal Palace,
S-111 30 Stockholm,

You can also send your comments via the contact page of the Swedish Royal Court’s website:

Since the Red Dragon Ambassador has no problem with the con game he is perpetrating, then it is time to call out the father for the wrongdoings of his son. Bo Mikael Lindstrom is trading on the title of his father, and it only seems right that the Lindstrom family should take some pride in their heritage and become responsible for putting an end to Bo Mikael’s immoral activities.

The “Ambassador’s” Spokesmen Also Need To Be Called Out

The original spokesman who aligned himself with the “Ambassador,” Ron Van Dyke, is no longer actively involved due to health issues. To be fair, we have observed that Ron has put his heart on the line time after time, hoping somehow, someday he would hit the right chord. To date this has not happened.

But what Ron should take note of is that each and every scam he’s supported all simulate each other — they want either your money or your soul. Take care, Ron. We like to believe that you mean well and we hope you make a quick recovery back to health.

On the other hand, Dave Schmidt is well versed in politics from his days in Washington State (as a Senator he missed voting on 151 of 193 – for the people) and there is also his Dong/Dinar failures with Mark Meersman (Pif). Schmidt has flown to Hong Kong and China a few times now (at his own expense, we understand) and met with alleged Elders, but in fact they were not Elders. We now know who these Asian parties are, and once again, Swissindo is involved. These Swissindo deceptions and connections never ended.

It is unfortunate that Ron was never told the truth by either the “Ambassador” or Dave Schmidt. The set-up was kept in place in order to retain Ron’s followers but little did the “Ambassador” know that Ron has a mind of his own. It was the “Ambassador” who first came to Ron, and in turn Ron brought in Schmidt only to be shut out by him as the operation unfolded.

Still, Schmidt carries on with his same storyline, conducting his seminars and working with the phony Red Dragon Family. Neil Keenan is amused to hear that Schmidt maintains his foolishness (stooping doorbelling lies), deception and greed. When Neil sat and spoke with the actual Dragon Family about this, they just shook their heads at this utter nonsense.

Click here to open a larger version of the image above in a new window

Schmidt’s Newest Scam Artist Partner

Dave Schmidt’s April and June 2015 posts both revealed his new connection with Landa China Global (Landa China Development Investment Corporation), which is run by a well-known scam artist, Jerzy Babkowski.

You may know him by his pen name, Zap. Landa China claims to do fundraising for humanitarian projects along with its related company, Humanus, an organization based in Canada. All are connected to Babkowski. (As an aside, Babkowski recently suffered a heart problem also.)

Well done, Dave. With connecting to Babkowski, you have now come full circle and officially joined the biggest merry-go-round of fundraising con artists there is (What do you think about Landa Global Humanus Corporation and the bonds?).

In Schmidt’s recent video with the “Ambassador,” both of them had words to say about the fraudulent activities of RV dinar gurus: “lying and misguiding people is not the way to do it” and “Justice will be done and the truth will always come out.”

Do you really believe that you can absolve yourselves of wrongdoing and maintain your false pretensions by pointing at others for their lying and misguiding people when this is precisely what you yourselves are doing? This is the true meaning of hypocrisy.

We already know that you, “Ambassador,” will label this article as an attack and say that we are using aggression against you. But in your own words about truth and justice, we are simply putting out the facts about you, your shady associations and your dishonest activities.

Now the latest thing being added to the scam is a new program that requires people to pay for and attend classes in order to “properly” submit their humanitarian projects for the Red Dragon’s underwriters’ approval. The question was raised about what guarantee these people have that their projects would be approved after paying for the classes. The “Ambassador” answered the question by saying that it was not a question of the money being there, but rather it was matter of going through the “right procedures.”

His “answer” says it all! Although the “Ambassador” claims that there are projects that have been funded, he has never given so much as one specific detail on any project that has been funded. Logic dictates that you would want everyone to know about funded projects. Why the secrecy? Because there are no funded projects and there never will be any.

When you look at some of the responses to that recent video. Even people who do not have all of the facts call it “bs.”

Recap – A Final look at the “Ambassador” and His Red Dragon Hordes

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The self-appointed “Ambassador” and his bogus Red Dragon Family have no money. They are far from who they say they are and have no means to fund anything. Just one solid piece of evidence is the fact that Red Dragon “representatives” recently solicited Ben Fulford, a member of the WDS for funding.

The “Ambassador” has no history whatsoever of coordinating, much less funding, any humanitarian project. He can show no proof of any action that he has taken for humanity other than maybe repeatedly proclaiming that we must all work together.

Active involvement with known fraudulent associates and disreputable organizations reflects at the very least that Bo Mikael Lindstrom, the “Ambassador,” is not the honorable, spiritual man he pretends to be. In Lindstrom’s very own words, justice will be served and the truth will always come out, but obviously he never believed that this would ever apply to him.

We fully understand that many desperately want to believe that things can change for the better and to that end, they want to take definitive action. There are those who have already discerned the fraudulent nature of this Red Dragon scam, and there are those followers who refuse to allow a shadow of a doubt to enter their minds about their involvement in this operation.

Here is one more ongoing scam group promoting the same old Swissindo con – Mr. Sino, M1 con, who was never elected to be the M1 for the Global Collateral Accounts. Promoters Dan Lutz and Tracy Davisdson (ex-Zeek pimp flees to Philippines) promote this false Thailand con-artist impostor Mr. Sino (also with an address in Cirebon, Indonesia), who is trying to trump the real Mr. Edy Seno Soetanto, the heir son of the Grantee of the President Soekarno trust accounts, which relate to the collateral account assets.

To understand this correctly, President Soekarno willed all the documents of guarantee and the obligation to his teacher Kiyai Hadji Djawahir, as the grantee and thereafter to his son Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto.

As mentioned above Edy Seno is a kind man who before enduring the amputation of his leg due to diabetes fought his way out of a mad Malaysian kidnapping attempt. There have been so many parts to Edy Seno’s life including having such a famous father, as Soekarno’s right hand man, and mother whose name still shines over Indonesia.

At one time it was mentioned by Keith Scott and Peter Wagoner in another attempt to steal from Edy Seno that a Cease and Desist had been issued to Neil Keenan relating to their relationship. Jean Haines eventually used this as well to malign Neil whereas Neil stated all along that Edy was his friend. Nothing more needs to be said other than to take a look at the photo below to show who is who and what is what.

Edy and Neil sail along smoothly as friends and will continue to do so no matter who attempts to put their two cents into their relationship. What should have been could have been years ago is now beginning to take place and what a relationship it could and will be not between dependents but friends.

Edy Seno always uses his thumb prints when signing… something Scott or Wagoner did not ever acquire. Another point to make is that they attempted to enter his hospital room to get Edy’s signature to no avail. They pushed to get it and when they did not they falsified his signature. Such, the document was later used by many others in attempts to take down Neil Keenan.

Neil Keenan and Edy Seno are now both working together and will not let these other con artists steal any accounts from Indonesia.

Schmidt and the Ambassador discuss whether the Mr. Sino is the truly M1. This is really funny and truly revealing on their part because they say I think, I believe or maybe M1 might be a special operations group. Remember they claim to be the real dragon family and M1? It just shows you again; he and they – are full of shit. Sorry “Ambassador” – when you hesitate like that, you and your fake Red dragon’s reveal your fraud.

There are still others who are simply not aware of the facts and the hard reality that their money, their hopes and their great ideas to help humanity will be exploited by these somewhat cunning swindlers and they will be left with nothing but disappointment and heartache.

We provide this information to protect our own people from such destructive con artists and to stand up for the true Asian Dragon Family depositors. It is bad enough that the Cabal is trying to kill us all, but these two-bit scammers make it all the worst with their trying to take advantage of our grim situation, playing on the hopes of the innocent and attempting to fleece them of every last dollar that can be had. Tragically, those who donate to this “cause” are in fact contributing to the opposite of where they intend their money to go.

By exposing the Pied Piper Ambassador, he lead us also to expose his Red Dragon hordes, associations and all their western alphabet agencies involved in this scam.

All eyes are on these scam artists – they must be exposed and stopped!

Footsteps Of The Amanah

Neil Francis Keenan the elected AMANAH, the principal TRUSTEE of the underlying assets and collateral of the global financial and economic system.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE |Get Ready  20210414

The Keenan Group has slayed the Ambassador and his ‘Red Dragon’ hordes.

For “We the People”, the Truth will set us free.

So the moral to this story is do your homework before getting involved with fairytales that are too good to be true. Align yourself and your efforts only with those who have proven track records of positive actions for the betterment of humanity no matter how small those actions may be.

We are sympathetic with hearing that Lindstrom is experiencing heart problems. Since our compassion is derived from genuinely caring for people, we offer our best wishes for his recovery along with the hope that an alternate path will lead him to where he needs to be.

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team

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Below is a desperate and futile attempt by one Jerzy Babkowski to mitigate the fallout from the Keenan exposé above.


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One of the significant sources of funds for the fascist Nazionist Jesuit Khazarian Mafia is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone.

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Nov 27, 2020
Overcoming The Dragon #2285. Whether or not you know it, you’re dealing with dragons. But how do you win? How do you overcome the dragon? Discover the keys


While President Trump is indeed a member of the elite class, it is impossible to deny that he has done a great deal to try and restore America. He has made many difficult decisions that proved to be in our best interest. He has done his best to disengage us from that evil entity known as the United Nations and all of its tentacles.

It is hard to know whether he is acting on his own or is part of a greater agenda formulated by the elite. Only time will tell. I do believe that GOD is using him.

Sep 22, 2016
Sept. 23 — It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves gold. But what’s the real reason for his love affair with the precious metal? Bloomberg View’s Timothy O’Brien and Joe Weisenthal have a theory.

For more information on President Trump visit my article:

I regret that after going over all of this material, I still don’t have any better understanding of what is going on or who the players are in this circus. When I first heard about the Dragon Families claiming they had a plan to resolve world’s financial troubles I glanced and it and shrugged it off. Now, I do see that there has to be something going on. Obviously, there are documents, and court filings. But, who is who? Who is the Red Family who is the White Family, and what is the plan? Yes, we see all the promises which are outright lies, but the plan of how that all will play out is very vague and wrapped in secrecy and mystery. Not surprising, because all of the players in the game are evil. Sorry, there are no good guys. The Reset is just the establishment of the NEW ORDER. I suspect that what we are witnessing is the evil entities fighting to be the victors that come out on top. No matter who is in charge in the end it will not go well for the people. You know the common people they all say they are so concerned about. NOT! They don’t care about you and me… other than what they can get out of us. Whether that is labor, or blood or organs, or sex, or entertainment (though that might be the pleasure they get our of torturing us) or just our souls.


irst published at 07:26 UTC on September 4th, 2020.

Independent journalist and author, Susan Bradford, rejoins the program to discuss her latest book “FL33C3D: UnMasking Elon Musk, the Green New Deal, and the Coming Technocracy through the Oklahoma Indian Land Scam”, the Gesara Nesara legislation, and the Crowns role in the world wide domination agenda playing out right now. This interview highlights how truth can be much stranger than fiction and how unlimited power corrupts absolutely. You can learn more about Susan Bradford and her many books at – her books are available at

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Actually all this is not just an experiment, it is a data mining mission for AI. They are collecting every bit of data about each individual and how they respond to every little thing that is happening. AI is keeping a file on every one of us. AI is playing all the possible scenarios out and developing the optimum plan for each individual in formulating the NEW WORLD ORDER. AI is classifying us for our individual role in the NEW ORDER, and developing lists for depopulation. In other words, it is creating an asset inventory.

I am just not buying anything they are selling. In my opinion, there are no good guys. I see the different factions of the elite battling for control. If those are our only choices, I am glad that GOD is in control. The good news is if this does go as they have laid it out and GESARA becomes LAW, the people will be saying ahhh … PEACE AND SAFETY… NOW THAT IS GOOD NEWS! BECAUSE THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMES! JESUS IS COMING BACK. Are you READY?

Jul 3, 2020
NESARA, Gesara, the Gold Standard, and the Bible? What is NESARA? What is the Gold Standard for money? All of these have something to do with how the Bible interprets money. The revaluation is coming for our monetary system, but did you know that the Bible in I Corinthians 3:10-16 actually talks about what we store up in our works in gold, silver, and precious stones? That’s exactly what the Gold Standard would be set upon. It would survive a fire. Our country and the world need this lesson. #Nesara #Gesara #GoldStandard #FederalReserve #DoctorScottYoung #DrScottYoung More of Dr. Scott’s videos on NESARA: NESARA: Interview with Matt Moore on How Money Works | Part 1 Nesara: Importance of Money, Currency and Value | Interview With Matt Moore | Part 2 Fiat Money, Devaluation of Currency, History of Federal Reserve | Interview with Matt Moore | Part 3


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